Monday, January 9, 2012

Cancer Full Moon Rituals!

Practical Cancer Full Moon Rituals that may call to your Womb:

HONOR THE MOTHER: Cancer rules the zodiac’s fourth house of motherhood, femininity and the womb. (that's where my Sun lies) It’s a good day to pick up the phone or write a letter to your mom or a mother figure regardless of your relationship. You don't have to send it. It's the act that serves as a ritual and is powerful in and of itself. Place a female ancestor photo on your altar and light a candle to channel her divine wisdom. Change your Facebook profile picture to one of you and a special woman in your life or the spirit world. (Mine profile pic today honors a strong female ancestry present in my life.) If you’re a mother, do something to honor yourself. This is the cosmic Mother’s Day. Spend extra time with kids who look up to you, or connect with the people you call family—whether the bond is based on biology or chemistry. Hold someone in your bosom! It's also a breast day so go without one and relinquish the regular confinement of bras.

NOURISH YOURSELF: Cancer is like a cosmic African mother overly concerned about whether you have eaten or are dressed appropriately. Since eating and sucking is part of our nurturing foundation, you may have strong desires to eat a lot during this full moon. Watch that! It’s always wise to eat less during any Full moon. This Cancer Full Moon can be challenging - I warn you. Pay attention to your eating urges for they are most likely emotionally based. Stay in touch with your feelings and do not confuse your need for emotional nourishment with the superficial need to eat. Find a healthy & light comfort food recipe for today. Cancer is all about comfort so watch those milk based foods. Eat foods from the Waters of the earth - the Oceans and seas. Trade recipes today!

ENERGIZE YOUR HOME: Cancer has domain over the domestic department, your nest. It’s a perfect day to get your home in order. Start your New Year’s cleaning and spruce up your pad. Place the Feng Shui Bagua over your floor plan and take a look at each space to see what area needs the most clearing. Pick one area today and make it a sanctuary. Get a water fountain or if you already have one, turn it on and let it flow this entire day. This will bring the negative ions into your nest that will help re-balance the energies in your home.

ENJOY A WATER RITUAL or TWO: Call on the spirit of Yemeya or your preferred water deity or goddess and ask her to share the secret and healing powers of the oceans, seas, rivers and waters of the earth and those within you. And more so, do a ritual to send love and purifying light to heal the waters of our planet that are drying out and filled with pollution, warfare and darkness. It is the perfect time to help heal the womb waters of the earth. Soak in a hot bath today or swim as a ritual to be one with water today. Sprinkle blessed waters in every corner of your house to raise the vibrations or place glasses of water in every corner of your bedroom or home to capture the negative energy. And by all means please drink plenty of water today.

Be patient with yourself and others today. It's a high emotionally charged day and true FEELINGS can get entangled in the MENTAL & INTELLECT world making it difficult to express. Express your FEELINGS today - just don't destroy anything or anyone in the process.

Use the power of WATER today! Focus on the waters of the earth, your body and the waters of your Womb! Remember WATER is related & tied into our EMOTIONS! Water will help keep smooth and flowing.

Have a Green Full Moon! ♥

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