Friday, January 27, 2012

Virgin Warriors

When my son's dad overslept and did not pick him up for school this morning, I flowed calmly and peacefully knowing that Mars truly is retrograde because it is totally out of character for he who never oversleeps, never misses work and always shows up for his son. It actually put a smile on my face because I feel that he deserves to rest. After all, this slowing of Mars is opposing his own natal Mars. He has no choice but to give up the fight and surrender to his inner need to retreat.

With Mars retrograding in Virgo it's moving to lock grids with my natal Virgo Mars in the 12th house. All that is Mars and martian are coming to the forefront and for me the spotlight is on the workings of the 12th house where anger, passion, sexual flame and energy lurks and hide within the darkness of my own self. My Mars energies have always sat in my blind spot often creeping up out of nowhere and when I least expect it. My anger used to be expressed like an alarm clock unexpectedly going off with a temporary loss of the memory of putting it on in the first place. Imagine waking up one day and your world has suddenly slowed down and you are standing, facing fragments of yourself that have found a home in the dark because you forgot to bring them upstairs to meet the rest of the family. Lights are on in my closet and I can see more clearly what has become my own demons. I am wondering if I can take or handle all of these fragmented parts of myself? Look at them! WOW! I can barely recognize them; parts of me that I've denied and could never articulate are suddenly alive and walking, talking, all grown up.

Who would have ever guessed that I'd be drawn to the mysterious, mesmerizing, dark and intriguing world of vampires? Maybe that's why my son is fascinated with them. We all have our favorite dark characters or archetypes we embody - whether we are conscious of them or not. Watched a movie on the night of the Aquarius new moon night about a university for vampires where a young woman disguises herself as a student to investigate the death and disappearance of her brother she has not seen in over a decade. She soon meets her self in the mirror reflection of a vampire - the most powerful Desmodus Draculae is who she is. Seeing this woman transform into her immortal greatness brought out fountains of hope that I too am transforming into my immortality. Deep sensations from my valley of pleasure made "Oooo" become a mantra! This she vampire radiated sexy, oozed out confidence as though it was her pleasure toy, walked like a dragon queen and was adorned with beautiful laced attires that enhanced her sultry, enigmatic, controlling and hypnotic demeanor. A taste of death that injects the juices of immortality and relocates you to life between the world of the living and that of the dead. I was totally impressed by the custom designer, the wardrobe producer, and all who decked up this vampire goddess.

It chimed through me like a bell, as I became increasingly roused by her lack of inhibition and her unrestricted sexual expression towards a stunning species of a male vampire whose eyes pierced hers with lust and hunger for the feedings of sexual pleasure. All that I saw in her was awakening in me. What would have normally been an ordinary moment of watching passion on the screen and receiving a wave or quiver through my body became a masterful quiet storm that tore down the walls of my inner world, leaving me totally exposed and vulnerable, floating in a sensual time capsule. The most beautiful part of this scene was the sampling of fruity Liberation, tangy Surrender, juicy Orgasmic pulses and the perfect blend of sweet & sour Ecstasy. Logic disengaged, feelings reign.

Mars slow movement is blowing through all of humanity and life on this planet. I love watching it intently like a theater screen. With these moments come an increase in intuitive awareness. I am thinking people up and they are appearing. Happened three times in a row yesterday. I feel like bionic woman, moving in slow motion & fighting demonic forces strategically.

A Scorpion rising client feels an awakening in her sex life and an increase of drama and conflicts around her that are pulling her in, forcing her to express. I love how she describes her menstrual phase each month as intense, painful moments of release and feeling like a snake shedding its skin. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Others say they are feeling under the weather but truth is they are under the umbrella of a retrograde Mars which is forcing them to slow their masculine dominating energies down to avoid a full blown tsunami. Mars is symbolic of the male force as it exists in all of us. It's our aggression, our inner warrior, our destroyer, our sexual, primal self. And they are all whistling from within calling our awareness to clean up and clear out old rubbish.

My Mars is center stage in my life until Spring time. This means behind the scenes, I am re-learning liberation of sexual energy, facing battles with 'consciousness' as my companion; I am letting out the genie of my anger lamp that's been bottled up for too long; I am engaging in more self-loving and self-advocating behavior, taking time out, laying down solid new tracks for my spiritual rhythm, finding my long lost inner buddy and renewing our relationship as best friends, and giving way to the sexual prowess in me.

For some reason when I think of Mars in Virgo I think of.... virgin warriors!

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