Friday, February 10, 2012

Full Moon-ments!

I whispered with the MOON as I captured her this morning at 6:45am while she gracefully hung in the western skies. The beauty of the Moon lies in her feminine aura, she is the great infuser, merging all things into one, casting the light through whole-body perception, overshadowing rationality, evoking instinctual knowing without the use of logic. She moves through us...

Surya: Who are you today Grandmother Moon?

Granny Moon: Beautiful question, my dear Moon daughter, and a bit tricky in the minds of those who do not quite know me and others who ignore me.

Surya: Why do you say that Grandmother Moon?

Granny Moon: Well, I am never the same, yet I am the only constant. I continually wax and wane; I rebirth, dwindle and die each month repeating my ancient rhythmic dance over and over. I wear many disguises during each full cycle dance. When you captured my image this morning I was wearing my Virgo scarf and being rather picky. I guided you to turn to the earth so you can absorb her healing properties, grounding you so that you could focus on your intestinal- lower digestive track. I helped you clear yours out yesterday and this morning. I am proud of you for listening to me. After all...I am the keeper of time. Civilizations have used me to tell, as their calendar, for planting and growing and even for holidays. I reside in the rhythm of your Womb and the flow through the other parts of your body.

This afternoon I changed into my charming Libra boots to please myself. I feel beautiful when I adorn myself with Libra's symphony. It's a great day to give yourself a facial or treat your lovely skin my Moon daughter. Rose oil will attune you to Love's higher vibrations. Or experiment with carnation, clove & fennel and see if they help you get into my Moon spirit.

Surya: Sounds like a plan, Grams! :-) I felt waters rising in my body during the Full Moon. My body did not want any food but my mind was weak and gave in to sweets. Many of my earthly female siblings and goddess kins go through the same and confuse FEELING with FEEDING.

Granny Moon: LOL! ~* Moon giggles* ~ I am water in all its forms: the water of your Womb, the water that falls as rain or appears magically as morning dew, the ones the flow through the forest and the vast ocean's ebb and flow. When I am full, I fill you up! So WATCH my growth and it will show you how to eat, FEEL me and you will have no need to over feed.

I am the essence of your emotions, the inward, fluid tides of feelings that fluctuate from moment to moment, and instinctual urges and subliminal drives that motivate you without your personal will in control. I influence your cravings for food and sex, and the style in which you consume and express your sensual needs and sexual urges. I am all that and a snack... my dear grand daughter! ~*Moon giggles*~

Surya: Grandma Moon, how can wombn get to know and understand themselves through you?

Granny Moon: I am the unconscious, the primitive and largely unknowable part of yourself, the "night" half of your psyche. I am your mystery, the unsolvable part of you, that part that life on earth has tried to contain and control. I am your uncontrollable urge, the part of you that's too dark to see with naked eyes; I keep your fears and fantasies in a little box waiting for your readiness to make them your friend. I am the dweller of the threshold, that fear-inspiring entity that blocks your progress, I constellate everything you dread and have repressed. I am the keeper of the illusive realm that is more terrifying and extreme than sky diving or the X factor.

When you are afraid of me, you turn to food for comfort, when you find it difficult to express your emotions you sometimes shut me down, when you fluctuate and fight it you become moody, when you have felt pain in love you withdraw from emotional involvement with others.

When you are aligned with me - you remember your dreams, your intuition is on point, you know the patterns of your blood flow, you are in touch with your feelings and your emotions flow freely; I am the grandma of all grandmas, when you are right within me you are at peace with your mother and you flourish through your girlfriends. When you are one with me you nurture yourself and others and you easily accept my gift to you of the Divine Feminine.

I tell you when to go and when to be still. Listen to me! To be more alive, to understand your dark shadow... you must go inside and meet me on the other side, over the horizon where it is quiet and gentle, noiseless and supple. When you can hear my lyrics... I dance in your heart. Know that I always watching YOU. ♥ ♥ ♥

Surya: Moon Kisses & Eco-Sensual Earth blessings! ♥

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