Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ALTERING the Elements of CHANGE!

Reflecting on CHANGE this morning and just how beautiful it is with an intelligence and vibration of its own. Since my collective Green Womb: Egg Stone Journey, I've seen the spirit of change whirling around me through the voices, womb-hearts and spirits of the wombyn I share this journey with. But more importantly, this journey is sharing with me the secret of CHANGE!

CHANGE is a fierce leader, standing on its own, refusing to be pushed or forced. It full blooms on its own time, and when IT is ready. Any thing prior is a fruitless struggle and rejection of SELF. CHANGE works hand in hand with its lover - TIME.

We live in a world that is forever trying to CHANGE the state of everything. Not slim enough, not beautiful enough, addicted to something, not making enough money, not religious enough, not strong enough, not satisfied with life as it is, always needing to CHANGE something about self. I mean there is always something that someone is trying to sell you on changing. From coaching, psychotherapy, education, to mind and physical training... humans invest so much time, money and energy in trying to CHANGE something about them, about their life or about someone else.

What I am learning on this Green Womb journey is that CHANGE happens on its own. It is like a thieve in the night, it comes when you least expect it. It is the essence of unexpected pleasure that sneaks up through you. CHANGE waits patiently for you to make room to allow it, yet we are not very patient about it. CHANGE is always waiting, hanging around, pacing back and forth, seeking to find that portal, that doorway to get through to you. It is smooth and needs to be allowed, never forced nor resisted.

I've battled with food, and suffered the pain and discomfort through my body for some time now. I've struggled with deeply held emotions needing to spread their wings and fly. I've had my recent times of being lazy and letting my body lock back up. NOW, all that is CHANGING and all I did was INSERT the earth between my legs. I am no longer feeding, I am now deeply feeling; I am no longer split or disconnected, I am more connected, more aligned with my body and all vibrations. After all...I am FULL!! My Womb is overflowing and really happy.... that what I put in it is giving to it, feeding it, loving it, stroking it, rubbing it, repairing it, building it, strengthening it....not tearing it down, dumping in it or taking from it. The love vibrations of the earth now radiate from the center of my WOMB...spreading through every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and bone. I've stepped out of my own way.

Now ...Mama Earth's LOVE is spreading through me, emanating from my Womb... and....CHANGE ....is happening on its very own.

Rolling easily & effortlessly...CHANGE is life's promise to YOU. And it can be savored, enjoyed & effective when it is allowed to unfold in its divine selected TIME! ♥ ♥ ♥

CHANGE is a FLOWER it buds on its own!

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