Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shadow Light!

I've been working on my Womb Book project for almost 2 years. Since then, I've connected with quite a few wombn who have given me deeper insight and understanding into the infinite mysteries of the divine feminine as expressed through our Wombs and these connections have revealed just how magical this work is.

The Womb waters are stirred. Some flow like a river contouring what ever it meets, flowing around stones; others take the shape of what ever contains them, other currents are trapped, still and polluted. They reflect the many waters of the earth, each expressing and carrying their own vibrations; they keep the emotional spectrum of humans, each feeling carrying their own meaning. It's very deep and dark work! And it can be horrifying when you see your reflection in many mirrors and face the darkness of your the womb world you carry; unaware of the vast universe, unlimited consciousness and the underlying ways in which it drives us.

Womb work requires that we move beyond the superficial and warns us that there will be turbulence along the road ahead; there will be emotional hills and mountains, as well as depths and valleys we must undergo; there will be battle fields and peacemaking huts. This is not for the faint at heart. This is for becoming the brave, the courageous wombn who have seen through the outer limits and sense and know that there is an unlimited under world in which she carries.

Her Womb is the gateway between the past and the future, between what 'WAS' and what 'COULD BE'; her Womb stands between as the center of creation and what 'IS'.

Shadow World by VooDooMania

Mars is currently retrograding and it's lured me to do Shadow Work! It's amazing how beautiful the Shadow really is. It's unbelievably the container of treasures and gifts that we each carry within ourselves. It's where the juices mix and flow.

I've wanted to give up myself. I've questioned whether this journey, this work, the energy I put into it is all worth it. Today, I can say it is more than worth it. It is IT! It is what brings me fulfillment. It is what helps me to see that to heal is to seal, is to become whole again. This means allowing oneself, surrendering to oneself, being accepting of all aspects of one's self - the dark, the ugly, the light, the beautiful in each Womb including mine. None is better than the other. Each their own, each a part of the other, and both that of the greater whole.

I woke up yesterday seeing the world with news eyes. I realized that no one needs fixing. All is as should be. I AM perfectly who I am. The world does not need saving. It's perfect the way it is! I realize that everything is a result of man's thinking, woman's creating. Everything about the way the world... and its elemental parts... including humans and their air of supremacy over other living creatures... is what is it... is a result of what the human mind has conceived and manifested. That may be the only real thing that is broken about this world - the VIEW, the OUTLOOK from the human eyes. Other than that... I am perfect just as I am. All things I experience is a result of the choices I make and the outcome of those experiences will always depend on the choices made.

My dark side; that which society has framed as abnormal, my shadow essence; that which institutions and structures/units of society have rejected is just as important as the ones they have feared and I have learned to deny. The day is just as essential as the night, death is just as beautiful as life, sorrow is just as needed as joy, the inhalation is just as necessary as the exhalation, man is a counter part of wo-man, my shadow is just as vital and necessary as my light. I have and hold them with equal value and with equivalent LOVE!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Virgin Warriors

When my son's dad overslept and did not pick him up for school this morning, I flowed calmly and peacefully knowing that Mars truly is retrograde because it is totally out of character for he who never oversleeps, never misses work and always shows up for his son. It actually put a smile on my face because I feel that he deserves to rest. After all, this slowing of Mars is opposing his own natal Mars. He has no choice but to give up the fight and surrender to his inner need to retreat.

With Mars retrograding in Virgo it's moving to lock grids with my natal Virgo Mars in the 12th house. All that is Mars and martian are coming to the forefront and for me the spotlight is on the workings of the 12th house where anger, passion, sexual flame and energy lurks and hide within the darkness of my own self. My Mars energies have always sat in my blind spot often creeping up out of nowhere and when I least expect it. My anger used to be expressed like an alarm clock unexpectedly going off with a temporary loss of the memory of putting it on in the first place. Imagine waking up one day and your world has suddenly slowed down and you are standing, facing fragments of yourself that have found a home in the dark because you forgot to bring them upstairs to meet the rest of the family. Lights are on in my closet and I can see more clearly what has become my own demons. I am wondering if I can take or handle all of these fragmented parts of myself? Look at them! WOW! I can barely recognize them; parts of me that I've denied and could never articulate are suddenly alive and walking, talking, all grown up.

Who would have ever guessed that I'd be drawn to the mysterious, mesmerizing, dark and intriguing world of vampires? Maybe that's why my son is fascinated with them. We all have our favorite dark characters or archetypes we embody - whether we are conscious of them or not. Watched a movie on the night of the Aquarius new moon night about a university for vampires where a young woman disguises herself as a student to investigate the death and disappearance of her brother she has not seen in over a decade. She soon meets her self in the mirror reflection of a vampire - the most powerful Desmodus Draculae is who she is. Seeing this woman transform into her immortal greatness brought out fountains of hope that I too am transforming into my immortality. Deep sensations from my valley of pleasure made "Oooo" become a mantra! This she vampire radiated sexy, oozed out confidence as though it was her pleasure toy, walked like a dragon queen and was adorned with beautiful laced attires that enhanced her sultry, enigmatic, controlling and hypnotic demeanor. A taste of death that injects the juices of immortality and relocates you to life between the world of the living and that of the dead. I was totally impressed by the custom designer, the wardrobe producer, and all who decked up this vampire goddess.

It chimed through me like a bell, as I became increasingly roused by her lack of inhibition and her unrestricted sexual expression towards a stunning species of a male vampire whose eyes pierced hers with lust and hunger for the feedings of sexual pleasure. All that I saw in her was awakening in me. What would have normally been an ordinary moment of watching passion on the screen and receiving a wave or quiver through my body became a masterful quiet storm that tore down the walls of my inner world, leaving me totally exposed and vulnerable, floating in a sensual time capsule. The most beautiful part of this scene was the sampling of fruity Liberation, tangy Surrender, juicy Orgasmic pulses and the perfect blend of sweet & sour Ecstasy. Logic disengaged, feelings reign.

Mars slow movement is blowing through all of humanity and life on this planet. I love watching it intently like a theater screen. With these moments come an increase in intuitive awareness. I am thinking people up and they are appearing. Happened three times in a row yesterday. I feel like bionic woman, moving in slow motion & fighting demonic forces strategically.

A Scorpion rising client feels an awakening in her sex life and an increase of drama and conflicts around her that are pulling her in, forcing her to express. I love how she describes her menstrual phase each month as intense, painful moments of release and feeling like a snake shedding its skin. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Others say they are feeling under the weather but truth is they are under the umbrella of a retrograde Mars which is forcing them to slow their masculine dominating energies down to avoid a full blown tsunami. Mars is symbolic of the male force as it exists in all of us. It's our aggression, our inner warrior, our destroyer, our sexual, primal self. And they are all whistling from within calling our awareness to clean up and clear out old rubbish.

My Mars is center stage in my life until Spring time. This means behind the scenes, I am re-learning liberation of sexual energy, facing battles with 'consciousness' as my companion; I am letting out the genie of my anger lamp that's been bottled up for too long; I am engaging in more self-loving and self-advocating behavior, taking time out, laying down solid new tracks for my spiritual rhythm, finding my long lost inner buddy and renewing our relationship as best friends, and giving way to the sexual prowess in me.

For some reason when I think of Mars in Virgo I think of.... virgin warriors!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sustainable Personal Relationships!

As I age gracefully with my body carrying the secret of youthfulness and quietly revealing my own immortality, I reflect on one of my - and life's - most important areas - Relationships & the art of relating! Relationships is where I spend the majority of my time and energy in this lifetime - whether personally, socially, intimately, professionally, creatively, etc. This lifetime I am here to explore the multiple ways of loving with relationships as the container.

Lets look at the same old ancient form of bonding, connecting, growing, loving, living through the frame of sustainability.

In order to survive as a species, James Lovelock, the scientist who introduced the “Gaia hypothesis,” says and believes that sustainable personal relationships are the critical element needed to design, build, and maintain new sustainable social structures. Much of the world currently is in a cycle of social breakdown with increases in domestic violence, child abuse, school shootings, violent regional religious and ethnic conflicts and international wars."

I personally believe that sadly, technology is rapidly advancing faster than the human consciousness and the human spirit.

When I think of sustainable relationships, I conjure images and sensations of relationships that are able to withstand the test of time, move through challenges, break down obstacles, ones that embrace both the light and dark elements of relating and in which each participant is willing to own and be responsible for their internal disruptions - those that assault the relationship; I think in terms of relating-ships that allow both the dark and light to be free without titles or dogmas; I think of virtual vessels that allow each partner the space and safety to be totally naked in mind, body, heart and spirit. I see all as key players in their own evolution, the active exercise of courage to recognize their weaknesses, self-destructive patterns, self-denials, unconscious habits and the willingness to practice vulnerability and communications and articulation of feelings as they purely exist.

I imagine relationships that provide safe space for one to be and to become, relationships based on the principles of naturalism; relationships in which individuals can readily address the role they play and the response-ability to one's own creation, truly embracing the energetic laws of creation from the moment our eyes are open to the moment they are closed. I see new relationship structures of fair partnership, community, sustainability, bartering, fair value exchanges, interdependence and authentic individual liberation. I see and imagine an ever expansion of mind, body, heart & soul. I see relationships as the new currency, as the most valuable commodity and mutable source of existence.

Here's what a few others are saying about Sustainable relationships....

What is a Sustainable Personal Relationship?

Sustainable relationships advance both individual and collective consciousness. In them, people acknowledge they have unhealed developmental traumas from childhood and agree to help each other to heal them. They commit to staying together during the healing process and to resolving conflicts that are rooted in these old traumas. People focus on understanding and changing themselves, rather than changing their partner. They take responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors and give help only when it is asked for.

During conflicts, partners become more conscious by recognizing each other as mirrors to discover unseen parts of themselves. They support each other’s emotional and psychological health by negotiating differences and creating healthy boundaries. Partners with children recognize them as teachers and learn from them rather than trying to mold them. They apply these principles to all their relationships and seek to be a model for living together in peace and love. Sustainable personal relationships have the ability to move people from co-dependent, tribal thinking to the interdependent, collaborative consciousness needed to solve global issues, as described by Drs. Janae and Barry Weinhold.

Sustainable relationships are based on principles of interdependence, cooperation, partnership and mutuality. They require people with a commitment to growth and change, a strong sense of Self, well-defined personalities, small egos, compassionate hearts and humanitarian ideals. In sustainable relationships, a central focus is helping each other change co-dependent behaviors, with each person taking responsibility for changing his/her own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

How to Build Sustainable Relationships

Here are some suggested tools:

• Be willing to ask for what you want directly from those who have it to give one hundred percent of the time. You will know you have learned this skill when you can ask for what you want directly and people will be delighted to give to you.

• Forgive those who may have wounded you in childhood. You are not hurting them by staying angry at them, only yourself. Your choice is to stay angry or to grow up. This applies to both individual & collective ones, racial and cultural ones woundedness.

• Become more aware of your co-dependent behaviors with the aid of self-help books, body work, holistic therapy, meditation, constructive loving criticisms, the development and guidance of intuition. Identify and heal developmental traumas.

• Risk changing your relationships by changing your self so that you can break free of the co-dependency trap.

I believe that the only bridge that will take us to the next level of our evolution is none other than ... the HUMAN bridge. :-)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Eco-Sensuality of WINE!

There are few things that we experience with every one of our senses, food and sex being the most obvious, but wine adds more sensuality to both these categories because it can enhance each experience when consumed wisely. With wine, there can be new and different perceptions and added dimensions with each bottle, and with each sip of one wine bottle. Wine is always evolving and aging, from vintage to vintage, vineyards to vineyards, through weather changes and various earth settings - with no limit to the depth or height of sensation that the next glass or sip might provide.

Wine has a visually sensual appeal, starting with the shape of the bottle, its curves and bulges that pleases the eye and invites touch. And course the colors inside the bottle- from translucent ruby red, pale gold, deep burgundy, or sparkling pink - wine not only invites us to admire it for beauty sake, but because the appearance reveals so much about the taste that soon follows.

The sound of a bottle being uncorked teases, triggering an anticipation within our taste buds.

Wine evokes touch beginning with the bottle and on to our lips, to swishing it in our mouths and holding it on our tongue. At every step of the way we are captivated by the smell beginning with the first whiff that comes at the moment of uncorking, followed by the aromas that come alive usually with food based scents such as fruits, vanilla, berries & chocolate, while there are also often musk, funk, dirt, wood and leather- smells of the body and of the earth.

Taste is the sense most clearly linked to wine, and while it’s arguably the reason for drinking it in the first place, the above proves that wine can be an eco-sensual experience long before it hits your lips.

A friend surprised me last week with a bottle of white wine. When I looked at the label and read the name, I laughed out loud, scratching my head, saying.. Oooo! Oooo! Oooo! it's play time... as the sounds and images of monkeying around jumped up and down in my head. The name of the wine was called "Monkey Bay". When I finally opened the bottle and tasted the wine, I immediately loved it and quickly and easily defined and described it as... a GODDESS WINE!! It was soft, seductive, supple, juicy, luscious, and soothing, pleasant, perfect!

Wine art by Leanne Laine – The Women in Wine Artist

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Eco-Sensual Healing Music of the Sun

‘HOMA’ is a word deriving from the Sanskrit root hu, meaning to offer, to present and to eat. Generally the word homa is used in South India. Homa therapy is the technical term from the Vedic science of bioenergy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. This means healing and purifying of the atmosphere with fire as the medium. You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you. This is the central idea in HOMA Therapy. The words heal the atmosphere have widespread ramifications that modern science has yet to investigate.

“HOMA” therapy replenishes the nutrients that pollution robs from our environment. The molecular change in the fission and fusion of atoms causes properties of elements to change in atomic structure and weight. The rotation of electronics and neutrons varies in speed,

AGNIHOTRA is the basic form of HOMA Therapy, which corresponds to a circadian rhythm of sunset and sunrise. I’ve been practicing Agnihotra for a little over a year on my own now. Prior to that, for years it was a regular part of our rituals at the Tantra Temple in Baltimore until one day my teacher told me to sit and perform the ritual on my own. It was then time to bring it to my own home and my family. It has contributed greatly to our well being through the purification of the atmosphere in our home and the integration and healing of our body/mind. Each morning at sunrise and in the evenings at sunset I sit down before my altar and perform this ancient Ayurveda tradition. Most times my son will sit with me through the fire burning ritual and meditation, reciting the Agnihotra Homa mantras for each time of the day. The beautiful impact on our lives continue to be pretty astonishing - beginning with our health and well being on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


It has been a grounding tool that has anchored me into the rhythms of the sun and allowed me to only begin to tap into its phenomenal healing powers. And it helps enhance my eco-sensual connection with nature and all that is. I have a sunset and sunrise time chart so each morning I make sure that the fire is burning as the sun is rising and likewise for the evening sunset. Minutes of gazing into the fire helps to center and clear my mind and begin my day in a fresh and calm way. I originally learned how to meditate by candlelight. My foundation for meditation is based on the flame so doing Agnihotra comes with great pleasure and for many reasons. Morning and evening daylight possesses great healing power over the various bodily systems. Generally it supports the functioning of the body and promotes health in sick and healthy people. That’s why its wise to take walks before 10am and after 4:30pm to tap into the sun’s healing rays. Combined with Agnihotra, we once again receive the original healing power of natural daylight.

There is a music that accompanies this flood of energy coming from the sun. The Agnihotra Mantras reflect the quintessential sound of this music. In the interplay of the exact timing the copper pyramid, the specific materials used in this fire and the power of the Mantras, a subtle energy channel is created above the pyramid. This energy channel rises through the whole atmosphere into the solar range and Prana or life energy moves freely through this channel.

The healing benefits of Agnihotra are far reaching and you’d be amazed at just how this ritual and the ashes produced by it can extend to so many areas of our personal lives and those around us, the space in our immediate environment as well as the entire eco-system. The ritual nourishes our plants, pets and everything that vibrates in our space. From mouth care, as a massage oil and hair care, to its healing usage for allergies, fears, depression, colds & fevers, skin problems, insomnia, many other physical ailments, as well as the mental and energetic balancing of hyperactive children. One woman reported that after only three weeks of doing Agnihotra, her adolescent son’s grades improved tremendously and so did his overall behavior.


In his book Homa Therapy: Our Last Chance, Vasant V. Paranjpe states, “ Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A magnetic type field is created, one which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies. Therefore a positive pattern is created by one who does Agnihotra merely by his/her performance. When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and on a very subtle level neutralizes their radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed. When Agnihotra fire is burnt, there is not just energy from the fire but subtle energies are created by the rhythm and Mantras. These energies are generated or thrust into the atmosphere by fire. The pyramid is the power generator, the fire is the turbine. Also consider the quality of materials burnt wherein lies the full effect of this healing HOMA.”

In the ancient science of life, i.e. Ayurveda, it is mentioned that the healing effect of the Agnihotra fire is locked in the Agnihotra ash. On a personal note, I use the smoke of the Agnihotra fire to smudge and clear my womb vibrations and because the ashes are a healing powder I use it as a healing agent for my skin and rub it all over my abs and womb area. Homa Therapy is like a daily eco-sexual rendezvous with the sun, it penetrates me like no other. And it enhances the physical pleasures derived from nature's love making moments and deepens my eco-sensual connection to the earth, sun, moon, and all that breathes and pulsates with the life force.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cancer Full Moon Rituals!

Practical Cancer Full Moon Rituals that may call to your Womb:

HONOR THE MOTHER: Cancer rules the zodiac’s fourth house of motherhood, femininity and the womb. (that's where my Sun lies) It’s a good day to pick up the phone or write a letter to your mom or a mother figure regardless of your relationship. You don't have to send it. It's the act that serves as a ritual and is powerful in and of itself. Place a female ancestor photo on your altar and light a candle to channel her divine wisdom. Change your Facebook profile picture to one of you and a special woman in your life or the spirit world. (Mine profile pic today honors a strong female ancestry present in my life.) If you’re a mother, do something to honor yourself. This is the cosmic Mother’s Day. Spend extra time with kids who look up to you, or connect with the people you call family—whether the bond is based on biology or chemistry. Hold someone in your bosom! It's also a breast day so go without one and relinquish the regular confinement of bras.

NOURISH YOURSELF: Cancer is like a cosmic African mother overly concerned about whether you have eaten or are dressed appropriately. Since eating and sucking is part of our nurturing foundation, you may have strong desires to eat a lot during this full moon. Watch that! It’s always wise to eat less during any Full moon. This Cancer Full Moon can be challenging - I warn you. Pay attention to your eating urges for they are most likely emotionally based. Stay in touch with your feelings and do not confuse your need for emotional nourishment with the superficial need to eat. Find a healthy & light comfort food recipe for today. Cancer is all about comfort so watch those milk based foods. Eat foods from the Waters of the earth - the Oceans and seas. Trade recipes today!

ENERGIZE YOUR HOME: Cancer has domain over the domestic department, your nest. It’s a perfect day to get your home in order. Start your New Year’s cleaning and spruce up your pad. Place the Feng Shui Bagua over your floor plan and take a look at each space to see what area needs the most clearing. Pick one area today and make it a sanctuary. Get a water fountain or if you already have one, turn it on and let it flow this entire day. This will bring the negative ions into your nest that will help re-balance the energies in your home.

ENJOY A WATER RITUAL or TWO: Call on the spirit of Yemeya or your preferred water deity or goddess and ask her to share the secret and healing powers of the oceans, seas, rivers and waters of the earth and those within you. And more so, do a ritual to send love and purifying light to heal the waters of our planet that are drying out and filled with pollution, warfare and darkness. It is the perfect time to help heal the womb waters of the earth. Soak in a hot bath today or swim as a ritual to be one with water today. Sprinkle blessed waters in every corner of your house to raise the vibrations or place glasses of water in every corner of your bedroom or home to capture the negative energy. And by all means please drink plenty of water today.

Be patient with yourself and others today. It's a high emotionally charged day and true FEELINGS can get entangled in the MENTAL & INTELLECT world making it difficult to express. Express your FEELINGS today - just don't destroy anything or anyone in the process.

Use the power of WATER today! Focus on the waters of the earth, your body and the waters of your Womb! Remember WATER is related & tied into our EMOTIONS! Water will help keep smooth and flowing.

Have a Green Full Moon! ♥

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mother Yourself!

As the moon and her soft light glows into fullness the energies and principles of the divine feminine mother are in effect. The goddess force is seeking to nurture you and guiding you to nurture others. She is asking that we all slow down to FEEL and share our FEELINGS with those we love and even sometimes hate.

This is a universal womb time as Cancer is the sign of the womb - the deepest, dark, moist, watery, secretive and most creative space in our physical bodies, the root of where mothering begins. Give your child or friend or mother or lover a hug. Even your pet will appreciate it as I can't stop hugging my big puppy today while I tell him over and over how I love and appreciate him. That's until my son and lover returns home for their own.

Turn your attention inward and shut down the loud noise from all the electronic as well as the chattering human dimension. I shared with a friend earlier this morning - who told me that she's backed down from fb to focus on the home schooling of her children... telling her that facebook (and the other social networking arenas) sucks the life force from your womb and other organs. FB is the biggest f@*king illusion since the invention of television. Shut them all down this weekend and tend to your emotional needs and feed yourself that which your emotional body needs and desires. If you spend more than a total of 2 hours (very lavish there) a day on fb (breaking the hours up) or other social networks you are in danger and probably filled with electronic as well as mental and intellectual anxiety and don't have a clue. You either lack a life and or don't have a relationship with your emotions as well as with nature (Mother earth). And if you don't know what being attached to electronics is doing to you then you are way way out of touch with your FEELINGS!

Another male friend reached out and told me that he has been under the weather. I told him great. The divine feminine has forced you to slow down and be still. Instead of stroking his ego with baby babbles of how sorry I am that he's not been feeling well, I thanked grand ma Moon instead and told him to hug his daughter and spend time with his grand daughter. He loved the idea and is on his way to pick up his grand daughter.

Here's some suggestions for this Cancer Full Moon:

~ Ask yourself What are my emotional needs? Does my physical plans harmonize with them?

~ Review your relationship with your own mother.

~ Give lots of hugs to others this weekend.

~ Lay your head in the lap of someone you love and trust.

~ Take a long hot bath and sprinkle your water with an essential oil. Lavender is highly recommended.

~ Massage your breasts. They will respond nicely right now.

~ Massage your abdomen and womb area and gently talk to your womb and listen to its story.

~ Enjoy the process of fixing a nice healthy meal for yourself and/or your family. But by all means do not overeat during this full moon or any other for that matter. Eat less and drink more water and healthy fluids such as herbal teas & fresh squeezed juices.

~ If you are on your personal moon time, share your blood with the earth.

~ If you are moody/moony and tearful don't try to shut it off. Share your tears with your plants or give them to the earth or a tree outside.

~ Write a love letter to yourself and/or to another.

~ Extend your meditation today. Sit a little longer.

~ Do a gentle womb dance of your own.

~ Again shut down all electronic equipments. (Shall I dare you to do that since its rather impossible for many?)

~ Tonight, sit outside under the moon and listen to its whispers to you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crystalizing Our Sexual Waters

"The waters of our bodies and the earth are to be treated and purified regularly and so should the sexual fluids of both male and female." ~ Surya Angelique Shofar

The quality, smell and shade of the juices that flow from a woman's vagina over the course of a daily and monthly cycle determines her reproductive health and over all well being. And the texture, smell and quantity of seminal fluid from a man speaks volumes on the health and state of his innate sexual vitality.

A healthy vagina has a pleasant odor, a slightly sour taste and is naturally "self-cleansing", says Susun Weed in her new book, Down There. A healthy vagina constantly secretes clear or milky fluids to protect its delicate tissues. These fluids are heavier and more slippery during ovulation and change radically during sexual arousal. According to her, the vagina is naturally more acidic then alkaline.

Although there are ways to help reduce disharmony in a woman's womb ecosystem even the secured practice of celibacy can be penetrated. If a woman feels insecure in her life or uneasy in her home she can produce stress hormones in her body that changes the pH of her vagina killing beneficial acid-loving organisms while allow problematic alkaline-loving ones to grow freely. Secondly those stress hormones thin out the mucus lining which protects the vagina from invasion, compromising her inner most safety and security system.

There are natural ways to cleanse the vagina. And a food that comes up is the cucumber. Once a week, except during menstruation, take a peeled cucumber and insert it into the vagina. Twisting and in-and-out movements cleanses the vagina. The same can be done with the extreme end of the vagina -the mouth. Using a larger peeled cucumber a woman can cleanse her mouth and throat of any bacteria or viruses. And no doubt it is a useful tool in the self-pleasuring moments of many women.

The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, by Rebecca Wood, confirms that cucumbers are considered nurturing to the bladder, spleen, large intestines and lungs. It is a cold food that treats hot conditions and helps resolve toxins. A cucumber contains more than 90 percent water (more water than any other food except its relative the melon.) Cucumbers are considered an alterative, a food that tends to restore normal health because of its ability to cleanse and purify the blood and gradually alter the excretory process to restore normal body functions. Cucumbers contain a digestive enzyme, erepsin, that breaks down protein, cleanses the intestines and helps expel intestinal parasites, especially tapeworms. No wonder my grandma ate them every day.

The health and well being of a man is easily reflected in the color and texture of his semen. Ladies, in addition to your womb waters, do make sure your partner is giving you healthy semen. According to the ancient Green Dragon tradition an ideal, healthy man ejaculates a large quantity of thick, white semen. Semen that has a grayish color must be avoided because it means he is suffering from some illness. Semen that is clear indicates that the male is an alcoholic or masturbates too frequently, ejaculating only seminal fluid.

A high intake of water is the first step towards clearing the waters of the penis, as well as the vagina. A glass of room temperature water before sex is always a booster for both parties. This empowers the kidneys and their partner the adrenal glands - two leading organs in the quest for sexual vigor. Proper breathing & free air, exercise, fresh live fruits and vegetables and an elimination of junk and artificial food along with the goal of waning off prescription medication will help keep the seminal and vaginal fluids healthy and energetic. Prostate massage can also help with circulation and the release of environmental and other toxins that enter into the body on a regular basis. Keeping the penis head and stem clean promotes good hygiene and health and, of course, wearing earth-friendly underwear helps keep our sexual organs happy and earth mother pleased.

Limiting the frequency of ejaculation along with other ancient chinese and healing tao methods can aid in increasing the volume and quality of semen. Some of ancient tips include:

· Every day place a slice of red ginseng in your mouth until it dissolves.

· Eat crushed walnuts. This helps restore sexual energy, strengthen erections and increase semen quantity.

· Eat cinnamon sticks, licorice root, and fresh pineapple to make semen taste better.

· Limit dairy products and sugar as they make the semen taste bitter or rancid. (no different for women)

Keeping our sexual fluids clear and free reflects good health for earth mother and positively influences the waters of our planet. Everything you put into your body has an ecological effect on the earth. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. However you treat your body is a reflection of how you treat and contribute to the earth's sexual waters and her eco-sensual spirit.

Feeding the Moon Cravings

Just as plants and the natural living waters respond to the Moon, so do our bodies. Our nutritional requirements and our ability to digest certain foods change with the Moon. Have you noticed that your body does not assimilate all foods the same way every day? Each time the moon visits a new sign it embodies new qualities and its needs and expressions change.

The trend towards eating three balanced meals containing every food group has helped sabotage our intuitive connection with the natural cycles of eating. Since eating has an emotional edge to it, this is something that most women struggle with. I know because I do. I've had a long standing private battle with food. It is my sensual and emotional challenge because it takes me into sensual overdrive - much to my detriment. Eating substitutes or is often an attempt to experience my senses in a variety of pleasurable and tasteful ways through the experience of food. I travel to exotic lands to intermingle with a variety of sexual cultures and the eco-sensual charm of enchanting lands through my choice of food. Other times I really crave those experiences interlaced through the earthly connection with another body - preferably a man. One downside is refusing to stop masticating when the excessive pleasure is causing pain and overflow, while another is the discomfort of it becoming a solo affair. When you have done this for so long, especially during your single days, food becomes the lover you overindulge in. But ultimately, pleasure experienced interchangeably is much more delightful and soulful than in the dark, alone with one's out of sync cravings.

I just captured a video title that says "Orgasm, the cure for hunger in the western woman." Why can't this be on a billboard across the nation and a news flash across the tv screens? A monumental breakthrough for women! Imagine if women were having orgasms more and eating less. Talk about blissful revolution! Or could that also be an evolution? More women would finally have their wombs in place and their voices raised. We'd no longer be wombfully displaced. Did you know there are more shifted wombs (wombs out of place) than you can imagine? This is the root cause for many imbalances in women's overall health and either your doctor don't or won't tell you.

Keeping a log of the types of food that your body calls for and that you enjoy eating during each moon phase is a good start towards establishing a more eco-sensual diet that partners with your moony and earthly needs. But first, get a moon calendar to learn of the demands of each element and phase. With the Moon currently in earthly Taurus, it's traditionally salt days. Yesterday, I was craving more salt than usual and found myself taking in more. During earth moon days (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) salt may be just what your body needs or precisely what you should avoid. Yesterday, I should have avoided salt because I woke up paying the price with irritation. Think about it from an energetic perspective, salt is the most grounding culinary substance and gives food an earthy substantial quality. Too much salt, is too grounding and may make one grasping or greedy.

When I talk about salt I speak of the salts directly from the earth such as himalayan salt -which is all I use now - but yesterday I was out and used mediterranean sea salt which was too harsh for my tummy. Add your salts while cooking. Stop eating the pre-packed chips and artificial commericial snacks even if the label says 'natural'. Don't believe the hype! It's far from being natural. The salt in those artificial substances are harsh chemicals that tear the lining of your digestive system, deplete your calcium level and pollute your womb waters. Don't touch those sodas and sugar saturated drinks nor those instant coffees. Leave the donuts alone and the rest of the dead foods. That's why women pay with horrible, painful menstrual cramps. Your womb is working overtime and hard to break down and release the poison you feed it. But more so, it's sending a message up to you from down there warning you of impending dangerous conditions in formation.

Don't confuse your natural moon cravings with the artificial cravings directed by external factors like food television networks - goddess knows those are in abundance these days, fast food promises, perfect magazine images and even the common dinner date. Learn your moon cycles and eat in harmony with nature's nurturing cycles.

Warrior Tuesday

It's Tuesday in this part of the hemisphere. The first quarter of the Moon phase is half way through. It'll fully transition into the Gibbous Moon by the time you wake up on Friday morning. The moon is also in the earthly sign of Taurus when more folks are usually grazing the grass like the old cow, but today - Tuesday is the Warrior's Day and is ruled by hot and fiery Mars.

Have you ever noticed that the work week begins on Tuesday? You have lingered over Monday's emotions long enough - recovered from the weekend and tried to ground yourself. It's my day of organizing, clearing, being moony, getting my face on and warming up to step back into the grid come Tiw day. On Tuesday we enter the rat race, fight our own battles, attack piles of work, give orders, make our wills known. We go after the things we want and cast spells to attract the things we need.

"Tuesday" comes from the Anglo-Saxon "Tiwensdaeg", after Tiw, the god of battle. The Romans called this day "dies Martis" after their god of war, Mars (hence the French "Mardi"). I read once that a police station in Florida whose nickname for this day was "Bloody Tuesday" because officers noticed the violence increased. Hot tempers and conflicts can erupt more easily on Tuesdays. But if you've given your inner warrior a meaningful quest, Tiw will bless you with heroism and strength. This morning my son stormed out of the house because I told him to come home directly after school rather than go to the recreation center. I need him - but his body more so - to take a nap to repair his growing body/mind from all the excitement from this New Year's weekend. But of course he is resisting.

As I write this there is a fire truck on my street outside my window. Red all over with flashing lights. Now that is rather martian.

If there is an important task that you've been avoiding, call on the will of Mars to help you accomplish this now - today. Dress the part on Tuesday - wear something that makes you feel empowered and decisive. Pause at the front door before leaving your house. Visualize a sphere of protection, like a suit of armor, surrounding you. As a goddess you can move through the world with grace and poise this day rather than with an armored suit on ready to kill. Weave into your armor some fragrant roses and lavender leaves. Leave your house this Tuesday feeling protected, centered, strong and sweet like the rose you are.