Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Sexual Healing of Winter

Divine Sex has its own rhythms and like the seasons of winter it moves in cycles, with peaks and valleys, implosions and explosions, creation and destruction. The seasons symbolize and draw upon the unique sensual qualities and characters of each three month segment. Each season represents a different value, a different portion of our fullness within the mysterious wave of sexual bliss.

Our sexual beat imitates the nature of the winter drums, nature's sexual pulse. Underground and rooted our sexual energy swirls downward and inward planting itself, raising the internal heat that charges our batteries and protecting us from the bites of the cold. With winter's sexual dance we can practice inner alchemy and mend the tattered treads of our sexual soul.

I am sure it will please a lot of people to hear that the purpose of human life is to have great sex! If you saw the movie "Little Miss Sunshine", the grandfather played by Alan Arkin shared the same view and kept telling his grandson to make sure he got a lot of sex before he died. A big regret for many humans as they lay on their dying bed wishing they had had more intimacy and sex while they lived. I believe that nature provides the winter season as an extensive playground with a transparent white blanked wrapped around our nakedness symbolizing the need to purify the frame we've place around our sexuality, while correcting the sexual misconceptions and misunderstandings that is a plague of the human mind.

When winter comes around the land turns barren; the trees and bushes are like skeletons of their former selves layered in shades of greens, yellows and reds that once were. Like the breeze and wind that moves more generously between and through the solid states of nature, love too passes more freely between people and is manifested as family visits, gift giving, acts of charity and the frequency of sexual interactions.

Winter is the strongest yin time of the year. The kidneys, bladders and the Water element all relate to the sex organs and the sexual functions of the body ruling over the genital and reproductive organs, the urethral and anal orifices. It also relates to the urine and sexual secretions. Take extra care of your womb (sexual reproductive area).

I went to college in the mid western state of Minnesota where winter has a big ego. The winter months are the busiest months for sexual activity. Every other Spring, it seems, my oldest sister Rae's mid section would have a big bump. After the long winter months, women begin growing steadily into motherhood. Winter is most likely the most popular season for conception because of the increase in sexual activity during hibernation

We put on inches and pounds in the winter as a means of cushioning and supporting the needed physiological process of expansion that decreased movements and inactivity can inhibit. In fact, people that are disconnected from nature tend to pursue extra outward activities in an attempt to beat the winter blues while resisting the need to be still and quiet. The truth is it is as natural to put on the extra pounds and have the blues during the winter as it is to replenish our energy and conserve our strength during the dark, cold months. Engaging in sex can be the most wholesome activity and ritual. So indulge this winter. Though the aerobic effects of sex are not as apparent as running a marathon, dancing, or weight lifting, the sexual act urges the body and mind to create a happy environment that facilitates healing and wholeness. And the powerful hormones released by women and men during orgasms, extends their connection long after sex.

The New Moon in Capricorn brings an important opportunity to realign your body, mind and spirit with your Soul's sexual path and life's intentions. This may not be the same as the aspirations of one's ego. How can you tell the difference? The soul yearns for healing through divine sacred sexual oneness while the ego is concerned with body images, genital achievements and the battle with all of the diversions encountered through family values, social interactions, political rulings, religious distortion and the rules of society.

Initiating a regular sacred sexual meditation is suitable at this time. It can provide a daily space for introspection of one's own sexual truth; a means to connect with the sexual channels of the body and the individual voices of our sacred bowl - ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, clitoris, g-spot or the testicles, prostate gland, and the rest of the sexual anatomical family each with their language, quality of energy and a role in our sexual health and total well being. Connecting with the sexual life force on a daily basis creates a door way that takes you where you can see your self naked and in your purest, most natural and majestic state, where a fountain of divine wisdom showers and anchors you into earth's sensuality.

Capricorn is the sign of authority, leadership and time. And nature gives us the regular times, rhythms and reasons for the seasons. Capricorn initiates a new season and offers us a time to question how authority reigns over and imprisons our bodies, minds and spirits. To whom did you give your sexual power? Where did you leave it? The government? The media? The church? Your doctor? Your boss? Your parents? Your spouse? The outer leaders have let us down. They have tarnished the beauty of sex; they have used our sexual greatness against us. They have kept us in the dark as a means to control us and they have put a cap on the wellspring of our sexual infinity.

This Capricorn New Moon is a good time to reflect on our outer leaders and how and why they have let us down. What do we learn from it? How can we be empowered by this 'let down'? This 'let down' that has created an epic proportion of depression within women - in particular. This "let down' that has compromised the integrity of our sexuality and disrupted our connectedness to the cycles of nature. Every time our outer leaders let us down, the shadow Capricorn response is depression. We are angry but we are limited and restricted in our ability to express the madness and say HELL NO! NO MORE!! At times we need Capricorn's compelling antidote of ASPIRATION - the hope and ambition of achieving something. Sexual liberation and the healing of our sexual spirit would be an excellent goal to start with.

Now is the time to...... TAKE IT BACK!


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