Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What kind of AIR are you BREATHING?

AIR is our most important food. Breathing is most vital to our survival. This point is often most neglected. What happens to my body without air to breathe? My life immediately ends.

Even though this is of utmost importance, we are hardly conscious that we have to take care of this very important FOOD. Not only are poisonous gases of all kinds being released in the atmosphere, like that from the traffic and heating systems but also our entire industry produces many contaminating gases. In our search for comfort with our radios, televisions, mobile phones, radar/electromagnetic radiation, noise, ultrasonic waves, radioactivity and other things, we contaminate the AIR which is so vital for survival.

There are some options for obtaining good air. You can walk in the forest and feel a little better than in the traffic centre of a large city. Or you can walk along the beach or in the mountains and breathe in the fresh air. There are even 'air spas' where one tries to be exposed to better air. Yet, if you don't live in the mountains, near the beach or forest you can not easily and regularly breathe this more cleaner air. However, even in such natural places the air is being contaminated. It has been shown through research that even in the Himalayas, where no industry exists or any source o heavy environmental pollution, the snow is contaminated with radioactivity. So one can imagine how the situation is in those remote, so called 'natural' areas and then look at the urban life settings most of us thrive in.

We all know that the problem of environmental pollution is becoming greater and more urgent. Not only are the holes in the Ozone layer threatening us, but also there are many other health deteriorating factors.

The AIR we breathe is often left out of the equation when it comes to diagnosing or understanding the contributory factors to the illnesses and diseases many struggle with.  With all these complex environmental pollution problems one basic question arises: HOW DO I PROTECT MYSELF & MY FAMILY and HOW DO I GET HEALTHY AIR TO BREATHE?

The answer is simple:


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Womb War!

The billboards, sponsored by a coalition of pro-life organizations such as Georgia's' Right to Life, The Radiance Foundation and Operation Outrage with thatsabortion.com, have declared that "The most dangerous place for an African American child is inside the womb." I have, from time to time, read up and watched this senseless womb war that has climbed these billboards and it is still fuming with a very offensive odor.

This ad is a trick; an attempt to get women of color or African American women to actually have more abortions. If the most dangerous place is a black woman's womb then she may very well come to believe that and think of her divine sacred space as a destructive and dangerous one.  How so? Well, the masses have routinely bought into the countless ads that stream across their TV & computer screens, billboards, continually hypnotized by radios, newspapers, magazines, coupons and more.  Ads shape minds, influence choices and drive decisions every single second of the day.  This is just another message added to the internalized database of the human psyche as it exists within the longstanding perimeters of society.  This ad has been carefully written and designed to continually drive the self-esteem & self -confidence of African American women & blacks underground.

"Few can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem." -- Krishnamurti

On the other hand there's truth, damn truth and then there's statistics. Or some might say there's lies, damned lies and statistics. So what is it about numerical data that sparks such trust in people and in my case - distrust? Anything involving numbers are left to the so-called experts who take it and have a field day to make the values suit the demands of the highest bidders.  Statistics are just that - numbers compiled by humans but they do not give us the entire picture or framework of an issue; they do not contain the damned truth. Let's take the abortion statistics for example, where in these abortion rates do private abortions come in? How many do you suppose are going on behind the door marked private and what do you think the demographics look like? Come on now... the abortion rates you read and see are from governmental, public, non-private, non-profit agencies -who must report to and abide by government rules. Let's tally them up again and see how drastically the landscape or picture changes when you add the private world.

"In the hands of a skilled debater, statistics can be made to illuminate whatever needs to be illustrated."

While some or very few have added their voices, here and there, protesting and writing up their opinions there are some like Pro-life activist Dr. Alveda King who reacted to the removal of this billboard advertisement in Manhattan. “It is an outrageous act of censorship that this billboard was taken down,” King said. “This billboard should be posted in every city of the country." King somehow believes that this billboard is a wake-up call, the hard truth or a bitch slap that African Americans need.  Sounds like one who believes that the tender mercy of a heathen is cruelty. Yeah, tell them their precious womb is dangerous so they can stop having abortions, actually stop having SEX for that matter.  On the other hand Al Sharpton - man from a womb - had begun planning a protest before the billboard was taken down in New York City but his reasoning... "the billboard sends a message of racial profiling and discourages a woman's right to choose." So there you have it just one of the many faces of this womb war.

As the intellectual fools toy around with words and dance their political steps, play their lower mind games what do you suppose this message instills in our children? The ones whose eyes lay upon them as they sit in their car seats or walk by. What seeds will grow and harvest in the minds/hearts of little girls that believe that their 'wombs' are destructive and the minds of little boys who grow up seeing the wombs they came from as a dangerous place?  The results of these thoughts and beliefs will, no doubt, be extremely detrimental to the continuation of our African lineage and that is the target of these advertisers. To destroy the peace and future of people of African descent. Haven't they done that enough? The effects are long term and detrimental, but how many can foretell of such a gloomy future? How many can think highly of the WOMB, understand its sacred language, know its divine power and honor its place in the greater scheme of life? 

"Government Statistics: The Art of Mass Deception!"     

The numbers say that African American women make up a small percentage of the population, while they make up the highest percentage of abortion rates. Small minds see this as staggering digits, lower economic manifestations, poverty driven, etc, etc. What big minds see these as a power play of deception, the masking of the creative, sexual and regenerative powers of the black woman's womb; the downplay of her place in the earth's womb lineup; distorting the natural and creative powers of black women so that the white woman will not be under scrutiny. The black woman's white female counterpart whose overwhelming infertility rates have not only created a cluster of unhealthy and dangerous fertility drugs, stirred up competition within the wombs of the races, but growing infertility brings forth questionable humans beings. How authentically human can those borne through the cold and detached fertility process be? What happens in the long run when the natural birthing process has been altered and tampered with? Let the genetic modification of humans and the cloning process continue?

Where are the billboards that should say, "The most dangerous place for a White person is in the womb!" The longstanding history of wreckage, distortions and abuse to the womb and body resulting from the creations and marketing campaigns of harsh chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and artificial substances have also driven them to create even more laboratory substances to counteract the many side effects. The packaging and marketing are so attractive and convincing to the mind while the body/spirit/ecosystem deteriorates and decays. Birth control pills alone stand not only as a personal health problem but an environmental one as well.  The EPA has found that excreted or discarded birth control pills are ending up in our waterways, where they have DNA altering, gender-bending effect on fish and marine life. A woman's cycle has been trifled with despite the pharmaceutical literature warnings of migraines, strokes, high blood pressure, blood clots, heart attacks and more.  Women ovulate, then menstruate in order to cleanse our bodies of unfertilized eggs and other toxins while this natural process is inhibited by the pill, tricking the body into thinking that it is pregnant all the time. It shuts off ovulation.  So triplets, quadruplets, and even football teams are being conceived and cut out of the wombs of mostly white women who run to the growing artificial fertility industry for a way to ram those fertile eggs into their barren wombs which will then be sliced out. What kind of humans are being birthed through these processes do we know yet? In the name of preventing the extinction of the white race? Who sees that?

So you see, it's a trick - again! And in the process these one track minded, profit-driven establishments are trying to derail and dismember the African woman's WOMB POWER and succeeding once again at it with my blind and gullible African American family joining in a battle against their own selves.  And as the political play continues and the plight of destroying the African woman in the diaspora as well as on the continent continues, I - in my own knowing and discerning - am currently swimming in the power currents and dark waters of my own womb. The project I began last year continues to open doors within me that I had shut myself out of.  Damn the womb has a lot of surprises tucked away! My ongoing research, discoveries, spiritual trainings, mental/physical work, womb sessions, workshops, etc continue reveal the deep, dark, mystery and infinity of our wombs. These experiences are showing me just how many 'carriers of the womb' are disconnected from their own, not prepared, nor ready to face the contents this 'pandora box' contains. And that's an understatement!! Very few know the troubles I have seen; even less know of the dark tunnel I am travel through on this "Womb" journey - not just for me but for all women.  In the wisdom of my soul, may the ancient wisdom and womb accounts be documented and shared in depth and details through my own efforts to help cultivate higher womb consciousness. 

Too often we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. 
-- Roger Lewin

With my right foot outside of the realm of the US and my left foot still here while I build upon my ongoing sacred "Green Womb" project and research, I differ on the views of the common mind and the predictive public opinion.  I naturally stand outside with arms folded as I peek the political boxing ring, the social entrapment dungeon, the economic party room of corporations. Where is the spiritual truth of this ordeal that African women have been subjected to? Clearly we have still not understood these challenges and trials that have been put before us.  Complacency has kept us locked in a hamsters cage. We are moving but going no where fast. Consider the long term harm that these grounds will breed.

The womb is no space to mess with. It's darkness is very dark, very powerful and its abilities are endless. And seeing the negative and lower association of a black woman's sacred spot is a historical trend that has been going on for hundreds of years with men dictating and claiming rulership over women's body.  We are all associated with the womb, whether you are a woman carrying one in the center of your body, a woman who has chosen to or left with no choice but to remove hers or a man that came here on this planet through one.

The ads are so easy to see through with their intent to further damage the minds and hearts of African American women and families, while it empowers corporations with new sophisticated and illusive ways and means of damaging our wombs. But not all eyes can see through the veil. If you look at the ad with discernment and rise above the usual way of thinking and seeing you will realize that those of us who exist outside the womb are at the even greatest danger and risk than the seeds of human life that are attempting to grow and come through.  Damned truth is ... this ad is an insult, an attack on African American women.

"Change only favours minds that are diligently looking and preparing for discovery"

So as the racial struggle continues and manifests in new and cunning ways, it may even be more accurate to say that ... "The most dangerous place for an African American is outside the Womb!" 

Earth Loving!

"... Bless the earth through my life. Source of all nourishment, I seek to replenish your sacred world. Guide me now through these images, words and feelings as I reach into the wholeness; let all that is needed be known. Welcome energies of earth, air, fire and water. Let us create a life of beauty, reverence and wonder, with each season let us rejoice; through every phase of sun and moon let us be in harmony.  In every direction... I offer my love."

These are words I have uttered in prayers since I received my first deck of tarot cards about 16 years ago. Kay, a lovely Oregon woman who was also a teacher came into my life and gifted me with a medicine woman tarot card deck. Every time I did a reading this was the prayer I spoke. Those words were once seeds planted in me that have blossomed many times over while I gently and continually grew into a life that is earth centered, guided and celebrated.  Each time I speak these words, they water the seeds within the fertile grounds of my own womb.

I have always been attached to and in tune with the magic, wisdom, beauty and abundance of the earth. I am a Capricorn woman but more so, I have 6 earth planets in my chart. Sun in Capricorn, Moon & Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, as well as my generational planets of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.  Then I gave birth to an earth child (on April 27th) on a day when there was a stellium of the Sun, Moon & Mars in Taurus.  I am the embodiment, the quintessence of earth!

In the west and the system that humans have come to develop, there is always a rush to live life and to be someone or something. A child is asked what he or she wants to be at such an early age, parents impose their dreams and the dreams of their parents on their children like a damper or heavy cloud on their spirit while the innocent ones have no clue of that language.  A child is not normally seen as a spirit to behold, one to get to know. Parents do not know the importance and beauty of getting to know their child through the moment to moment observations, the interests they naturally show and the way their spirit uniquely expresses itself. It's about fitting in and living up to the expectations imposed upon them.  At an early age the child is altered, disfigured, suffocating their spirit and individual expression.

The question "Who are you?" is rare. Stay in college,  get a degree were the words my mother would always pound in my head. But the more she said it, the more my spirit resisted it.  College can be a useful experience that helps shape our intellectual and social aspects but it is not a means to the end.  And today, it is clear that it is one of the many economical structures and controlling institutions of society that is profit driven and mind controlling. Make the masses think and believe the same and you have domain over them.

Yet, the natural rhythms of life is evolution based and designed to shape, mold and carve out each our unique natural being. And this really requires time, and actually takes a lifetime or more. But the western world is obsessed with "WHAT you are" rather than "WHO you are".  Hearts and minds are programmed to move to this artificial beat. I remember the days and social interactions initiated with the question... "What do you do?"  You go to a gathering or meet someone and the opening line is always the quest for your name and what you do.  I, personally, became increasingly baffled by the question which never really helped me understand who the individual really was or is. Here I am a woman of many talents and many titles, which one do I say, and are they my defining factor? If so what's the title or summary in a word or two?  That question became monotonous with everyone asking it.  It felt like they were robots programmed to ask the same question over and over - as in work and receiving a paycheck - rather than the essence of my heart and soul as it came to manifest in this lifetime. I have long stopped asking people the western id question ... 'What do you do?'

This did, however, inspired me to pay closer attention to each person, to be fully present in each interaction.  I would aspire to decode, uncover clues and delve into the mystery of each being I met and spent time with. I could hear beyond the words, feel inside the gestures and see beyond the exterior.  My senses were increasingly aroused and my vibrational antenna grew higher to pick up the frequencies that were present.  It became a magical experience of getting to know each earthling.  The body has a way of expressing through its language that is louder than words. I automatically do this  today. Listen with my whole earthly body!

As we get older, some naturally come into their true essence, some eventually find their way to the depths of their inner home and become acclimated to their own musical notes and the dance steps and movements that are their signature, while discovering more and more of their vastness.  Like the plants, flowers and trees, we grow into the depths and the wisdom of our souls.  It's never been about 'growing up' for me. That cliche is meaningless to me. I have no desire to rid myself of my childlike spirit and the magical innocence that will always radiate as me.  Hell, I can get a bit too serious when I do anyway. And what humans call mid-life, I call growing deeper roots and a spiritual turning point.  Like the trees, the roots performs many vital functions and is the key to survival.  It absorbs and transports water and minerals from the soil to the rest of the tree while anchoring it. It is the same for the human experience.

Ironically, the last decades of my life I floated above the earth like an angel. (my nick name as well) :-) After the stormy divorce of my parents, I began walking lightly, threading the earth with gentleness, feeling as though I have no legs. My mother was present but my father was absent. Perhaps my legs were the fathering aspect of my physical self.  When he left, they must have walked out the door in an attempt to follow or find him. I would astral project and on many occasions during nap time, I would wake up hoovering over my own empty body.  A part of me did not want to be on this planet.  For me it was too harsh, it lacked unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. At least this is what I felt a lack of from my earthly parents. I spent a great deal of my early life, trying to escape life in what appears most times as an confused and illusive world. No wonder, the creator designed and equipped me with 6 earth planets. A message that this earth angel child would need more earthing than most. 

Where I grew up on the west coast of Africa, I would roam the woods at night while my mother slept. The girl that lived with us and took care of us would wake me up after every one was asleep; we'd get dressed and run the fields to go and meet the guys and girls on the other side. The blades of the grass were taller then I; the moon hung high in the sky surrounded by stars that twinkled, winked and provided light to see our way through the darkness of the night.  I learned how to tell time by the motion of the sun and the shades it cast over our house.  The moon shape would correspond with my feelings and the animals and nature would dance to its movements. Climbing trees and jumping rocks, exploring the grounds, digging in the dirt was natural and so was being in the sun.

Earth mother has always been my constant companion. Today Earth has now become my lover as I cultivate a deeper divine union with its majesty!  This blog will share pieces of my earth loving, eco-sensual and green womb journey! I am ready to come out and share who I've always been!

Thank you for reading!