Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feeding the Moon Cravings

Just as plants and the natural living waters respond to the Moon, so do our bodies. Our nutritional requirements and our ability to digest certain foods change with the Moon. Have you noticed that your body does not assimilate all foods the same way every day? Each time the moon visits a new sign it embodies new qualities and its needs and expressions change.

The trend towards eating three balanced meals containing every food group has helped sabotage our intuitive connection with the natural cycles of eating. Since eating has an emotional edge to it, this is something that most women struggle with. I know because I do. I've had a long standing private battle with food. It is my sensual and emotional challenge because it takes me into sensual overdrive - much to my detriment. Eating substitutes or is often an attempt to experience my senses in a variety of pleasurable and tasteful ways through the experience of food. I travel to exotic lands to intermingle with a variety of sexual cultures and the eco-sensual charm of enchanting lands through my choice of food. Other times I really crave those experiences interlaced through the earthly connection with another body - preferably a man. One downside is refusing to stop masticating when the excessive pleasure is causing pain and overflow, while another is the discomfort of it becoming a solo affair. When you have done this for so long, especially during your single days, food becomes the lover you overindulge in. But ultimately, pleasure experienced interchangeably is much more delightful and soulful than in the dark, alone with one's out of sync cravings.

I just captured a video title that says "Orgasm, the cure for hunger in the western woman." Why can't this be on a billboard across the nation and a news flash across the tv screens? A monumental breakthrough for women! Imagine if women were having orgasms more and eating less. Talk about blissful revolution! Or could that also be an evolution? More women would finally have their wombs in place and their voices raised. We'd no longer be wombfully displaced. Did you know there are more shifted wombs (wombs out of place) than you can imagine? This is the root cause for many imbalances in women's overall health and either your doctor don't or won't tell you.

Keeping a log of the types of food that your body calls for and that you enjoy eating during each moon phase is a good start towards establishing a more eco-sensual diet that partners with your moony and earthly needs. But first, get a moon calendar to learn of the demands of each element and phase. With the Moon currently in earthly Taurus, it's traditionally salt days. Yesterday, I was craving more salt than usual and found myself taking in more. During earth moon days (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) salt may be just what your body needs or precisely what you should avoid. Yesterday, I should have avoided salt because I woke up paying the price with irritation. Think about it from an energetic perspective, salt is the most grounding culinary substance and gives food an earthy substantial quality. Too much salt, is too grounding and may make one grasping or greedy.

When I talk about salt I speak of the salts directly from the earth such as himalayan salt -which is all I use now - but yesterday I was out and used mediterranean sea salt which was too harsh for my tummy. Add your salts while cooking. Stop eating the pre-packed chips and artificial commericial snacks even if the label says 'natural'. Don't believe the hype! It's far from being natural. The salt in those artificial substances are harsh chemicals that tear the lining of your digestive system, deplete your calcium level and pollute your womb waters. Don't touch those sodas and sugar saturated drinks nor those instant coffees. Leave the donuts alone and the rest of the dead foods. That's why women pay with horrible, painful menstrual cramps. Your womb is working overtime and hard to break down and release the poison you feed it. But more so, it's sending a message up to you from down there warning you of impending dangerous conditions in formation.

Don't confuse your natural moon cravings with the artificial cravings directed by external factors like food television networks - goddess knows those are in abundance these days, fast food promises, perfect magazine images and even the common dinner date. Learn your moon cycles and eat in harmony with nature's nurturing cycles.

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