Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Masks and the Full Moon

The MOON is inching into her FULLNESS!! And with her being in CAPRICORN many may be feeling a bit restricted or limited in expressing their FEELINGS! Capricorn makes the moon cool & detached! The CAPRICORN FULL MOON is asking us to REFLECT on WHO and WHAT we give AUTHORITY or CONTROL to in our lives!! ~ Surya Devi

The full moon is always the perfect time for reflecting. And with the moon being that body of divine feminine energy that corresponds with and ignites our emotions and our rhythm since the beginning of time, she can even point the way for us to understand our emotions and internal clock if we tune in and listen to her voice and her sounds.
Capricorn on the other hand is a cardinal, as well as feminine sign. So in a strange way they have something in common, though many astrologers and astrology books may say that it’s not the best place for the moon to be.  If you have a Capricorn moon you spend a lot of time controlling or concealing your emotions and those around you may have hinted on many occassions that you are too cold or too distant. This is unconscious so you can change that and develop more discipline and rhythm around your feelings. Try pulling out your tactile sensual side. You sure have that!!

You simply cannot mention Capricorn without her counterpart Cancer lurking in the dark. They are the signs that sit at that parental axis and if you are alive on this planet you do have a mother and a father. Capricorn usually corresponds with the father and Cancer with the mother with room for any gender that gives or embodies the maternal or paternal qualities or energy. By this I mean your father could have mothered you or your mother could have fathered you. Take a pick.
Capricorn is the sign of the mask we wear when we are fulfilling our public role. Capricorn’s natural home is in the 10th house of public standing, reputation, career, etc.  These are other words, themes or thoughts associated with Capricorn that may be bubbling in and around you during this full moon transit:  Aging, ambition, parental authority security & control, boundaries & borders, nostalgia, networking, big business, social masks, etc.

Who’s Behind the Mask?
We live in a world of masks.  Many people wear masks to conceal certain facets about themselves that they are not comfortable sharing with others, but with Capricorn it is different.  Capricorn wears a mask as a means to an end.  For example, a salesperson making a sales call may have just had a fight with a spouse or a partner. Yet, during the sales pitch the salesperson is calm, cheerful and optimistic.  It’s not that the salesperson is trying to conceal emotions; she just wants to make a sale and, to do that, she must connect with others in a positive manner. It’s part of the JOB.
Another example is my personal life. My dual identity gradually came to my conscious awareness from the moment the sun entered Cancer where it sits at the crown of my chart – the midheaven- while my Sun sign Capricorn sits at the IC- the bottom of my chart. This creates an inborn opposition between my home/personal and public/business life. With the Sun in my 4th house of the home, inner life, foundation and the parent that I was raised by – which is my mother – I put a great deal of energy in my personal, inner life and my home.  I have a full facebook page under my creative, spiritual name – “Surya”.  During this transit I was inspired to create a page under my original name “Angelique” so that I could honor that part of me and carve out a space in which I will be able to distinguish both identities (masks) I carry. 
My second page is for people I actually know in real life in some capacity – personal, business or otherwise.   I had become overwhelmed with my creative page where I am able to allow the sensual, tantric, erotically creative aspect of my being to be expressed and shared. Most of my fb friends, I don’t know and even more of them I have nothing in common with or prefer to not have as friends. There was this incredible need to withdraw and to even delete that page, but after a week or so of refreshing my inner world, I realized that you can’t throw out the baby with the bath water.  I needed to shed my mask and merge my two separate identities….. like Spiderman and Peter Parker...not destroy one and only own the other.  

Spiderman is Peter Parker’s crime-fighting alter ego while Peter himself is a gawky, bumbling teenager with a personal life brimming with insecurity and teen angst.  Wearing the mask of Surya, I lure people into the dark unchartered territory of their sexual world; she can help save a marriage that has gone sour due to the dwindling of their sexual fire or she can help a woman find her fertile spirit, and bring it back into her womb so she can bring forth life, with Surya you can dance with the wolves!  

As Angelique, I am a mother, daughter and sister, a longtime friend; a neighbor, a freelance journalist, writer, former broadcaster, a well-known member of my community, a domesticated female goddess that loves to cook, clean, entertain, decorate, garden, spend time alone, write, read; she loves nurturing her family - including her dog – as well as everyone that walks through her door, there she gives and receives plenty of hugs and kisses all while being the CEO of her home.
When the sun hit Cancer last month, I instinctively knew that my task would be to merge both my home life and my public life in a way that they support each other rather than stand against, oppose or suffocate each other. Since then I’ve been able to pour more love and energy into organizing the Urban Eco Goddess Temple: setting up my home yoga/dance studio and treatment room while clearly defining the boundaries between my home and my work space. Now my clients and students can enter the temple through a separate entrance without coming into my personal, home space. It was not that way before. Now I feel more united within and with a more harmonious flow between my home life and my career. This Capricorn Full Moon Is schmoozing with my Capricorn Sun. What a beautiful blend of the masculine sun and the feminine moon.
So what is your task or better yet, what is your dance…during this Capricorn full moon? It would help if you knew where Capricorn lies in your astrology chart.  If you are in tune with your feelings and with the spinning of your own internal and external emotional wheel then it would be easy to see the symbols, signs and manifestation of these full moon energies around you and through your interactions and the places you move through.  Today, I finally reached a goddess friend who I had told I would call between specific hours earlier this week.  I couldn't! But whenever I was able to call her, I would reach her answering machine. I finally did today and the first thing she said - in her mothering, authoritative voice - was… "You were supposed to call me at a certain time, on a certain day and you didn’t…blah blah blah.  I responded, with a chuckle and said…..”Diva Goddess…..and life is still beautiful!  I can certainly hear the Capricorn full moon speaking through you today." With another burst of laughter, I added…. "All is as should be!! "

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Mantra said...

How awesome is the Duality. My world is filled with bridging the gap between the two worlds of (me) and exploring and loving the separate distinctions. Everything I am is a Twist. My latest project is Bipolar Mirror. and Incidentally, I am a Capricorn.

I love this article..Thanks for the celebration.

William Duncan said...

I love the picture of the various masks and the article about why people wear masks.Great blog!