Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yoga & Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto - that small but powerful, intense planet is already leaving its mark while it dances in the Capricorn zone. It's an exciting time for me personally since Pluto is moving like a snail in my sun sign while destroying and uprooting the old like a wild fire and tsumani. Pluto says, if its old, rotting and stinking then its time for it to die. And I can feel this so deeply -that part of me that knows its time to change my own diapers while that other side of me utters, wait, wait!! hehehe!!

I just got the latest email from the Yoga Alliance! I am on their mailing list from my attempts to renew or rejoin. I joined them at their start up when it was free membership. They have since grown and monopolized the yoga market and community. Its funny how I see that I am a junior member in their database, which leaves me a bit confused and even puzzled. Somehow, I was not motivated nor moved to join. That's the spirit of my individuality which discerns and scrutunizes institutions and organizations that utilize the element of control, manipulation and power to achieve their own goals. I am not totally knocking up the YA but I am not totally embracing them either.

So the discussion on whether or not there should be a standardized test or exam to categorize yoga teachers came about. And I joined in on the discussion leaving my point of view....

While each of you raise points valid to your own experience and life path, I am one of those with concerns over not only the intellectual & so-called elite components that has been inserted into the yoga spirit but also one who has eyed the growing yoga community with their commercialism and profit making drive for decades loosing the true essence of this beautiful art. I've been a yoga teacher for about18 years and at that time yoga was scare and unpopular. My experience with yoga has been life transforming and healing thus enabling me to bring forth my greatest gift -a child. Thus from my own personal journey, I've helped hundreds of people particularly women and couples with infertility issues and barriers to child conception and birthing. It has been my joy and responsibility to share my gifts and blessings with others.

It is sad that YOGA has even come this far in this manner. But leave it to the west- Americans to be specific and they will turn it upside down and drain it of its beauty and sacredness - like anything else. I embrace yoga as a lifestyle, a sacred and personal practice that I honor as a significant part of my life and my spirtual path. I don't know what I'll do without it. Yet, I do not see nor feel the true spirit of yoga here in the US and like many other entities, it has become a divide and conquer quest for many, a fad, a fashion to be worn or carried out.

Yoga means "union" and I have yet to see any efforts to live and practice the true yoga spirit here in the US. Well, I take that back, there are the few select who are changing lives that the Yoga Alliance will never know about. There is the gender, racial and demographic divide that can not be missed by those who are truly conscious. And though the Yoga Alliance has done plenty of work to carry out its own purpose and mission regardless of whether it truly benefits all, I only see it as another institution that has integrated the elements of CONTROL, MANIPULATION and POWER over an ancient practice designed by nature to be - first and foremost a spiritual practice. Institutions set their guidelines and rules for membership and decide who they will admit into their circle. YA is no different as I recall being a member at the start and seen it go into a profit making company. I do not embrace this when it comes to the sacred ancient art and science of yoga. Though I do not disrespect it in any way.

Having said that, regardless of your attempts and even successes in creating a standardized test or some process to sift out the unwanted, I am still stuck at the door of whether or not I want to be a member of the Yoga Alliance or if it at all is suitable for me. Given my free and creative spirit, I doubt it.

(And with Pluto in Capricorn until around 2024 - the prediction is...the normal social hierarchies will be upended; there will be an eruption of the id; powerful hypocrites, accustomed to being able to control and conceal will be exposed; institutions and corporations will be broken down and leveled; there will be a great urge to shed masks, to be authentic, much of which is already happening.) - Translation... there will soon come a time when entities such as YA will be a thing of the past.

My personal philosophy around teaching yoga is to guide and support my students in listening to the wisdom of their body and to be guided by it. And my practice continues to evolve creatively as I discover new ways of living in my body and listening to its wisdom. Only those who attempt to be flashy and acrobatic with outrageous postures that only discourages those who are babies to yoga can eventually HURT someone, including myself. Otherwise, I am always saddened by those who pull out the FEAR card before anyone can even have a chance at it. Yoga is a practice that is meant to be as gentle as a butterfly, transcending all superficiality & artificiality.
How will Pluto in Capricorn affect the yoga world?  It will change the way those who are the leading faces in power carry out this ancient structure. It will break down the hiercharies that have been developed around this unifying and humbling practice, exposing those who's intentions are not aligned with the purpose of yoga; people will begin to create new ways around practicing yoga like, perhaps.... doing yoga in high heels or naked and barefooted on the earth. hehehe! We will see - as I am implementing - a green face to yoga and its partnership with eco sensiible living; people will prefer to do it their way rather than abide by the rules that have been created here in the west around this ancient practice, thus restricting its true essence. Senior citizens will find it instrumental in healing and bringing about their youthful spirit, while kids will take a more serious role; and yoga will become a leading remedy for infertility and sexual issues. But above all... yoga will be transformed here in the west to its rightful place and realm of SPIRITUALITY! It will loose the dominant physical form and stardom its acquired here and return to its original spiritual essence.
I share this because I have struggled for years with the way I've seen yoga transpire and infiltrate the American life and the western ways.With its aggressive commercialism and profit driven, stardom edge, it nauseated me. I went from becoming angry and withdrawn - because I saw no real UNION - to simply dismissing it and going into a shell, refusing to even teach. I saw no real racial integraton through yoga but more so I saw a divide. Newstands, supermarket lines laced with yoga magazines that pop up ever so often - with images of whites lacing the covers while people of color conclude that its not for them.  It stirred up deep sensitivity from within me.  When I was teaching back in the days, my people were laughing at me and my classes were laced with little or no people of color. Today, in the wisdom of my soul, I am moving deeper into a renewed yoga space and clearing the emotional rubbish I've accumulated over the years around this ancient art and science which is also my private joy and secret - YOGA!!

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