Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Eco-Sensuality of WINE!

There are few things that we experience with every one of our senses, food and sex being the most obvious, but wine adds more sensuality to both these categories because it can enhance each experience when consumed wisely. With wine, there can be new and different perceptions and added dimensions with each bottle, and with each sip of one wine bottle. Wine is always evolving and aging, from vintage to vintage, vineyards to vineyards, through weather changes and various earth settings - with no limit to the depth or height of sensation that the next glass or sip might provide.

Wine has a visually sensual appeal, starting with the shape of the bottle, its curves and bulges that pleases the eye and invites touch. And course the colors inside the bottle- from translucent ruby red, pale gold, deep burgundy, or sparkling pink - wine not only invites us to admire it for beauty sake, but because the appearance reveals so much about the taste that soon follows.

The sound of a bottle being uncorked teases, triggering an anticipation within our taste buds.

Wine evokes touch beginning with the bottle and on to our lips, to swishing it in our mouths and holding it on our tongue. At every step of the way we are captivated by the smell beginning with the first whiff that comes at the moment of uncorking, followed by the aromas that come alive usually with food based scents such as fruits, vanilla, berries & chocolate, while there are also often musk, funk, dirt, wood and leather- smells of the body and of the earth.

Taste is the sense most clearly linked to wine, and while it’s arguably the reason for drinking it in the first place, the above proves that wine can be an eco-sensual experience long before it hits your lips.

A friend surprised me last week with a bottle of white wine. When I looked at the label and read the name, I laughed out loud, scratching my head, saying.. Oooo! Oooo! Oooo! it's play time... as the sounds and images of monkeying around jumped up and down in my head. The name of the wine was called "Monkey Bay". When I finally opened the bottle and tasted the wine, I immediately loved it and quickly and easily defined and described it as... a GODDESS WINE!! It was soft, seductive, supple, juicy, luscious, and soothing, pleasant, perfect!

Wine art by Leanne Laine – The Women in Wine Artist

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