Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Eco-Goddess Sex Survey

Moon Signs & Faces

Bonjour! Guten Tag! Aloha! Ciao! Moshi Moshi! AlĂ´? ¡Hola! Sijambo! Hey!

As you can see I'm traveling the world today with the MOON as my transporter. Join me!!

So how's your womb today? The Moon is currently in Aquarius but it goes into fertile Pisces at 6:45pm EST today so I ask that you pay attention to the shift as it reveals itself through your womb and emotions, the weather, animals, your plants or garden, the waters and those around you. With the Moon currently in Aquarius many of us have been experiencing an edge of FREEDOM in our WOMBS over the last couple of days, some of us are edging on or feeding that independent, revolutionary spirit, the unconventional vibes of this electrifying and eclectic sign. An air sign Moon has the qualities of hot and moist which is exactly how the weather was last night. Think of a rain forest, teeming with activity, ripe with odors, its green forest leaves busily returning oxygen to the air. When moisture meets heat, there is movement. Think of blood circulating through your veins, air moving in and out your lungs, sound and scents traveling in the wind. Air sign days feel lighter than other days; fresh, alive and in motion. Your eyes may be drawn skyward, to the flight of a bird, leaves rustling in the wind. Your thoughts may be nimble or restless. Our WOMBS do resonate with the MOON and the waters of our bodies go through many different currents and waves of emotions every single month. If you follow the Moon you begin to see yourself through the Moon and be one with your WOMB!

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, thus it is the Sun's Shadow. It symbolizes your FEELING RESPONSES to life in general and being SUBJECTIVE to the will of others. In CHILDHOOD, while your will was still UNCONSCIOUS, having your SECURITY NEEDS met made you totally DEPENDENT upon others, especially your MOTHER. (I am capitalizing all key words associated with the Moon.) :-)

Consequently, much of your PERSONALITY became conditioned by the HABITS and BIASES of your MOTHER, your FAMILY, CLASS, RACE, etc., for good or ill. Positively this gives you a sense of BELONGING and INNER SUPPORT, whereas negatively it can amount to CLANNISHNESS, a FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN and CLINGING TO THE PAST, which can effectively eclipse your individual sense of being - which is the Sun.

Your Moon-sign position therefore shows how you experience life subjectively, how you REACT to it as a result of maternal and other conditioning. It also shows how you INSTINCTUALLY seek to satisfy your own needs and SYMPATHIZE with those of others.

The Lunar sense comes more naturally to females, so for males they may be attracted to females who embody their Moon-Sign qualities. Thus a man chooses a woman that is like his mother. Sooner or later, through life's experiences and relationships, you come to realize and to express the qualities of your EMOTIONS.

Greening your Womb requires not only that you use natural earth friendly products, practive eco-sex, wearing eco-friendly, clean underwear or none at all; feed it wholesome healthy & green foods and care for it with self touch and to satisfy its insatiable hunger for pleasures and thirst for creation - child or otherwise - but being green in your womb requires that you understand its language, its own unique voice. For although we all carry a womb or come with one - your Womb is an expression of YOU and only YOU!

Do you know the face of your MOON-WOMB? Wise women do!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Womb Contemplation

As womban, we each have and carry a WOMB. Normally, when we talk about the womb and its parts, we talk about what it can do for us, what pleasure we can get from it, how many children it can bring forth, an upcoming routine pap smear or an emergency doctor's visit, menstruation- how long or painful, and the way a man fucked it; a giggle or a whisper, a secret that is shameful. Some hate it or love it, rail against it, or lust for it, accuse it of evil or praise it for its good. Yet most of us understand it far less than we do those other "facts of life." And many have not stood in its presence the way they might with the admiration of a fabulous dress or shoes, a moment of pure awe at nature's magical beauty, or with the same respect for someone idolized, the passion you have for money, or with the same kind of faith you have in a God.

Yet the womb has more power, magic and purpose than we consciously know or have allowed it. A gateway to worlds long forgotten and unknown, it's essence expands the globe and extends beyond the clouds, reaches pass the floors of the ocean; its roots deeper than the oldest tree.

Let us contemplate the meaning of our WOMB. Really really reflect on it, sit in it, taste its essence and drink from it. Let us take some time to just breathe through it and listen to its guidance. When we embark upon a journey to GREEN our wombs, we will then begin to tap into it's ancient wisdom, decipher its codes, hear its song, do its dance, while learning its beautiful, sacred language. May you uncover the womb of your HEART and learn how to live and create from the heart of your WOMB!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Sexual Healing of Winter

Divine Sex has its own rhythms and like the seasons of winter it moves in cycles, with peaks and valleys, implosions and explosions, creation and destruction. The seasons symbolize and draw upon the unique sensual qualities and characters of each three month segment. Each season represents a different value, a different portion of our fullness within the mysterious wave of sexual bliss.

Our sexual beat imitates the nature of the winter drums, nature's sexual pulse. Underground and rooted our sexual energy swirls downward and inward planting itself, raising the internal heat that charges our batteries and protecting us from the bites of the cold. With winter's sexual dance we can practice inner alchemy and mend the tattered treads of our sexual soul.

I am sure it will please a lot of people to hear that the purpose of human life is to have great sex! If you saw the movie "Little Miss Sunshine", the grandfather played by Alan Arkin shared the same view and kept telling his grandson to make sure he got a lot of sex before he died. A big regret for many humans as they lay on their dying bed wishing they had had more intimacy and sex while they lived. I believe that nature provides the winter season as an extensive playground with a transparent white blanked wrapped around our nakedness symbolizing the need to purify the frame we've place around our sexuality, while correcting the sexual misconceptions and misunderstandings that is a plague of the human mind.

When winter comes around the land turns barren; the trees and bushes are like skeletons of their former selves layered in shades of greens, yellows and reds that once were. Like the breeze and wind that moves more generously between and through the solid states of nature, love too passes more freely between people and is manifested as family visits, gift giving, acts of charity and the frequency of sexual interactions.

Winter is the strongest yin time of the year. The kidneys, bladders and the Water element all relate to the sex organs and the sexual functions of the body ruling over the genital and reproductive organs, the urethral and anal orifices. It also relates to the urine and sexual secretions. Take extra care of your womb (sexual reproductive area).

I went to college in the mid western state of Minnesota where winter has a big ego. The winter months are the busiest months for sexual activity. Every other Spring, it seems, my oldest sister Rae's mid section would have a big bump. After the long winter months, women begin growing steadily into motherhood. Winter is most likely the most popular season for conception because of the increase in sexual activity during hibernation

We put on inches and pounds in the winter as a means of cushioning and supporting the needed physiological process of expansion that decreased movements and inactivity can inhibit. In fact, people that are disconnected from nature tend to pursue extra outward activities in an attempt to beat the winter blues while resisting the need to be still and quiet. The truth is it is as natural to put on the extra pounds and have the blues during the winter as it is to replenish our energy and conserve our strength during the dark, cold months. Engaging in sex can be the most wholesome activity and ritual. So indulge this winter. Though the aerobic effects of sex are not as apparent as running a marathon, dancing, or weight lifting, the sexual act urges the body and mind to create a happy environment that facilitates healing and wholeness. And the powerful hormones released by women and men during orgasms, extends their connection long after sex.

The New Moon in Capricorn brings an important opportunity to realign your body, mind and spirit with your Soul's sexual path and life's intentions. This may not be the same as the aspirations of one's ego. How can you tell the difference? The soul yearns for healing through divine sacred sexual oneness while the ego is concerned with body images, genital achievements and the battle with all of the diversions encountered through family values, social interactions, political rulings, religious distortion and the rules of society.

Initiating a regular sacred sexual meditation is suitable at this time. It can provide a daily space for introspection of one's own sexual truth; a means to connect with the sexual channels of the body and the individual voices of our sacred bowl - ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, clitoris, g-spot or the testicles, prostate gland, and the rest of the sexual anatomical family each with their language, quality of energy and a role in our sexual health and total well being. Connecting with the sexual life force on a daily basis creates a door way that takes you where you can see your self naked and in your purest, most natural and majestic state, where a fountain of divine wisdom showers and anchors you into earth's sensuality.

Capricorn is the sign of authority, leadership and time. And nature gives us the regular times, rhythms and reasons for the seasons. Capricorn initiates a new season and offers us a time to question how authority reigns over and imprisons our bodies, minds and spirits. To whom did you give your sexual power? Where did you leave it? The government? The media? The church? Your doctor? Your boss? Your parents? Your spouse? The outer leaders have let us down. They have tarnished the beauty of sex; they have used our sexual greatness against us. They have kept us in the dark as a means to control us and they have put a cap on the wellspring of our sexual infinity.

This Capricorn New Moon is a good time to reflect on our outer leaders and how and why they have let us down. What do we learn from it? How can we be empowered by this 'let down'? This 'let down' that has created an epic proportion of depression within women - in particular. This "let down' that has compromised the integrity of our sexuality and disrupted our connectedness to the cycles of nature. Every time our outer leaders let us down, the shadow Capricorn response is depression. We are angry but we are limited and restricted in our ability to express the madness and say HELL NO! NO MORE!! At times we need Capricorn's compelling antidote of ASPIRATION - the hope and ambition of achieving something. Sexual liberation and the healing of our sexual spirit would be an excellent goal to start with.

Now is the time to...... TAKE IT BACK!


Friday, December 23, 2011

The Balsamic Butterfly Moon

The Balsamic phase of the Moon cycle is the three days before the New Moon when the waning crescent can be seen an hour or so before Sunrise. The Balsamic Moon is called the "Wishing Moon" because this is a good time for sending wishes to the Moon. The Balsamic moon phase coincides with my personal progressed Moon phase which says take appropriate action. At this time the Moon is chasing the sun at a 45 degree angle, slowly gaining up to meet up, kiss, make 'moonsun' love and become one during the New Moon.

A wish made at the Balsamic Moon is more likely to come true because needs are felt more deeply now. The more deeply a need is felt, the more invocative energy goes into the Moon cycle and the more likely this need will be met. Fulfillment comes at Full Moon in response to what is seeded at the New Moon. Seed intentions may be more consciously sown when the Crescent Moon appears.

The balsamic Moon is said to relate to one's commitment to destiny, so whenever the Moon is placed in this position it is at a very crucial point, and attention should be made to the earthly events that occur during such an astrological configuration. The balsamic moon also is said to relate to healing and rest, since it is the last phase before the New Moon.


Here's what you can do during this Balsamic Moon which is also the Dark of the Moon with a 3 day period before the New moon.

Pick one drawer, one corner, one cubby or perhaps one little space in your basement or garage and CLEAR IT NOW. I chose my office desk and the book case that sits next to it as well as the table that holds my CDs, DVDs and other junk. This is my last day to finish up the clearing process. When I started on Wednesday, I began to feel the shift happen inside of me, a noticeable lightness and a surge of extra energy.

Just don't make a big deal about doing this. As Michael Jordan says, "Just Do It!" Otherwise you will find every excuse not to. Make sure you target a manageable space - nothing big - like one of those cluttered spaces that nags you. Toss what you don't need. Consider a simpler life. Now do the same with one of your mental closets. Release an attachment that binds you. Then rest.

In clearing a physical or mental space you make a metaphysical statement: You're changing your environment and your mind. You're inviting something better and new to pour in at the next waxing moon. This is one of the most potent times in the entire lunar cycle, when you prepare by dissolving, detoxing, letting go. Eat light. Drink lots of water. Reduce stimulation before bedtime. You may enjoy particularly inspirational dreams. Cultivate peace. Practice the art of refraining. Reflect events around you like a still, serene pond.


Butterflies in winter? Why not? When a butterfly wants to rest it will land on a flower and slowly spread its wings. The butterfly is "basking", which literally means - "to lie in or expose oneself to a pleasant warmth or atmosphere." Butterflies couldn't fly without moments of basking: cells in the design of their wings work like solar batteries. From the warmth of the atmosphere, they collect the energies that power their future flight. At the Balsamic Moon solar energy is low. The Moon reflects just a sliver of sunlight. This is nature's sign that it's time to bask. Stop your flight. Find your flower and spread your wings. Gather energy from the warmth that is around you. A secondary meaning of "basking" is "to take pleasure in your circumstances." When you find something to enjoy in your life right now, you're actually gathering the energy that will power your forward movement at the next Moon cycle.


Friday: The moon is currently in Sagittarius and will enter Capricorn and become New at 8:47am on Saturday, December 24th. The Moon is still in a fire sign all day today. The Sun is sure to shine. Relax by feeding your soul dance Do something pleasurable, something self-expressive and creative; read inspiring literature, pray. This is supposedly a good day for a horseback ride. I don't own one but I love them and do know that the Sagittarius Moon is a good time for widening your horizons. If you can't go someplace exotic today, as you drift to sleep tonight, imagine yourself waking up tomorrow in another country... feel the excitement of new possibilities.

Saturday: Relax during this earth Capricorn New Moon by getting into motion (inactivity can lead to melancholy). Don't skip the gym, hike through nature, take a walk. Enjoy the strong steady feeling of being more grounded when you're done. If you decide to do your moving in your own garden, this is a good Moon for weeding (taking things out at the root.) But even better, lay out a new stone path or reposition the fences. It's a good Moon for laying cornerstones.

This Balsamic Moon phase, I am creating my "Green Womb & Earth Sexy" group/community on facebook. Please join us for an expedition through the WOMB!!

Wishing you an Eco-sensual and Green Holiday Season!

Love, Surya

Thursday, December 22, 2011

TOOT YOUR HORN: A Ritual for the Capricorn New Moon

This new moon ritual is too hot not to drop on you. I got it from my moon astrologer friend - Simone Butler. Take it and make it happen. Love, Surya


Tooting Your Horn

The Capricorn New Moon (9:30 p.m. PST on Dec. 24) initiates a new cycle for your work and higher calling. With all the planets in forward motion from Dec. 25 thru Jan. 22, it’s a great time to launch something new, or renew your commitment to the work you love.

It’s time to activate your Fame gua – the area of your home directly opposite your front entry. Add some red or fiery elements to this area, or a symbol of the work for which you’d like to become known. Then, perform this ritual as near to the New Moon as possible.

You will need: Access to a computer, or pen and paper, and a red candle.

Being recognized for your accomplishments, talents or opinions can bring up insecurities. The New Moon period that covers the next month is about putting yourself out there despite any fears. You may want to start on a small scale. At the New Moon, commit to doing one of the following:

* Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about a timely issue that matters to you. Be bolder than usual in the way you express yourself.

* Do a blog or Facebook post, expressing a potentially controversial opinion about something, or tooting your own horn in some way.

* Approach an authority figure about hiring you, or buying, publicizing or representing your work. Express confidence in your abilities.

At the New Moon, light a red candle and affirm your courageous next step, along with the results you’d like to see in terms of acknowledgment and recognition. Then, follow through, do what’s required to manifest your intentions, and see what happens!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Being the Queen of Water!

Today I chose the Queen of Water - Receptivity in the Osho Zen Tarot deck as my daily meditation card. It happens to be one of the most befitting cards for the energy of this day and the intuitive messages it births. It's a fertile day. And this card says that "receptivity represents the feminine, receptive quality of water and of the emotions. Her arms are extended upward to receive and she is completely immersed in the water. She has no head, no busy and aggressive mind to hinder her pure receptivity. And as she is filled she is continuously emptying herself, overflowing, and receiving more. The lotus pattern or matrix that emerges from her represents the perfect harmony of the universe that becomes apparent when we are in tune with it.

The Queen of Water brings a time of unboundedness and gratitude for whatever life brings, without any expectations or demands. Neither duty or thought of merit or reward are important. Sensitivity, intuition and compassion are the qualities that shine forth now, dissolving all the obstacles that keep us separate from each other and from the whole."

Mondays are especially devoted to the Goddess spirit. It's Moon Day at the Eco Goddess Temple. For over a decade and a half, I have merged with Mondays as the day of reflection and communion with the divine feminine spirit. A day of calmly whistling while I work, of sprucing and uplifting my inner home and my external temple through the carved out domestic meditation practices of the woman - laundry, washing, cleaning, cooking, organizing. Moon day is a day of taking pleasure in the spirit of receptivity, soaking in the mist of silence, indulging sensual awareness, tuning up for a listening that comes from the breath, a oneness with the cells and the audio vibrations of my body magnifying and expanding so that I can hear a spider sneeze or an ant snore.

The quality of the Moon makes its essence apparent on this day, however, more people than not seem to work against the natural order. Monday in the matrix is a day of high activity, of goal setting and high expectations, a day of anxiety over the start of a new work week when the play energies of the weekend still lingers. Monday is the most stressful day of the week. This is so because man has made this a day of doing when it is naturally a day of being, a day of action, when it wants to be a day of reception. This goes against the nature of nature, turning it inside out and upside down.

From an eco-sensual perspective, I've often reflected on how this underlying energetic misalignment is negatively and visibly affecting the human body and mind while shooting a hole in the web of human consciousness. Sunday (Day of the Sun), bears the masculine qualities and is a day for being active and productive rather than the day that God rested. Monday (Day of the Moon) is a feminine day embodying the receptive qualities of the moon not naturally a day for initiating work (slavery) or pursing financial gain (greed). Even the fish and the flies know this.

I love being the Queen of Water today. To me that means carrying the crown of emotional freedom and awareness, activating compassion in my heart for the forms of live that appears on my visual screen of the world outside of me; to me it means breathing deeply with each step I take and move I make. To be the Queen of Water requires that I listen from my womb and honor the messages generated and wisdom that it regenerates. It means to reward myself with the healing touch of my own heart filled hands, to massage my own breasts while watching its two eyes flutter back at me in the mirror; to be receptive is to consciously immerse in the waters of my own womb like a grown fetus that feels at home.

To be Queen of Water today means to indulge in the sacred sexual secrets of the divine feminine and restore my fountain of youthfulness that springs from the valley between my legs; it means to dance with immortality as a Tigress inhaling the Dragon's breath, to cultivate and arouse my sexual flame, to absorb and tame the male sexual energy for divine illumination of my mind.

To be Queen of Water today means to clear and crystalize the creeks and rivers that flow in my inner tropical rain forest; to shape up the hedges and cut the wild strands that grow on the landscape of my physical contour; to feed the exotic wild life that runs free in me; to clear out the pollution from my own carelessness and the garbage that others dumped on me. To be Queen of Waters is to navigate my own inner thunderstorm and witness the perfect destruction from my inner tsunami, it means to rise with the glow of my moon and retire with the setting of the sun.

When I assume the role of emotional Queen, adorned with a green cloak, micro-cosmic orb spinning around me, vortex moving through my central vertical column, I can calmly listen to my internal family of emotions with each their own unique quality and individual expression, yet all binded by being birthed from the same source. Being the Queen of Water, I can weave a beautiful vibrant quilt of oneness with all the various designs, colors, textures and patterns I am so I can wrap it around the goddesses that swim towards me.

When I am Queen of Water, I can pick fresh vegetables, healing herbs, radiant fruits and earthy eats from my biodynamic garden where they are sun kissed and drenched with glittering moon drops which feed bodies and nurture hearts and sooth wombs. Like a sensual nymph of alchemy, I can carve the sweetness of apples into pies, juices, spices, jams, ciders and wine, I can diffuse the wisdom of sage into the waters of my body; and with fire I can smudge the temple to nurture and balance its ecosystem.

When I pull the Queen of Water, "I am all ears". I can hear the pulse in the leaves of my plants, the whisper of the pedals of my flowers; I can hear the tapping of a squirrel on a tree, I can hear the sun roar at me, with its firey heat waves flooding my heart, its hot melting lava trickling down into my left hand.

When I am Queen of Water, I can listen with my womb-heart and be loving and affectionate, be a warm-hearted mother, a tender eco-friend, a protective sister or wise grandmother. I can wear the many divine feminine masks and top each expression.

Or I could get lost in the dark currents and sounds wave frequencies of my womb, get swallowed up by the fantasy and dreams of my vulva, or be flooded by the explosion of the fluids that gush out of the emotional damn in my vagina when I let of the dam that holds up the waters of the painful past.

It is my day for healing, the day I woke up in the Waters of the Queen. It is my day to be a passage, a passivity, a receptivity, a womb for other wombs, a day I am fem-i-nine; a day that I arrive at the gates of the sacred divine courtyard where the Superior Force and Source recycle. Today I am in heaven, in earth's paradise where courtesans, consorts, concubines, white tigresses, empresses, queens, bitches, sacred prostitutes, female taoists, dakinis, princesses, mermaids, witches, sorceresses, and all the expressions and cultures of the divine feminine gather around the magical sacred waters that resonate the receptivity of the sacred mother, eco-sensual queen of water as she softly whispers... "Come lay your head on my bosom."



"The Sun is playing a secret melody, hidden inside itself, that produces a widespread throbbing motion of its surface.
The sounds are coursing through the Sun's interior, causing the entire globe, or parts of it, to move in and out, slowly and rhythmically like the regular rise and fall of tides in a bay or of a beating heart." (Kenneth R. Lang)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wet Moon Musing

Waters are rising as the Moon grows into its fullness. Micro ponds scattered upon her body sketching a wet portrait of the landscape; Earth’s sexual beans percolating as she offers you a sip of her erotic morning freshness. The stimulating aroma is the gradual awakening foreplay that rouses the cells in the assortment of organisms that her body gracefully nurtures and hosts. Fluids fill her swollen lips as the sky ejaculates with millions of drips from its pure orgasmic juices seeping through her dark, crunchy and salty body.

The eggs of the tiniest creatures come into formation through the sweet sensual fluids and the rising of Earth’s sexual energy springing up from the nurturing waters of her womb and the fire in her heart that kindles her body with eternal warmth.

This is my birth Moon in Taurus. This moon creates a fertile garden where love seeds play and dreams dance naked. I walk outside and stand in the muddy, cushiony forms that kiss me feet, I lie and roll on her fairly firm bed, rolling all over her madness that contour and hold up my feet. With arms stretched apart I slowly part my lips, the thousand drips of the sky’s juice land like moist pedals on my silky facial skin. The cooling rays of the feminine pregnant Moon infused with the spices of the masculine erect sun while the drenched earth kneads the sole of my feet.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Social Moon Time

We are in the DISSEMINATING MOON phase (Dec. 14 - Dec 17)

Celebrate Your Life!!

In the West we can get so focused on what we don't have, we may forget to honor what we do. There is magic in celebrating what you've already created. Metaphysicians know that acknowledging what's good in your life draws even more good your way. You can do this by making a list. But during the Disseminating Moon phase, its even better to talk about it. This is a social moon. Do you have a good friend with whom you can do a little bragging? Let them know what you nave in mind. Make a date when you can share all the positive things that have happened in the last two weeks. Agree not to mention anything negative. Notice how you feel at the end of your mutual celebration. This is how it feels when you dance in your energy of success.

The MOON is in LEO (until Thursday @ 10:58pm est) - give into spontaneous heart-felt impulses! Visit the florist on your lunch hour. Choose sunflowers, marigold - yellow flowers inspire sunny thoughts. Allow your playful spirit to be infectious today. Experiment with jasmine and juniper oils; they can soothe the heart and relieve stress. Experience a heart awakening of some kind. Massage your heart center around your breasts/chest; deep breathing can help fuel the flame in your heart.

Feed your heart chakra and heal emotional hurts with foods such as:

* Leafy vegetables: spinach, kale, dandelion greens, etc.
* Air vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, squash, etc.
* Liquids: green teas
* Spices: basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, parsley


A clenched fist that holds on to what it has is also a hand that can not receive. Energetically, we give and receive with the same chakras. To increase the flow of abundance coming your way, be sure to regularly prosper others. During this Moon phase, make a point to give a gift to someone who needs it. This should be easy since its the holiday season and a time of giving and receiving. Don't think of this gift as an X-mas gift. Think of it as a gift of abundance you give to someone else. Notice how amazingly good this feels.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Your Report Card for Mercury Retrograde

“According to figures from the Federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the percentage of late flights into and out of La Guardia Airport during the past three summers rose to 24.6 during Retrograde periods from 22.8 during non-Retrograde periods. What's more, during the past three years, claims of mishandled domestic baggage rose to 5.44 per 1,000 passengers during months when Mercury spent more than half the time in Retrograde from 5.38 per 1,000 in months when the planet was not in Retrograde. That works out to one extra lost bag per 15,000 passengers.” Those are not hugely impressive numbers, but they are objective enough to help us believe that Mercury Retrograde’s effects are quite real.

To think of the Mercury Retrograde period as simply “bad” is a very simpleminded kind of astrology. It is indeed bad for certain things - and quite excellent for others. When a planet is Retrograde it is going back into earlier degrees of the zodiac. It is returning to ground it has already covered, in other words. And it is encouraging us to do exactly the same thing, “on earth, as it is heaven,” so to speak.

So how has the retrograde unfolded for you? Did you finally see what you've overlooked or been blind to? Did you get a chance to catch a past error and to how it was no accident but a much needed event although you missed it?

During Mercury Retrograde we attempt to go against nature's currents because we are totally out of sync with the energies. Accidents are plenty and in various forms. The biggest tip I offer those around me sleep more, get plenty of rest, slow down, do less, your past is trying to catch up with you to help you see it in a whole new light.

A client of mine has been having a very challenging retrograde time. He has locked his keys in his car at least 3 times now, had near miss car wrecks, car skids and other challenges as he is currently separated from his fresh new wife that he's been married to for less than a year. Much is coming up for the both of them as I observe that they each handle this separation in slightly different ways with 'Fear' as the common factor. Is this retrograde a blessing in disguise for them to see what they could not see in the brief time they've been together with so much quarrels and fights? Will they see that they have worked on the material aspect of their relationship - first their physical meeting and the sudden marriage proposal, an elaborate wedding, the purchase of a new home, the arrival of new baby, new jobs, quitting an old one and a new life together - all under a year, leaving the spirit of their relationship and themselves to suffer? Did they sacrifice the emotional and spiritual - non-material - aspect of their relationship for that which can crumble and fall?

We are all about to get our report cards on how well we did with this Mercury Retrograde period from which we are now emerging. Mercury goes direct tomorrow but the ripple effects last a few days after.

Mercury entered Sagittarius on November 2. Sagittarius correlates with your basic beliefs. That means your philosophy of life, but also your fundamental explanation of “what is going on” in your life. You have been invited, since Mercury turned Retrograde on November 24th, to reflect upon errors and bad assumptions in your understanding. No one likes to do this - and Sagittarius is linked to the universal human desire to be “right!” Yet you have been afforded a chance to reflect on your mistaken attitudes and to weed out beliefs that will make a monkey of you if refuse to see them.

On December 13, Mercury goes Direct. You will be plunging ahead, unfettered. Wisely? Stupidly? Thinking you are bullet-proof? Believing you are right about everything? Setting yourself up to say “oops” in a few weeks? Or will you have have used this Retrograde Sagittarian Mercury period to sort out facts and truth from errors and comforting lies? Were you patient, humble, and reflective - or did you light the fuse on a firecracker in your back pocket?

From January 8 through 27, Mercury is passing through Capricorn, a sign that is linked to commitments and “getting real.” This is the “grown-up world,” and it will up the ante. Will you actually buy that sports car that will only make you miserable - and your chiropractor happy? Or will you harvest the sweet fruits of patience and reflection.

To use Mercury Retrograde periods to sort ourselves out is the aim. Exactly what we are sorting out we can deduce from knowing the sign in which Mercury is moving. (If you are an astrologer, it helps to know the House through which Mercury is passing, and the aspects it is making too). In this case, the sign was Sagittarius, so the errors were tied into our beliefs.

Next Retrograde period. Mercury will make its Station in Aries on March 12, 2012, but then Retrograde back into Pisces on March 23rd, turning Direct there on April 4th. You may, for example, be given a chance to reflect on the right (or wrong) balance between aggression (Aries) and surrender (Pisces). And by fighting that war in your head, you may avoid fighting it in the world.

Mercury’s retrograde periods give us a chance to weed out our thoughts, to go back over our assumptions, to filter out mistakes and rationalizations. If we use it that way, it can be a precious, productive period.

** Excerpts from Your Mercury Retrograde Report Card by Steven Forrest

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MOON WATCH: Earthly Pleasures-R-Us!

Our radiant Moon has just entered the beautiful, sensual sign of Taurus on this damp and sun-shy morning. Taurus combines the warmth of the Sun with the cozy warmth of Lady Venus and the Force behind this sensual sign is Comfort - with a capital "C". Earthly Pleasures-R-Us! I know intimately because I am a recipient of a Taurus Moon combined with Jupiter so with me I am and need plenty of that. I love fuzzy quilts, soft blankets, lots of pillows, warm soft clothing on my skin, a zen garden in my home, walking barefooted or naked at other times, long, hot bubble baths, naturally scented candles, earth's healing stones, aromatherapy -bergamont, lemongrass, lavender, ylang ylang, sweet orange are a few of my favorite.

I am playing music in the background which lingers from my intense dance work-out this morning. I am still moving my body and enjoying the power of the invisible musical waves that flows through every cell in me. Snapping my finger and really feeling good, I am immersed in the essence of this Moon as it touches me natally. We Taurus influenced folks love to be in Venusian situations, we absolutely enjoy art galleries, restaurants, beautiful home and spaces and more. And its always a delight being around Venusian people I love - doing Venusian things. If you have any Venus ruled friends then get together with them during this Taurus Moon.

With the Moon in Taurus until Thursday at 6:34pm it's a great time to listen to music, pick fragrant flowers from outdoors or buy some, work in the garden, spruce u your home space or office or engage in other experiences that give you pleasure. Yes, its also a delicious time to make love to yourself or another. It's a touchy, feely time so indulge your senses in a healthy way.

Since Taurus rules the throat - our avenue of expression and channel of creativity - it's also the best time to do something that can soothe and balance that part of the body. A nice soothing cup of herbal tea with a lemony, honey natural flavor, sweet rose or even an apple cinnamon spice infusion are a few nice options. A massage to the neck and shoulders using a few drops of lavender essential oil can be quite beneficial. Taurus also governs the thyroid gland so singing will open up your creative channel. Enjoy the sound of your own voice. And if you are having a sore throat or stiffness in your neck or developing a cold then this may mean you've been swallowing words that need expressing. The wise counsel says avoid surgery of tonsil or teeth during this time.

Make sure to particularly protect your throat and ears during the Taurus Moon. A great day for scarves if its chilly outside. Taurus is all about sensuality & the senses while the moon is about feeling & our emotions. Connect the two and engage in experiences that evoke pleasure or allow you to give pleasure to another. Your kinesthetic senses may be especially heightened during this time and can serve as an additional tool to tune into how you feel about certain situations and people.

So how are you feeling during this Taurus Moon? Notice the connection between the Moon and the events that take place in and around you? I'd love to hear how you are experiencing this sensual Taurus Moon which lasts until Thursday, the 8th of Dec at 6:34pm est and them off to Gemini it goes. So enjoy it and remember to give lots of hugs and kisses to those you love today. Those hugs will have a magical touch that will be especially warm and healing!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lost Between the Moons

The title of this blog is one way to describe a Moon "Void-of-Course". And I am writing this one precisely at the onset of a very long void-of-course. The Moon just left Pisces a little after 1pm est and is now in between or in the gap before it reaches its next destination - the Aries zone - a little after 8pm est tomorrow night. That's a 31 hour void-of-course.

The transient void-of-course Moon is not the time to start new things, force issues or carry out important negotiations. Neither should we go on a shopping spree, unless we like having "useless" unused or unusable items just taking up space. I have a couple of pieces that I purchased and never wore. It's either hanging in my closet, standing without my feet in them or tucked away in my jewelry box. Sounds familiar? This is a time to kick back, relax, meditate, and to tend to unfinished tasks; an excellent time to polish off creative projects and those requiring imagination.

Before looking further at the natal void-of-course Moon, let's focus on the Moon's role first. It is the heavenly body, which reflects the rays of the Sun. The Sun is vitality, ego and the most prominent planet in the natal chart - the Moon shows its reflection. Reflection is an interesting phenomenon, pick up a photograph of yourself or stand in front of the mirror. Does one of your eyebrow sit higher or is there a birthmark on one side of your face? If you're naked, does one of your breast appear bigger than the other? Do you look like the picture you hold up? You may say no while another may say yes. Fascinating isn't it? You see the opposite of that image reflection in the mirror. Now think about the reflection of ourselves that others bring for us to see of ourselves that which we see in them and deny seeing or accepting in ourselves.

When it comes to our Moon expressions - there is no right or wrong reaction, responses or emotions. There are simply difference. So an Aries Moon woman will not respond emotionally the same as a Gemini Moon woman. The Aries Moon woman reacts instantaneously and does something about it while the Gemini Moon woman wants to talk about it first. Someone with a "void-of-course" natal moon will react totally different. In fact you are likely to get no reaction from them, at the very least it is not an apparent, visual response. They have a different perspective than we "on-course-moon" people. As for "void-of-course" people, there is incredible depth to their perceptions and immense control over their reactions. It is, as if they know something that us on-course-Moon people cannot fathom.

Knowing the Moon sign and emotional language of yourself and your lover or significant other can help you determine emotional compatibility and help you better understand how you and your partner or friend responds emotionally to life. Most relationships fail, fall apart or are emotionally draining and destructive because each person may be speaking a different emotional language. This means poor emotional communications and a very low emotional IQ (intelligence quotient).

During "void-of-course" moon times, people are non-committal, almost indecisive, less focused on the practical issues of life and temporarily without a focused direction. If you want a loan, a new job, or to avoid a tax audit, proceed with Moon thusly placed and you'll have nothing to worry about or nothing will come of it.

Moon void-of-course times are best enjoyed with flexibility and a sense of going with the flow. Finish up the old and if you can, just sleep it off and enjoy the moments of being lost between the moons.