Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mother Yourself!

As the moon and her soft light glows into fullness the energies and principles of the divine feminine mother are in effect. The goddess force is seeking to nurture you and guiding you to nurture others. She is asking that we all slow down to FEEL and share our FEELINGS with those we love and even sometimes hate.

This is a universal womb time as Cancer is the sign of the womb - the deepest, dark, moist, watery, secretive and most creative space in our physical bodies, the root of where mothering begins. Give your child or friend or mother or lover a hug. Even your pet will appreciate it as I can't stop hugging my big puppy today while I tell him over and over how I love and appreciate him. That's until my son and lover returns home for their own.

Turn your attention inward and shut down the loud noise from all the electronic as well as the chattering human dimension. I shared with a friend earlier this morning - who told me that she's backed down from fb to focus on the home schooling of her children... telling her that facebook (and the other social networking arenas) sucks the life force from your womb and other organs. FB is the biggest f@*king illusion since the invention of television. Shut them all down this weekend and tend to your emotional needs and feed yourself that which your emotional body needs and desires. If you spend more than a total of 2 hours (very lavish there) a day on fb (breaking the hours up) or other social networks you are in danger and probably filled with electronic as well as mental and intellectual anxiety and don't have a clue. You either lack a life and or don't have a relationship with your emotions as well as with nature (Mother earth). And if you don't know what being attached to electronics is doing to you then you are way way out of touch with your FEELINGS!

Another male friend reached out and told me that he has been under the weather. I told him great. The divine feminine has forced you to slow down and be still. Instead of stroking his ego with baby babbles of how sorry I am that he's not been feeling well, I thanked grand ma Moon instead and told him to hug his daughter and spend time with his grand daughter. He loved the idea and is on his way to pick up his grand daughter.

Here's some suggestions for this Cancer Full Moon:

~ Ask yourself What are my emotional needs? Does my physical plans harmonize with them?

~ Review your relationship with your own mother.

~ Give lots of hugs to others this weekend.

~ Lay your head in the lap of someone you love and trust.

~ Take a long hot bath and sprinkle your water with an essential oil. Lavender is highly recommended.

~ Massage your breasts. They will respond nicely right now.

~ Massage your abdomen and womb area and gently talk to your womb and listen to its story.

~ Enjoy the process of fixing a nice healthy meal for yourself and/or your family. But by all means do not overeat during this full moon or any other for that matter. Eat less and drink more water and healthy fluids such as herbal teas & fresh squeezed juices.

~ If you are on your personal moon time, share your blood with the earth.

~ If you are moody/moony and tearful don't try to shut it off. Share your tears with your plants or give them to the earth or a tree outside.

~ Write a love letter to yourself and/or to another.

~ Extend your meditation today. Sit a little longer.

~ Do a gentle womb dance of your own.

~ Again shut down all electronic equipments. (Shall I dare you to do that since its rather impossible for many?)

~ Tonight, sit outside under the moon and listen to its whispers to you.

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