Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crystalizing Our Sexual Waters

"The waters of our bodies and the earth are to be treated and purified regularly and so should the sexual fluids of both male and female." ~ Surya Angelique Shofar

The quality, smell and shade of the juices that flow from a woman's vagina over the course of a daily and monthly cycle determines her reproductive health and over all well being. And the texture, smell and quantity of seminal fluid from a man speaks volumes on the health and state of his innate sexual vitality.

A healthy vagina has a pleasant odor, a slightly sour taste and is naturally "self-cleansing", says Susun Weed in her new book, Down There. A healthy vagina constantly secretes clear or milky fluids to protect its delicate tissues. These fluids are heavier and more slippery during ovulation and change radically during sexual arousal. According to her, the vagina is naturally more acidic then alkaline.

Although there are ways to help reduce disharmony in a woman's womb ecosystem even the secured practice of celibacy can be penetrated. If a woman feels insecure in her life or uneasy in her home she can produce stress hormones in her body that changes the pH of her vagina killing beneficial acid-loving organisms while allow problematic alkaline-loving ones to grow freely. Secondly those stress hormones thin out the mucus lining which protects the vagina from invasion, compromising her inner most safety and security system.

There are natural ways to cleanse the vagina. And a food that comes up is the cucumber. Once a week, except during menstruation, take a peeled cucumber and insert it into the vagina. Twisting and in-and-out movements cleanses the vagina. The same can be done with the extreme end of the vagina -the mouth. Using a larger peeled cucumber a woman can cleanse her mouth and throat of any bacteria or viruses. And no doubt it is a useful tool in the self-pleasuring moments of many women.

The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, by Rebecca Wood, confirms that cucumbers are considered nurturing to the bladder, spleen, large intestines and lungs. It is a cold food that treats hot conditions and helps resolve toxins. A cucumber contains more than 90 percent water (more water than any other food except its relative the melon.) Cucumbers are considered an alterative, a food that tends to restore normal health because of its ability to cleanse and purify the blood and gradually alter the excretory process to restore normal body functions. Cucumbers contain a digestive enzyme, erepsin, that breaks down protein, cleanses the intestines and helps expel intestinal parasites, especially tapeworms. No wonder my grandma ate them every day.

The health and well being of a man is easily reflected in the color and texture of his semen. Ladies, in addition to your womb waters, do make sure your partner is giving you healthy semen. According to the ancient Green Dragon tradition an ideal, healthy man ejaculates a large quantity of thick, white semen. Semen that has a grayish color must be avoided because it means he is suffering from some illness. Semen that is clear indicates that the male is an alcoholic or masturbates too frequently, ejaculating only seminal fluid.

A high intake of water is the first step towards clearing the waters of the penis, as well as the vagina. A glass of room temperature water before sex is always a booster for both parties. This empowers the kidneys and their partner the adrenal glands - two leading organs in the quest for sexual vigor. Proper breathing & free air, exercise, fresh live fruits and vegetables and an elimination of junk and artificial food along with the goal of waning off prescription medication will help keep the seminal and vaginal fluids healthy and energetic. Prostate massage can also help with circulation and the release of environmental and other toxins that enter into the body on a regular basis. Keeping the penis head and stem clean promotes good hygiene and health and, of course, wearing earth-friendly underwear helps keep our sexual organs happy and earth mother pleased.

Limiting the frequency of ejaculation along with other ancient chinese and healing tao methods can aid in increasing the volume and quality of semen. Some of ancient tips include:

· Every day place a slice of red ginseng in your mouth until it dissolves.

· Eat crushed walnuts. This helps restore sexual energy, strengthen erections and increase semen quantity.

· Eat cinnamon sticks, licorice root, and fresh pineapple to make semen taste better.

· Limit dairy products and sugar as they make the semen taste bitter or rancid. (no different for women)

Keeping our sexual fluids clear and free reflects good health for earth mother and positively influences the waters of our planet. Everything you put into your body has an ecological effect on the earth. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. However you treat your body is a reflection of how you treat and contribute to the earth's sexual waters and her eco-sensual spirit.

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