Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shadow Light!

I've been working on my Womb Book project for almost 2 years. Since then, I've connected with quite a few wombn who have given me deeper insight and understanding into the infinite mysteries of the divine feminine as expressed through our Wombs and these connections have revealed just how magical this work is.

The Womb waters are stirred. Some flow like a river contouring what ever it meets, flowing around stones; others take the shape of what ever contains them, other currents are trapped, still and polluted. They reflect the many waters of the earth, each expressing and carrying their own vibrations; they keep the emotional spectrum of humans, each feeling carrying their own meaning. It's very deep and dark work! And it can be horrifying when you see your reflection in many mirrors and face the darkness of your the womb world you carry; unaware of the vast universe, unlimited consciousness and the underlying ways in which it drives us.

Womb work requires that we move beyond the superficial and warns us that there will be turbulence along the road ahead; there will be emotional hills and mountains, as well as depths and valleys we must undergo; there will be battle fields and peacemaking huts. This is not for the faint at heart. This is for becoming the brave, the courageous wombn who have seen through the outer limits and sense and know that there is an unlimited under world in which she carries.

Her Womb is the gateway between the past and the future, between what 'WAS' and what 'COULD BE'; her Womb stands between as the center of creation and what 'IS'.

Shadow World by VooDooMania

Mars is currently retrograding and it's lured me to do Shadow Work! It's amazing how beautiful the Shadow really is. It's unbelievably the container of treasures and gifts that we each carry within ourselves. It's where the juices mix and flow.

I've wanted to give up myself. I've questioned whether this journey, this work, the energy I put into it is all worth it. Today, I can say it is more than worth it. It is IT! It is what brings me fulfillment. It is what helps me to see that to heal is to seal, is to become whole again. This means allowing oneself, surrendering to oneself, being accepting of all aspects of one's self - the dark, the ugly, the light, the beautiful in each Womb including mine. None is better than the other. Each their own, each a part of the other, and both that of the greater whole.

I woke up yesterday seeing the world with news eyes. I realized that no one needs fixing. All is as should be. I AM perfectly who I am. The world does not need saving. It's perfect the way it is! I realize that everything is a result of man's thinking, woman's creating. Everything about the way the world... and its elemental parts... including humans and their air of supremacy over other living creatures... is what is it... is a result of what the human mind has conceived and manifested. That may be the only real thing that is broken about this world - the VIEW, the OUTLOOK from the human eyes. Other than that... I am perfect just as I am. All things I experience is a result of the choices I make and the outcome of those experiences will always depend on the choices made.

My dark side; that which society has framed as abnormal, my shadow essence; that which institutions and structures/units of society have rejected is just as important as the ones they have feared and I have learned to deny. The day is just as essential as the night, death is just as beautiful as life, sorrow is just as needed as joy, the inhalation is just as necessary as the exhalation, man is a counter part of wo-man, my shadow is just as vital and necessary as my light. I have and hold them with equal value and with equivalent LOVE!


c219_user said...

I have seen your first picture of the woman in the womb in an albanian book.Is that your creation?

The Eco-Goddess said...

It is not my creation. If the credits are absent its because I could find none. If you know who the artist is please share so I can post. Thanks! :-)