Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There is a Need to ROAR

So where do we go to ROAR
Where do we stand and stomp and shout
Where do we clench our fists and bubble like lava
There's no place to ROAR but this flat page
(which chars at my touch)

To ROAR with such power and rage and anguish
that people run, windows breakthrough
rocks leap, and trees grip the earth

To ROAR with such ferocity and fangs and spit
that the jagged ripples wreck and wreak havoc
Sidewalks split, buckle and grind to dust
Cars flip and collide like toys, asphalt
melts and returns to its prehistoric liquid put in the earth

To ROAR and vibrate with every anger molecule
who already exists aching for expression
Summon volcanoes and earthquakes
tidal waves and tornadoes who wait for just this movement
Join the universal burn
the need to ignite, to change, to start over, to cleanse
Open your mouth wide
because there is a need to ROAR

by Elizabeth Kelly

I love this poem! I just pulled it out of my collection because there is definitely a need for me, for all Wombyn to ROAR! I woke up two mornings ago from a dream in which I sort of invented something but did not get the credit for it. In my dream, I stood up, I demanded respect! Then the phone range, waking me up with my son was on the other end. He was on his way to school from his dad's where he spent the night. As always I inquired about his lunch contents because although he's going on 14 and his dad is aware of the lifestyle and values that I work so hard to instill and incorporate into our lives beginning with our diet, he still defies me and does whatever the hell he wants. Well, like no other morning, the lioness within me woke up as though someone had intruded on my den and were threatening the livelihood of my cubs. I was in protective mode - kill or be killed! And I began to ROAR!!! I mean MuthaF@^ken ROAR!! I was sooo upset, sooo pissed of, soooo angry it had no place to go but OUT! I felt sick and tired of being like a mother to my son's father! He's well in his 50's and should f*6@ken know better! So ....all that needed to come out... came out that morning from the depths of my earthly womb and out through its heavenly channel - my throat chakra.

You see, the Divine Feminine is often mistaken as being or expecting to always ben soft, quiet, silent, prissy, passive, inactive, hush hush, quiet, in the background. What a terrible mistake!! This is her false identity! This is the definition that the masculine, male, phallus driven ideals and concepts have conveniently carved, shaped and declared so as to diminish and dis-empower, dis-connect, de-ceive and mis-lead around the truth of what the divine feminine is and is capable of. This is why the womb is now like an endangered species. It is at risk of becoming locked down, shut down and taken away. It's heading for extinction and when I last look, I saw that its power, its well-being is in decline, while its become a commodity and being capitalized on!

Wombyn no longer know or own their womb! Wombyn can no longer find the voice of their womb in their own darkness. The wombs of wombyn are being bounced around in congress where new laws are being passed like balls (not their own dried up ones - to say the least) as though its some game or match dictating how the wombs of wombyn should be run. HELL NO!

Wombyn need to ROAR! Wombyn need to come into their powers and SCREAM, STOMP, SHOUT! Wombyn need to FREE the VOICE of their WOMB if we are to be whole and healthy; if we are to take our leading role. Take a look at Earth Mother and how she ROARS! She's shameless, she doesn't hold back, she pulls no pushes, she sometimes kills and destroys everything in her way while men have attempted to label her, control her, turn her off. They've even given her names and faces - from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsumanis, you name it! Do Women really know their POWER? NO! But the time has come for us to KNOW the many faces of our DIVINE FEMININE POWER!!

Is your WOMB happy & plush? Shouldn't it be?

From: "I Heart Guts!"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

ERZULIE: An Ancient Eco-Sensual Goddess in Our Midst!

"Erzulie" Painting By Sandra M. Stanton

Ever find yourself being much more than yourself? Ever find yourself in the midst of a spontaneous 'letting go' into a domain of love and sensuality that embodies more than just your usual physical self and personality? Ever awaken to find yourself in a spirited space on the dance floor, somewhere in between he midst of your own beauty and the joy that surrounds you? Ever experienced a radiate essence, drawing to you souls that are moved by your light, tantalized by your sexual powers? Ever watched people entranced by the alluring motion of your body sweetly wrapped with the sensual aroma of your temple? I was there! I am still there! She is with me! She is with us!

Erzulie arrived on this sensational Friday evening when I welcomed a beautiful water goddess sistah who has now entered my life and the space of the Eco-Goddess Temple; an eco-sensual partner in both healing and business in the world of earth sensuality and eco-conscious womb love! I welcome her and I welcome the spirit of our shared goddess.... Erzulie!

We began the evening with Salsa Lessons of an intermediate level at Habana Village. Salsa is one of my favorite styles of dance expression. We stood lined up and paired with about 20 other dance players, learning and integrating new steps and movements that sometimes challenged and other times dissolved the old. The music was just the right tempo in which we were allowed to absorb the steps while the atmosphere fused people from various backgrounds and exotic spots around the globe. From Serbia, to Jamaica, to Bolivia, to Puerto Rica, to Ghana, to Cuba we traveled through the dance to exotic destinations.

Somehow, my left foot kept getting in the way. Recognizing this each I had my chance to dance with the teacher, who never failed to put the light on my left foot. My intuitive means of processing made me ask myself, "Do I let my emotions get in the way of my dance on earth, my life?" There was no second guessing that I was in the midst of a soul transformation and a beautiful awakening that allowed me to understand myself more, providing a spark of insight and wisdom on how I could take more harmonious steps within me and through the world and all my relationships. Not hiding it from anyone, I began to gently talk to and nurse my left foot so that it would let go and let me go forward and more gracefully within my dance.

The power and mystic of allowing the dance to infuse me and each partner spoke volumes. Salsa, like many other exotic, cultural dances are highlighted and intensified with the eye contact of each partner as a necessary component of the dance. With partners gazing into the eyes of each other we are anchored within the soul of the moment and carried by the spirit of the dance. It presented earthly moments of the stellium of planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus) that lined up in the sky and in my 7th house of one-on-one relating. The moments on the dance floor mirrored the powerful dance in the sky. Turns dancing with each partner were like lifetimes of sensually stimulating and sexually sustainable relationships. Not many can comfortably look into the eyes of what appears like a stranger but there was no second guessing that each of my dance partners were dance lovers of past lives. For me it was a magical re-visit, a re-call, a re-membering of a soulful connection when I entered the gateway of the past through their eyes - the windows of their soul. No physical bodies, just sensual infinity. Each moment, each movement, each contact nurtured the inner goddess and fed the divine feminine within me.

Flavors of Brazil infused with that of Cuban motions through the tasty, gentle, yet passion filled drink - caphrinine! We sipped as we stepped, moved and tipped; we swallowed as we twirled and spun on our feet and toes. Eyes glittering, faces smiling widely and lost in moments that seem like eternity.

Later we had a light Thai dinner - a papaya salad with cabbage and tofu for me. Then an evening stroll with the airs that breezed through and the puffs of nature that we added into the atmosphere while we talked about plans and the work we have come together to do. After dinner we were invited to the dance floor with complimentary drinks to top off as gifts to the dancing goddesses. One was actually enough for each of us.

We ended the evening with live reggae music at one of my old stomping grounds Bukom Cafe. There I ran into a few old friends who welcomed us, adorned us and worshiped us like the goddesses were are. It was a delightful and fun, fun evening of pure laughter, heightened pleasure, sensual perks and sexual undertones that were reflected in the eyes and bodies of those within a certain radius of our glow. My guess was ecstatic and thrilled, falling love with Chocolate City DC which that night looked like a global mixed toss salad. Erzulie was truly alive!!

Judith Burnett - "Salsa Dancing"

is the Haitian Goddess of Love whose roots go back to West Africa. She is beauty, sweetness, love and sensuality personified and is renowned for her generosity. The arts, especially dance, are her domain. Rivers, streams, lakes and waterfalls are hers and she can cure WOMB-related problems with her cool waters. The fan that she is holding is from Osogbo, Nigeria and belongs to a priestess of Oshun who is the mediator between the divine or natural world and the world of people, the cross in the circle indicating the meeting of the two worlds.

One of the characteristics of Erzulie that I embody is my ecstatic depth -the knowing of both deep pain as well as the healing power of pleasure which my pathway has brought forth the experiences of both worlds and the mastery of integrating them - like the Sun and the Moon; daylight and nightlight! Like Erzulie I portray in this lifetime Goddess spirit who is well ahead of her time, one who continues through the love of her followers, allowing the old traditions of my African birth world to live on and be merged with the new order of an eco-sensual religion based on earth as both mother and lover.

Erzulie is a love goddess who developed during a time when slave owners broke up families and separated husbands and wives at will, and considered raping female slaves a pleasant way to produce more slaves.

Erzulie manifests deep, deep passion, and Her moods can range from the height of joy to the depths of misery--when She mounts (spiritually possesses) a follower she or he goes from coquettish and seductive to crying her or himself to sleep, weeping for the limitations of love.

There are numerous sister forms of Erzulie, and She is sometimes considered a triple goddess. As such She has three husbands--Damballah (the sky god), Agwe (the sea god), and Ogoun (a god of fire and iron), and She wears three wedding bands.

This card in a reading indicates deep and abiding love that may well be in opposition to the current situation. This passion will make for a wild ride--hold on!

Like many other Goddesses of Love, Erzulie controls her love affairs in the same way that she is so blatant with her sexuality. She chooses her lovers as she deems them worthy of her affection, whether it is for an hour, a day or more. Then, in the same manner that she has chosen them, she just as easily dismisses them, whenever she happens to find a replacement to keep her amused.
Offerings to Erzulie are all the sweet things She loves--perfume, sweet food, and desserts such as bananas fried in sugar.

Her sacred days are Tuesday and Thursday: It's suggested that, if possible, initiate rituals around her on either of those days.

Her Favorite Colors: Pink, Blue, Lavenders, Purple and Orange. Try to use them anytime you need her assistance. These colors can manifest with clothing, altar items, candles, gifts, bottles and even food.

Suggested Offerings to Erzulie Freda: Would include Sweet Cakes, Pink Champagne, Perfume, Flowers or Beauty Products. She LOVES anything beautiful and decadent.

Erzulie's Symbol: heart shaped Veves

Blessings adorn our physical selves, our fire filled hearts and our earthly bodies with the spirit and dance of Erzulie! We give heart-full thanks to our WOMB goddess!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Eco-Sensual Mother Knows

As a mother I pride myself on my ability to integrate my innate intuitive powers with my eco-sensual aptitude for listening to and trusting the wisdom of my body. It is my ongoing desire to share this gift with other mothers and wombyn around their bodies and the wonderful relationship that blossoms when you cultivate a two way relationship of listening and honoring its messages and its needs and experiencing the magic of its ability to listen to YOU.

My son is growing fast. He will be 14 years old next month and is now an inch taller than I, now wearing size 11 in shoes. I was offered a sort of nice and gentle reminder that I'll be back visiting shoes stores quite often when we purchased a pair of sneakers for him this past weekend. My son is very active in sports. He loves playing basketball, soccer, ping-pong (got a trophy a couple of years ago), he swims better than I and takes on an occasional tennis match with his dad. He's a lifetime student of martial arts - for his dad is a professional martial artist of over 30 years of which was his ticket to the US when he came here to represent his country - Brazil in the US Open Olympics over a decade ago.

When I started to see an increase in the white markings in my son's finger nails I became very very concerned. As usual, I put on my imaginary white physician's coat and set out to find out exactly what was wrong inside his body. I've seen this before and learned while I was very young growing up in Africa that the white markings that appear on our finger nails are a sign of calcium deficiency. Well, my son had them on all his fingers. My method of diagnosing and then coming up with a solution always begins with setting the intention through prayers and meditation. I may not sit down at my altar or kneel next to my bed. Since renouncing the religious thing at a very young age,(I was raised in the Catholic traditions and went to Catholic high school and college. YIKES!), I don't kneel down to pray anymore because I have an ongoing, not momentary prayerful relationship with the Earth, Mother Divine, Father God, and my ten thousand Angels that are always with me. My entire day and life is a constant eco-sensual connection with my immediate environment, the living things in it and the space of life which spans across creation.

With research added as a necessary component of my diagnostic process, I soon uncovered that the most important use of calcium in the body is its role as the main buffer used to neutralize acids in order to maintain proper body chemistry. Calcium is immediately associated with bone health and cow's milk, but you cannot speak of calcium without vitamin D and the necessity of the Sun - its primary and most natural source and there are fabulous ways of getting calcium without milking cows.

However, calcium is one of the more difficult minerals for the body to digest and absorb because it depends on several other conditions to be in place. The inability to absorb enough calcium is only part of the problem. Consumption of processed foods, refined sugars and grains, sodas, fried foods and trans-fats, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and prescription drugs create a huge imbalance in body chemistry. (I will go further into its connection to our womb health at another time and place.) As a result, a significant amount of stored calcium is leached from the bones to restore balance. My family's diet excludes the sodas, refined sugars, fried foods, fast foods, prescription drugs, etc but unfortunately as healthy as we eat and as much as we trust the organic, natural foods industry (Whole Foods largely included) we are still deceived in so many ways by what we see and what's actually in the foods we buy. Most foods have a ridiculously high sugar content, may be chemically laced for preservation purposes, or have fillings that we cannot see.

So being vegan or vegetarian is not enough. I see many clients in that category who consume foods that go against the body's natural needs but because its not meat or chicken, they think its okay. I've been found guilty at times!

My son's stomach was essentially robbing the body of calcium to supply his digestive system with the proper calcium it needed to break down his food. This is where the deficiency begins in the stomach. More like Peter robbing Paul to feed the poor. The intentions are good but the outcome can back fire when it is done excessively.

After my diagnosis, the first step I took was to alter our diets ever further. I now include more calcium rich natural foods in our daily diet and we take high quality vitamin D drops which has helped him and me tremendously. I must add that since I am a Sun girl (Surya), born and raised at the equator and his father as well, we need sun to live healthily and happily. My son is a direct descendant of the both of us and as a result, though he was born in the US, he needs Sun just as much we do.

One of our newest calcium rich food is Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa). We've eaten it on occasion in the past, but today it's taking the place of brown rice which contains far less calcium. Quinoa on the other hand is much easier to absorb.

According to The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia by Rebecca Wood (author of Quinoa: The Supergrain), Quinoa is a warming chi and yang tonic that supports the kidney and heart functions. Because it is easy to digest, quinoa is ideal for the very young and the convalescing, and it makes an ideal endurance and fitness food. It decreases kapha and vata and pitta types may enjoy it in moderation.

The United Nations World Health Organization reports that quinoa is at least equal to milk in protein quality. Quiona has the highest protein of any grain (16 percent) and, unlike other grains, is a complete protein, with an essential amino acid profile similar to that of milk. It contains more calcium than milk and is high in lysine, an amino acid that is scarce in the vegetable kingdom. Quinoa is a rich and balanced source of many other vital nutrients, including iron, phosphorus, B vitamins and vitamin E.

Ironically the influence of the North American diet on the international front is detrimental. While Rebecca Woods visited Bolivia and Peru she saw that the Spanish had denigrated quinoa as chicken feed and as food fit for the poor. For more than 400 years these people believed that if they fed quinoa to their children, it would make them stupid. As soon as these indigenous people could afford it, they chose foods of the upper and middle classes, pasta and white bread. And Bolivia at that time had the highest rate of infant mortality.

Fortunately, North America's interest in quinoa is helping reinstate the status of the mother grain in its home land. Today quinoa is available in resturants and stores throughout the Americas.

I owe my intuitive diagnosis skills and my ability to trust my inner physician to my mother. We were never taken to the hospital while being raised. Mother dearest always accessed her wisdom and treated us naturally and accordingly. Give thanks to her!

I made quinoa with black-eyed peas and tofu yesterday. If you're interested in the recipe, send me a note. I'll be happy to share it with you.

SPRING: Nature's New Year

"At the top of the world, high above the clouds, twelve spirits sit around a campfire, arguing good-naturedly
about which season is best… each awaiting their turn to take the stage…."

Aries never looks before he leaps. His mother forgot to mention if you run with a stick you could poke an eye out. At six, he challenged bullies who were twice his size. When Aries built his castle, he made the ceilings tall as sequoia trees. He strung an acrobat’s tightrope from room to room -- sixty feet up, without a net. He flies a hang-glider from the bedroom to the library, where there are books everywhere. Biographies and autobiographies -- all about him. How he crossed the Alps with Hannibal, wrestled grizzlies, escaped from pirates; he’s even been to the Moon. Aries is popular with the ladies – the celestial ladies. They guide his feet up snow-bound mountains, snap trees in his opponent’s face, send magic rope, golden eagles and unbeatable swords his way, just in the nick of time. Ask them why and you don’t get the usual answers.
He’s handsome, of course, dripping with youthful enthusiasm. He’s got strength to die for. Sexy too. But it’s his heart they swear they love. So pure. Whatever he does, he believes in. “I wasn’t always this way,” he confesses. “I was reckless, an egomaniac. Until I burnt my house down by playing with fire. I spent the whole night studying the flames. By morning, I had learned its language. Fire leaps up with love, you know, and has more secrets to teach than a forest of trees. If you can draw it into your heart and contain it, you’ll achieve impossible things.”'

"WHO AM I?" is the quintessential Aries question. You won't get the answer by navel-gazing. You must get into motion. The work of the first month of Spring is to break out and break through. Like a green shoot pushing up through the ground after its silent winter metamorphosis. The plant is on a journey to find out what it can become – and so are you. Results are less important now than action. Seek new experiences. They’ll deliver what you need along the way, quickening the flames of young spirit, evoking your courage, building your strength and bringing a new awareness of yourself. Aries is pure life force rising through the body.

Only the dead—or those who live in high rises with shuttered windows—are unmoved by the energy of Spring. A revered ancient Chinese text, Inner Classic, describes the supernatural forces at work this season: These forces appear to us through the color green. They stimulate our voices to make a shouting sound: Yeeeehah!! and Aaaaiiiiiii! They careen through our emotional bodies whenever anger--or the yearning for new adventure--stirs. These forces shape our eyes, our liver and our tendons. They send wind through the Heavens and plant wood on Earth. They are within us and all around us. Nutritional expert, Paul Pitchford in Healing with Whole Foods, advises us to exercise these forces with yang activities —take brisk walks, rise with the sun, reflect the active ascending nature of the time. Our soul, he says, is nourished through the eyes by spring’s green color. And we often find that our appetite for food decreases naturally. Instinctively, we want to cleanse ourselves from the fats and heavy foods that warmed us in winter—as well as the afflicting emotions of dissatisfaction, impatience, and non-productive anger that have collected in our bodies. We crave live, energetic raw foods; our bodies want an inner spring too. When the liver is cleansed of its sluggishness, our perception also clears. We see life in a new way. Everything about this season sings of renewal. May you enjoy yours!

It's the SPRING EQUINOX! Equal day and equal night! How can you find balance between your inner world and your outer reality, your mind and your heart, your head and your feet, others and yourself?

May Spring feed the FIRE in your HEART! Much love to you at this SPRING EQUINOX!

The FEET - Where Spirit Meets Earth


PISCES rules the FEET. And taking care of your FEET is the most fitting way to end this Pisces cycle by acknowledging this often neglected part of your anatomy. Your feet are where your Spirit meets the Earth.

Native American elders suggest we’ve lost valuable information by shutting off this communication between earth and soul by wearing shoes (trading “soles” for “soul”). Acupuncture and reflexology are based in the belief that our feet hold sensitive points connected to our whole body.

Metaphysicians teach that cramped or aching feet indicate problems with the future—of moving forward in life. At least once this Moon phase connect deeply with your feet. Pick a routine walk—from your bed to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the dining room — and go slowly, with full awareness of your feet. Connect this movement to your breath: stepping on your left foot with the in-breath, on the right with your exhale. Notice how your consciousness has altered.

Relax during this Pisces (water sign) Moon by listening to your FEELINGS. Right now I want to curl up back in bed because I went over the edge yesterday with my dance exercise routine. My FEET were alive! But today, my body is paying. So I will do just that because that's how I am FEELING and I CAN!

Be good to yourself so you don’t feel like a martyr by the end of the day. This is a great day to take yourself to
the movies, especially the sentimental kind that inspires a wonderful cry. I have already had my first stream of tears this morning before making it here to post this. So if you're welling up, let the tears flow on water Moon days, for a calming, healing effect. Or you could chop an onion—water Moons are great for cooking and eating vegetables.

Although the Sun just arrived in Aries, the Moon is in Pisces and is still in it's monthly darkness. So before you go charging head first with the Aries vibes tingling inside of you, pause and rest for a couple of days. On Thursday, the Sun and Moon aligns - its the New Moon phase then so you have nature's permission to MOVE FORWARD! <3

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Orgasmic Yoga

Oooh! La La! Yesterday was Day 5 of my intensive Green Womb Yoga Detox. I am on a 31 day self-care regimen of loving myself in a different and whole new creative way. And its an exciting journey with each day dazzling me and feeding me so lovingly. I am resolving and dissolving that which is within me that hampers and stagnates my growth, my development; that which stands in the way of being one with the divine, that which obscures my ability to see life and all that's in it with the eye of my heart; that which hinders my ability to truly live and love in bliss; that which was harbored within the tissues, the muscles, the organs, hidden within the cells, the vibrational, all inclusive dimensions of my being. They are all magically dissolving because of this powerful engagement with my womb. And it womb has never been happier!

My life is entrenched with RITUALS. I've enjoyed and benefited from rituals since I was a little girl. It's so beautiful that the word SPI-RITUAL contains 'ritual' in it. (I wonder what the prefix word "spi" means? Anyone?) Each day I rise with the Sun and move with the Moon. I do daily rituals which includes self-care moments of self-touch before I get out of bed, sunrise fire meditation (agnihotra), Green Womb Yoga, dancing, writing. I feel faaaantastic! My body hasn't felt this way since I was a little girl and those years were definitely ones with greater freedom, flexibility and fun. They say life begins in and comes from the Womb. To me it makes perfect sense to find and uncover the life force by returning to the Womb.

During my Green Womb Yoga on this day, the sexual energies in my body slowly, gradually, sensually and peacefully creeped up from within, moving through me from the center of my yoni-verse, the point of creation and through every cell of my body, into my finger tips and toes....erupting into an orgasmic peak while I laid in the butterfly pose. It took me by surprise and blossomed sweetly like a rose between my legs.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I've been drawn to my camera lately as eco-sensual moments pop up and reveal the sensual frames of my daily life movie calling me to capture it. This definitely is a distance from being in front of the camera. I like being a spontaneous photo capturer. As a Moon lover, the sky always seems to draw my eyes to it whenever there is something unique or spectacular in its hold. This evening, the sun had gone down, and the moon was rising. The temperatures showing themselves through the paintings in the sky. Spring is ushering in. It's the unusual warm weather patterns finding residence on this side of the equator, as we shift from an unusual winter into a dynamic Spring.

As I looked through the sliding glass that provides an entry from the kitchen to my back deck, I took a double turn when I saw the patches of pinkish orange clouds that floated in space. It was breathtaking in its own way; it felt like an inviting whisper that beckoned me to reach out and touch the cloud art forming and shaping continually into fluffy, cumulus clouds that looked like heaps of cotton wool or large cauliflowers.

It's amazing how the element of water is found in surprising places and is one of the most deceptively diverse elements. Humans contain more water than earth, while water contains oxygen! Clouds are formed from water and are composed of tiny water droplets, although from were we stand they don't appear that way. The sun warms pockets of moist air and causes them to rise quickly. As they get higher, the pocket of air billows out and forms the clouds. Clouds require the warmth of the sun in order to be formed; man requires wombn in order to be born.

I wonder what made the skies so pink that night? They usually edge on the orangey side. Perhaps pieces of the sun got entangled in the warmth bosoms of the clouds? Perhaps it was a beautiful sign of the emerging divine feminine joining and making love to its masculine counterpart in the creative displays of the sky.