Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am committed to take more life in today; through deeper breaths I expand my heart, my chest and my lungs with the essence of life and with each exhale I give back life to the universe.

I am committed to LOVE today. To love myself and others unconditionally, to eco-consciously experience what that is like, to catch myself as I begin to fall into moments of non-loving and to laugh at myself while I switch back to the channel of loving again.

I am committed to fueling my creative fire and to keeping the waters of my womb flowing while allowing my sexual needs and desires to not go unnoticed. I'll know its a call from within and I'll take the time to listen and follow through.

I am committed to eco-sensually experiencing my body today - taking moments to remember where I live - making sure I discern what I let in and not forgetting to dispose of the waste that I took in.

I am committed to being with my feelings and accepting my emotions as friends. I will cry when I need to, laugh, be angry, be protective and fierce or even sad and vulnerable when its called for. I don't have to hold back my emotions like a dam, I can my feelings flow.

I am committed to participating in nature's theater, to moving with the dramatic moments while being one with its wonderful times. I walk upon the stage of life playing the role called for in any given moment; to have dialogues with the trees, roll around in the grass and take in the cues and signals nature whispers to me. I'll wave back to the leaves that wave to me, and whistle back to the bird that perches on the branch in front on me. As I walk the earth today, I'll know that she holds me up and never lets me down, she is both my home and the playground I carry in that secret space within the crystal cavern of my heart!

LOVERS MEDITATION - Love Without The Limits!

Golden sunrise moments with my lover melts my heart from the flames of fire aroused in the midst of this sweet morning's arrival. Spending at least 15 minutes with my lover on the back deck, doing a couple of partner yoga poses, breathing into each other's heart, through the union of our hands is the pill I look forward to popping. Taking a soul journey through the eyes of each other, his parting draws mine his with a magnetic draw as I looked into his eye to see a vision of his soul. What we both feel is indescribable; our lights glow brighter the longer we stare, growing and glowing engulfing us with its warm tingling sensations and what felt like a ball of soft, gentle,fluffy, cushiony light.

Nature's orchestra plays in the background with birds chirping and wagging their wing tails, grasshoppers skipping, worms wiggling, bugs bugging, squirrels rocking their waists to the tunes and the melodic notes that emit from the heart of earth's awakening womb. As we breathe, she takes away that which we no longer need. As as we exhale we give to her some of the life she's graciously breaths into us. It's an exchange with her and its a sensual exchange between my lover and I.

These are priceless moments no one, and I mean absolutely nothing, can take away from us. For 15 minutes no technology exists, no expectations, no interference from the busy humans - it's just he and I - the vibes of nature flowing through is feeding and tuning us up for a brand new day. Then we sit and sip our morning infused teas. He drinks mullein and I drink red raspberry leaves. We are totally bundled up, eco-sensual lovers in these precious timeless moments that holds something beautiful and healing within in; a new day awaits us and gives us a promise of love... without the limits!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Your VENUS can tell on YOU!

VENUS is the banner you wear that attracts your perfect partner or heart-soul mate! My Venus in Sag banner says... ADVENTUROUS! I love with a spirit of freedom, cultural diversity (its nice if he comes with an accent & speaks 2 or more languages), earth spirited and sporty fun and with a need to expand through my relations, otherwise, like a sunless flower I wither and soon die. What does yours say? We each have a specific set of cue cards for the individual or peopl...e we're going to be comfortable with. She is your innate goddess-given power to attract exactly who and what you want. Simple? Well, not really! If it was that simple many more wombmyn would have HAPPINESS - Venus's goal! Knowing and understanding the symbolic and spiritual meaning of your VENUS will take you to your happiness.

Do you understand the difference between attractive (good-looking) and being attract-ive (able to attract). Understanding your attract-ive power goes way beyond the promise of romance, your adornments or sexy shoes and into the realm of spiritual connection and transcendent heart-soul mate love. Understanding how to think with your VENUS elevates your attract-ive powers to a whole new level of sensual expression.

When the things, people, and ways we naturally love and enjoy are shamed, distorted, or one-dimensional, the same goddess that leads us by the hand to love also leads us to confusion. No wonder so many women are baffled about the real source of their attract-ive powers.

Astrology continues to teach me that Venus is not just about surface beauty but she is also about SOUL beauty, enjoyment and pleasure. The more you know what makes you truly and organically happy, the more magnetically receptive you become! My personal VENUS in Sagittarius helped me answer these questions:

What do you enjoy?
What makes life worth living?
What turns you off and on?
What give you wild, orgasmic unlimited pleasure?
What gets you in the mood?
What curls you toes and excites my heart?
Who do you imagine coming to you at night in your dreams, meeting you as your soul mate?

Navasha Daya,
formerly of the group Fertile Grounds is a fellow Venus Sagittarius goddess. So is Tina Turner, Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Fonda, Christina Aguilera and Sinead O'Connor - just to name a few. (Don't confuse the Sun sign with the Venus sign.)

Ooooo Lala.... you must thank VENUS for showing you that the goddess of love is related to the rest of your life. She is 'relatedness' itself. She is EROS! Now you can THINK with your VENUS!! (Not think like a MAN.)

It's the Goddess season! Get your own unique GODDESS LOVE spiritual reading! You'll be amazed at what you discover in the mirror of love! Dare discover your attract-ive powers!

Art sketch of Tina Turner

WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? Let your Venus tell you!!

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Did I tell you that Venus is also about how we are each meant to earn our money? You bet!!

Let me read your VENUS to YOU! Ask me how! ~ Love, Surya ~ ♥ The Eco-Goddess

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eco-Sensual Knowledge

Photo by Steve McCurry

“The ancients did not gain their knowledge from books; instead they observed nature and felts its pulse, they felt the vibration of the earth and stars, the rhythm of day and night. They did not view themselves as separate from their environment but as functional parts of a whole. They were able to learn about themselves in what they saw and felt. Through rituals based on nature, especially the season, animals, and elements, people were able to enter into the spirit of what they saw. In this way they achieved inner knowledge.

"..…No separation was made between wo/man and God, between people and nature.
Oneness was recognized in all things.”
—Caroline Arewa, Opening to Spirit

ALTERING the Elements of CHANGE!

Reflecting on CHANGE this morning and just how beautiful it is with an intelligence and vibration of its own. Since my collective Green Womb: Egg Stone Journey, I've seen the spirit of change whirling around me through the voices, womb-hearts and spirits of the wombyn I share this journey with. But more importantly, this journey is sharing with me the secret of CHANGE!

CHANGE is a fierce leader, standing on its own, refusing to be pushed or forced. It full blooms on its own time, and when IT is ready. Any thing prior is a fruitless struggle and rejection of SELF. CHANGE works hand in hand with its lover - TIME.

We live in a world that is forever trying to CHANGE the state of everything. Not slim enough, not beautiful enough, addicted to something, not making enough money, not religious enough, not strong enough, not satisfied with life as it is, always needing to CHANGE something about self. I mean there is always something that someone is trying to sell you on changing. From coaching, psychotherapy, education, to mind and physical training... humans invest so much time, money and energy in trying to CHANGE something about them, about their life or about someone else.

What I am learning on this Green Womb journey is that CHANGE happens on its own. It is like a thieve in the night, it comes when you least expect it. It is the essence of unexpected pleasure that sneaks up through you. CHANGE waits patiently for you to make room to allow it, yet we are not very patient about it. CHANGE is always waiting, hanging around, pacing back and forth, seeking to find that portal, that doorway to get through to you. It is smooth and needs to be allowed, never forced nor resisted.

I've battled with food, and suffered the pain and discomfort through my body for some time now. I've struggled with deeply held emotions needing to spread their wings and fly. I've had my recent times of being lazy and letting my body lock back up. NOW, all that is CHANGING and all I did was INSERT the earth between my legs. I am no longer feeding, I am now deeply feeling; I am no longer split or disconnected, I am more connected, more aligned with my body and all vibrations. After all...I am FULL!! My Womb is overflowing and really happy.... that what I put in it is giving to it, feeding it, loving it, stroking it, rubbing it, repairing it, building it, strengthening it....not tearing it down, dumping in it or taking from it. The love vibrations of the earth now radiate from the center of my WOMB...spreading through every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and bone. I've stepped out of my own way.

Now ...Mama Earth's LOVE is spreading through me, emanating from my Womb... and....CHANGE ....is happening on its very own.

Rolling easily & effortlessly...CHANGE is life's promise to YOU. And it can be savored, enjoyed & effective when it is allowed to unfold in its divine selected TIME! ♥ ♥ ♥

CHANGE is a FLOWER it buds on its own!

Aching for Love!

Dear Eco-Goddess:

I am aching for love! Ever feel that way? I've been off the dating horse for over a year now - on a consistent basis. I may have gone out with a couple of men during that time but they were all one time daters. Nothing fancy, nothing to write home about. My interest level down!

I am becoming very concerned about my romantic life which of course includes relationships, love & sex. For me romance on a fluid basis must include those three key words. I believe that I may be overloaded with feelings to the point of emotional congestion and this may be causing bouts of depression and a "back-off" sign may be posted on my chest that even I can't see. Mixed messages? I want you.... but I don't want you. That is just how I feel and may certainly be projecting. Plus I feel frozen in my tracks. My last relationship was a soul buster due to the dramatic climax we underwent. Talk about emotional volcanic eruptions! They were the highlights of the closing chapter. But have I truly closed that chapter? This I now understand was a shock to my entire system and I may not have gotten over it in a timely and orderly fashion. I mean how do you get over a broken mind and a cracked heart?

On Mother's day, I ventured out with a man I met while traveling locally. Truth is he is not what I classify as "my type". But at the time of meeting, I was drawn to his energy field and introspect may have been sucked into it for all the wrong reasons. So in the spirit of moving away from putting anyone in that old detrimental category, I took a chance and allowed him to spend a few hours with me on Sunday. When he arrived at my doorstep, I immediately heard a voice inside me say, "hmmm.... he's pretty wide around the waist and don't appear to be solidly on his feet nor in his composure." He seem to wobble a bit. This actually is true but I didn't let it stop me from going out and having a good time. So I actually made the best of it and went with the flow. Truth is deep inside I felt a bit of an attraction but nothing that would hold a lasting frame. There seemed to be a few odds I was up against. But hey, it was only a first date.

At the end of the date, I suggested having a cup of tea but he said he's not a tea drinker. I am a big tea drinker and so I felt that we wouldn't be sharing blissful tea times together - that's for sure. During our departure time, he just said good bye and walked away. Later on, I sent him a text message to say thank you and good night but its Tuesday morning and he has not responded. Clearly a big message for me because it keeps resurrecting in my mind.

I've discovered a TV show on VH1 called "Tough Love New Orleans". I like that show because its pinning me down to face areas of relating that I've ignored or discounted. It's challenging me to grow up and pay attention so that I can relieve the aching feelings I have around making a love connection. Each of the women contestants teach me something about the ropes of love and the ones that pull the strings of the heart.

This episode in my personal dating life, is awakening me to myself. I know that you've always said, "It's not about him or the other person, its about me or self." And I can't help hearing your words over and over again as I realize that my feelings are actually hurt. Even though, I don't want him, the fact that he ignored my text and has not made that follow up call or outreach says it all! I feel sad inside that he was one person before we went out and now I am wondering who the hell he is. Is there something I'm missing? Or am I only facing the reality of my own feelings and that is... he's just not into me and that is only a reflection of the fact that I am just not into him.

Is it right and safe to say that it's my EGO that's trying to control the situation, its my ego self that's struggling with the emotions I feel inside? And if it is so, then how do I still honor my feelings, learn from this and move on? I am a freedom lover and so I don't need to talk to a man everyday. But this one is a bit strange and because I'm not accustomed to a man ignoring my follow-up or him not following up I am actually crushed. It's more so that I feel rejected in some way. My ego is not liking that at all! I wonder though, if he calls me... how do I respond or address this in an authentic way that does not compromise my integrity, my sense of self and self-worth? I have even begun to cuss him in my mind but I soon stop because I am able to call out my ego for its games. Or better yet, do I call him and express my feelings to him? Or just practice letting this one go? He owes me nothing. But what do I owe myself in this aching for love case?

Your advise and guidance would be greatly appreciated!

THE ECO-GODDESS: This one is perfectly timed with VENUS RETROGRADING less speed ahead today. It began its slow regression last month but its official today. I'd like to invite my readers to join in and offer advice to this lady who is clealry ACHING FOR LOVE!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Reading of the MOTHER Consciousness!

Birth Mandala by Amy Swagman

I AM the DIVINE MOTHER! I am the infinite symbol of the birthing and nurturing powers that prevail the planet not only during the annual Mother's Day celebration as the MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS take center stage - but at all times. So how expansive is your idea or ideals of the MOTHER? Is it just a day or is it a journey?

The MOTHERING path is not always filled with sugar and spice and all that's nice. In fact, most wombmyn have issues with their maternal mothers. So this day can bring up a lot of smoke from the dungeon within, while the media and social media flashes one-sided cards of the Mother's face. Mother's Day can resurrect painful emotional memories for some, and open up deep wounds for others. So what about those wombmyn whose earthly mother path is devastating? From being at war with their birth mother, being horrible in their role as a mother, to not being able to bear the ultimate fruits that label you as mother? No matter how anti-mother you are, you can always find peace with the mother essence as it lives within you. And this is a giant step towards healing thyself. You can begin by finding out your Moon sign - which symbolizes the mother, women in general, feelings - and how they all play out in your life. As well, you can begin to develop a relationship with the oldest mother and intuitive guides of all times - the Moon!

I am now offering mini Goddess Spirit Readings that embody the Moon, Venus & the Spirit of your Womb - all of which are divine feminine portals to your inner Goddess!! How does she need to be nurtured? How does your inner goddess want to be expressed? What are her needs? What is her style of loving and relating? What's the current transits to your Moon and the areas of your life they are affecting? These and other questions can be answered in a mini reading for only $25.00 sent directly to your email box. If you want a telephone reading then it is 30 minutes for $40, 45 minutes for $50.00 and an hour for $65.00

I need your date, time & place of birth for readings. Send an email to: goddesssurya@yahoo.com

Let me help you find and awaken your inner goddess!

The Moon's Story

One night 13 hungry ghosts, plotted and schemed to capture the moon and bury it in a hole, and cover it. In distracting Mother Moon, the hungry ghosts gathered up the cloak and threw it over Mother Moon. They tied a knot in the bottom so almost no light could escape.

Her light disappeared under the cloth and all that could be heard were her muffled cries for help. Those thirteen hungry ghosts jumped on top of her and wrestled her to the ground. They dug an enormous pit with their gnarled hands and dragged her down into the tomb. Then they rolled an enormous granite boulder over the pit and buried Mother Moon alive.

All that remained was the tiniest lip of glowing silver light around the base of the boulder. Now, even her muffled pleas for help could not be heard.

The world was enveloped by the darkness and the hungry ghosts were unleashed to feast upon the children,
now vulnerable without Mother Moon. Night after night, the children tried to find places to hide, disconnected
from one another and terrified while the ghosts ate them alive. They devoured them with insatiable hunger.

But there was hope. Even in these darkest times, there was one courageous and smart child who refused to forget. She decided that the only way her people were going to survive would be to gather a search party and set out to find and rescue Mother Moon. She formed a small tribe and set out for the forest.

After many nights of fruitless searching and near deadly encounters with the hungry ghosts, the search party decided it was of no use. It was time to surrender. They felt despondent as they turned back toward their village, knowing full well that there may be not a single child left alive to come home to. As they trudged along with their eyes to the ground, the smart child kept her head held high. She knew she must be watchful, for opportunity favors the prepared mind.

Suddenly, she noticed a strange light, a lip of silver radiating around the base of a boulder. “That must be Mother Moon!” She exclaimed, tugging at the hand of the child next to her. With a renewed energy and hopefulness, the children pushed the boulder out of the way. Mother Moon threw off her cloak and leapt from her tomb. She beamed at her children as she rose into the sky. With every stride, her light increased tenfold. She found her place again among the stars and once again her children were safe in her loving radiance.

In order to find the light of the DIVINE FEMININE as it glows in you, you must find the rhythmic light of the MOON as she shines in you.

It is not enough to celebrate the MOTHER on just one day or to see her in one way. LISTENING to the Moon's Lyrics and FEELING her as she glows in you...takes you into a genuine space that blends the complex energies of the SUPREME MOTHER so that you are never lost for long or separated from your FEMININE & INTUITIVE SELF!

Get a MOON READING! It will help rescue the lost Mother in YOU and will empower the DIVINE FEMININE as it lives in your. Schedule a Goddess Spirit (Moon) READING today! Men can also access their feminine self through a Moon Reading. This empowers you to relate to the divine feminine through your relationships with women and in its many ways. Email your info @ goddesssurya@yahoo.com

Moon Lyrics for the Last Quarter

The Moon's last quarter began on Saturday the 12th of May and will be in effect until Wednesday, the 16th @ 4:24 pm EDT. During the Disseminating phase we were instinctively more social and outgoing and we were poised to gather and disseminate what was gained since the New Moon. During this last quarter, we are intuitively assessing our prior moves this cycle, realizing that there are doors we opened that didn’t take us where you wanted to go. There were enemies we battled that dissolved into windmills. Dissatisfaction this phase is meant to make us wiser the next time around. No matter how the surrounding world behaves now, we need to recognize that our frustrations result more from our inner conditions. The task is to let go of illusions and face s-e-l-f. It’s not so bad. After the shedding we feel stronger.

This phase is like a monthly turn from autumn into winter. Let your many thought-leaves go. Admire the bare limbs of your essential nature. If you’re feeling restless, it may be that you’ve got a creative streak ahead of you. Don’t waste it battling those who “just don’t get it.” Not everyone sees around the next curve. Enjoy this pause. The time for action comes again at the next New Moon. Gather your will; sharpen your intentions. Breathe like an aware Buddha. Smile like the wise goddess you are.

Relax with a little Analysis

To get the most from the Last Quarter Moon, make time for introspection. When something feels wrong this phase, ask, what I you need to release? This phase doesn’t always have to be gloomy, however. It’s just astrological tradition to focus on tension because of the LQ’s stressful square between the Sun & Moon. This is also a visionary time. Your psyche instinctively turns to the future.

The Last Quarter phase is a good time for positive (as opposed to anxious) wondering, as in “I wonder what will happen next?” Questions are powerful invitations, hollowing out a space for new information and experiences to come our way. We’re not trying to solve anything. We’re allowing our minds to expand for the possibilities that are just around the corner. The day’s Moon sign may help to send us wondering in optimum directions. Of course words aren’t the only expression of energy or mood. COLORS each play their own tune and resound vibrational messages as well. It is amazing to observe that on certain days, many are dressed in the same colors; also fascinating is noting who isn’t in tune!

Moon signs rule colors too. They often coincide with a day’s prevailing color trend. But just as with other Moon rules, this is not a pat formula. We choose colors to inspire us, to bring a new balance, to express our moods. Note which colors you’re drawn to on certain Moon sign days. Are you in tune? You may be choosing an alternate color to help you deal with the day’s energy. Over time we may come to notice personal or collective patterns.

Sunday morning, the moon shifted into the waters of Pisces at 7:42am EDT. Like Rodney Dangerfield, the invisible world often complains that it gets no respect. Don’t make that mistake today. Allow yourself to wander in worlds you can’t touch or see. Music can take you there as it did with me yesterday during Mother's Day. I sat out on the back deck as though I had put on my dancing attire to join Nature's choreography. I felt like I was in the mist of a morning symphony. I was aware of the birds soprano, the bass of the sun, the drum beats from those animals or creatures with feet. Pisces rules the feet so I moved my feet accordingly, so that the sounds of nature and the pulse of the earth would move through me. I also gave my feet the pampering it needs during this time. Ask yourself “What do I imagine?” This is a water Moon—fluid and formless. Its colors are dreamy ones: lavender, sea green, the splash of a rainbow. What are your dreams speaking to you during this moon phase? Pay attention.

Feet Art by Ayida Honor

On Tuesday @ 5:45 pm EDT, the moon waters begin to heat up with the fiery nature of Aries: The day’s mood might be hot-tempered, impulsive, impatient or enthusiastic and full of desire. Observe how others are expressing these qualities you feel in you, especially if you are challenged in expressing them yourself. Don't get mixed up, just watch and feel those energies as they exist inside of you. Own them! Keep yourself inspired (or slow yourself down) by pausing to wonder “Who am I?” Ask this throughout the day and remind yourself of the answers as you’re falling asleep. The Aries moon is a fire Moon. Its colors are bright and stimulating: oranges, reds, and burgundies. Where ever the moon moves through in your life on a personal level - the 6th (daily work, routine, health) and 7th house (committed relationships, partnerships, open enemies) respectively for me - you may need to do some trimming away of that which no longer holds up and supports your wholeness. Get ready to welcome the fire goddess as she rises from within the flames of your soul to do her monthly young fire dance on Wednesday @ Thursday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's the Disseminating Moon Phase... Wed, the 9th until Sat. the 12th @ 5:47pm

You’re going to the dance after the harvest. What you reaped at the Full Moon is safe in the granary. There’s still the business of tallying it up, getting the best price for it at market (life does go on). But don’t skip this moment of celebration. Shift your eyes if you need to; but see that life is a party. And if your Full Moon harvest was bountiful, you might feel particularly generous, gay and carefree. If your work was hard and long, maybe you want to slip into your wild self. If your harvest was disappointing, you might be thinking about what why that was so. Whatever your feelings this Moon phase, a little introspection is good. So is talking about it. You’re poised to gather and disseminate what was gained since the New Moon. You might be looking at your relationships, summing the balance sheet of giving and getting. As you look around life’s bright, noisy room, you might recognize what’s still missing in your life. Or you may have a barrel of new wisdom to share.

Celebrate Your Life!

Particularly in the West, we can get so focused on what we don’t have, we may forget to honor what we do. There is magic in celebrating what you’ve already created. Metaphysicians know that acknowledging what’s good in your life draws even more good your way. You can do this by making a list. But during the Disseminating phase, it’s even better to talk about it. This is a social Moon. Do you have a good friend with whom you can do a little bragging? Let her (or him) know what you have in mind. Make a date when you both can share all the positive things that have happened in the last two weeks. Agree not to mention anything negative. Notice how you feel at the end of your mutual celebration. This is how it feels when your inner Goddess gets to dance in the energy of your success!

Moon Journal: The Goddess just Might Forget! If you were blessed with a new understanding at the Full Moon you may notice the intensity of that “Ah-ha” is fading. You need to change its form – from a mental understanding to something that’s visible in the world. What can you do to honor your new truth? Because this is a “connecting” Moon, you may notice that an encounter with another is particularly important this phase.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Super Full Moon - Misguided Pontification

“This Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon asks us to become aware of the people and things we give the highest value to, and to look at the emotional trauma that keeps us apart. It’s time to question our values and beliefs about money, power, happiness and our connection to each other and to the Earth. There are powerful forces at work determined to keep the old system alive, regardless of how many people and places it destroys. But we are equally powerful, and the Cosmos is lending us energy to break-through our paralysis and stand up for our beliefs.“

This Scorpio Full Moon is hitting my 2nd house of VALUES and joining hands with my natal Neptune. Spiritual Values take the forefront and the rest lights up for me. This Super Moon has made me sit down to reflect on and make a fresh list of my values. And this list, to my conscious surprise forces me to revise and realign with what my values are today. The values we learn and develop as children or teenager or later as adults can and will change as we change. My personal values are evolving through circumstances with the external world and are changing as I write this post thanks to the help of the energies of this Scorpio Full Moon.

With this full moon comes the darkness of Scorpio that we all embody - death, sex, rebirth, change, transformation, dark emotions, dark thoughts and dark ideas. And instead of denying, I am owning and utilizing them to propel me forward and on ward with my mission on this planet. In my recent past life, when another approaches or chooses to interact or respond to me negatively I would quickly gather my frilly lily dress and compose myself with the need to be a little good girl, I'd retreat and reach out for the stars to bring in the light. I would shy away gave the darkness and the chance to allow it to reveal its message, its beauty and its direction. With Black Lilith conjunct this Full Scorpio Moon, the limitations are lifting and the light is shining into the darkness.

I am normally a direct and outspoken person, but when it comes to working my Mars - the energy of passion, anger, sex and war, I retreat before I battle (thanks to my Mars in the 12th house). I am not sexually aggressive, never knew myself to be (initially I am very receptive)and neither do I go around raging war, waving a knife in the face of another nor do I go around picking fights with others. I am able to remain cool until you try to f*@k with me. My style of fighting is strategic and through a spiritual warfare. This full moon culmination kicked in my Mars. I uncovered a new way to honor my masculine, my passion, my anger, my sexual energy, my ability to move and take action.

What I value is my family! I value the language of my heart and its openness and readiness to trust so easily! I value the creative powers of my womb! I value my right to be at peace and to be true and honest in my relations. I value my personal boundaries. I value the gifts of my soul. I value authentic relationships and those that are clear and accountable for their actions or mistakes. I very much value my personal living space as a sanctuary, a temple space in which my family and I can retreat from the harshness and drama of the world, where we feel safe and secure enough to breathe and be free in who we truly are. To have someone bring lower vibrations and destructive energy into my space and against me is disrespectful and a declaration of war. Yet my style is not one of the physical fights, its that of the spiritual domain where my army of soldiers and protectors exist and in line waiting for my orders. The last couple of weeks have brought moments that drained me in every way. What I saw with my eyes and what I felt were in conflict. This forced me to remember that the unseen world is much more powerful than the visible sphere.

I am no stranger to the human ego battles within relationships. I am no stranger to knowing and understanding that we humans react to fear with anger, anger that stems from insecurity, and with insecurity comes unnecessary drama disguised as reasons to fight or bite the hand that tries to heal you or even feed you. A misguided angry woman is a potentially dangerous woman latching out her tongue and slaying another with threats and violent acts. This aspect and my full moon personal experience can be described as....an injured animal, lashing out in confusion, to potentially cut the person trying to help. I hired someone to help me build my business. An exchange was a major aspect of this - my healing services for their business administrative and organizational services. After less then 30 days, a review revealed that they were not very productive days. I saw the many glitches and signposts I overlooked and the errors in my assessment or judgment (I am rather human). My final decision: Fire them! End the arrangement and go our separate ways before we go any further. Unfortunately it was not received well and thus the war began. Physical confrontation at first then a stream of text messages (misguided pontification) from them revealed the emotional womb poison (their Chiron in the 4th house)that sucked them under, but I kept to my focus and goal which required them to simply leave. Or so I thought.

The entire energy in my Temple space revealed a bad, disgruntled spirit that lingered refusing to leave in peace and accordingly, trying to cling to the peaceful, serene energies that they marveled over and craved in the first place. It was horribly draining and quite stressful upon my family and I. My physical self gave me warnings long before beginning in my womb. My womb felt like it was going to drop out of my vagina - never had that experience before. I was off my moon chart and lost track of my menstrual cycle feeling as though it was late. Then I developed (never before) rash like bumps that began to erupt all over my body. Do you still not get it my inner goddess and spirit family called in to me? I was playing with the devil while it called for kicking its ass. No doubt, a vampire spirit was sucking the life out of me.

Then on Thursday, an awakening began. During a very long and much needed eco-sensual walk with my dog, it became clear that I had to fight the darkness with darkness. I had to use my spiritual powers and gifts to bring about a shift - ones I had hesitated using before. And so it began... my first entry in to my new Book of Shadows. To begin, I was guided to instill a pyramid shield around the Temple which allowed a stream of light to penetrate and filter and saturate the space through the tip of the pyramid top. (Whew!! That was powerful in and of itself.) With the assistance of my armored spirit army that carried spears and shields, the teeth and venom of snakes, Pluto - god of the underground world took shape of a massive head roaring and flaming, doing what was necessary to get them the hell out of my space. I called up my ancestors, my friends and spirit family across the waters and on the continent; I called upon the prayers of local friends to assist, I called upon a friend who leads a spiritual center and another who is the priest of an Akan Temple, I called upon all the planets, the trees, the animals spirits and mother earths womb power to drive the bad spirits from my space. The next day they were out! In the process, they took my two angels that sat on my front porch. Perhaps they tried to remove the symbols of protection so they could believe that I was open and vulnerable or did they, in fear, seek protection from my angels? LOL! No idea what they were thinking but this was the most humorous moment of all. Those angels were the angels of my ex-boyfriend who left here angry and enraged. I knew that their disappearance was a symbol of the ending of such destructive and less than loving relationships! For me it was symbolic of making room for my new angels that had arrived in my life.

Lessons learned as well as lessons shared! It's never a one way street.

I thank the cosmic dance of this Super Full Moon in Scorpio, I thank all those who supported this transformation, I thank the spirit of the one that came and left. I thank all! And I am grateful to my own spirit family and the new members that have joined in. I am ready to move forward and further along with the mission you have entrusted me with Divine Mother, God Father!

** PONTIFICATION: The act of speaking out for the purpose of hearing oneself speak. Posturing...speaking to people that don't really care what you say one way or another since you're speaking solely to front yourself as "someone in charge". Speech or written communication that is generally pointless except to cast favorable light upon the speaker or author as if the message were a pronouncement from on high. Usually full of shit.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Power of the Scorpio Full Moon is Rising - the snake coiled at the base of the spin is unraveling, spiraling, moving upward, from the depths in the darkness of your creative core to the heights of the lightness in your vocal cords; through the sexual fluids in my body and the sensual pulse of earth mother. I am feeling it, absorbing it, processing it! It's Orgasmic - like "little deaths" - I die in bits and pieces! I Regenerate! With the Sun in Taurus activating the voice of my womb and the womb of my voice I remain aligned with this Eco-Sexual Alkhemical phenomenon! ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, May 5th brings the Scorpio Full Moon, the day when the Moon rises at sunset and lights up the night! This month's Scorpio Full Moon integrates the two opposing principles of Taurus (security) and Scorpio (healing through crisis and transformation). As the second of the four "power moons," this is the best time of year to wade through the muck of your personal Scorpio swamp in order to reach the peace of your Taurus higher ground.

It's a powerful time! Sing along with me! Dance with it! Surrender to it! ♥