Friday, March 16, 2012

I've been drawn to my camera lately as eco-sensual moments pop up and reveal the sensual frames of my daily life movie calling me to capture it. This definitely is a distance from being in front of the camera. I like being a spontaneous photo capturer. As a Moon lover, the sky always seems to draw my eyes to it whenever there is something unique or spectacular in its hold. This evening, the sun had gone down, and the moon was rising. The temperatures showing themselves through the paintings in the sky. Spring is ushering in. It's the unusual warm weather patterns finding residence on this side of the equator, as we shift from an unusual winter into a dynamic Spring.

As I looked through the sliding glass that provides an entry from the kitchen to my back deck, I took a double turn when I saw the patches of pinkish orange clouds that floated in space. It was breathtaking in its own way; it felt like an inviting whisper that beckoned me to reach out and touch the cloud art forming and shaping continually into fluffy, cumulus clouds that looked like heaps of cotton wool or large cauliflowers.

It's amazing how the element of water is found in surprising places and is one of the most deceptively diverse elements. Humans contain more water than earth, while water contains oxygen! Clouds are formed from water and are composed of tiny water droplets, although from were we stand they don't appear that way. The sun warms pockets of moist air and causes them to rise quickly. As they get higher, the pocket of air billows out and forms the clouds. Clouds require the warmth of the sun in order to be formed; man requires wombn in order to be born.

I wonder what made the skies so pink that night? They usually edge on the orangey side. Perhaps pieces of the sun got entangled in the warmth bosoms of the clouds? Perhaps it was a beautiful sign of the emerging divine feminine joining and making love to its masculine counterpart in the creative displays of the sky.

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