Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back Down "Green" Memory Lane

With a smile on my face and in my heart this Sunday morning, I recall the very first "greenhouse" in my life. I grew up on the West Coast of Africa where Green Living was in effect well before I was even born. Organic foods, water and energy conservation, pesticide free foods growing in my back yard, hormone and drug free chicken and meats, natural clothing, coconut trees standing tall outside my window and coconuts lacing the grounds, fruits waiting to be picked. These were a few of my favorite green things.

I came on this planet through a "Green Birth". I arrived by way of a natural birthing process with the help of a midwife and I was transplanted near the Atlantic Ocean. I was the only child out of 4 daughters who's womb journey and live path would be natural, earthy and green. While growing up, I was teased here and there by my family. They would say that I'd one day become a Nun or that I should start my own church. I believe the Nun description came from a lack of title or words to describe me; the idea originating from our Catholic foundation that we grew up in. But I was and am far from being a Nun, although I was surrounded by them at school and church, there is no way that I would sacrifice the pure pleasure of intimacy and sex for anything or any one. My spiritual interests and practices have always been that of an eco kind, sensual, heart focused and experiential rather than religious. And being of a dominantly earth element (Capricorn/Taurus), my pathway through life has always gravitated towards the natural, the real, the earthy.

My first encounter with a greenhouse was when I was an adolescent. My mother's best friend was probably the only woman who owned and cultivated a "greenhouse" in my entire country. I was named after her. Angelique is our name. She was my beloved godmother. And I always looked forward to visiting her with my favorite part being the tour of the greenhouse and the German Shepards she owned. Aunt Angelique was married to a dentist - Uncle Jake. They had 5 children - two of the boys became doctors. Michael became a physician and Francis became a dentist like his father. The girls were Donna and Ann. And there was Samuel Jerome (SJ) and Jamie who were nephews that lived there. (Jamie used to be a boyfriend of mine. He once got bitten by one of the Shepards and instinctively bit the dog back.) My Aunty Angelique was as beautiful and graceful as the flowers she grew in her greenhouse. She was gentle and very feminine in nature with a soothing and soft voice just like the complexion of her milky skin.

I was fascinated by this glass house - open and visible on all sides - where very lush and green plants and flowers grew constantly. I would sometimes arrive and Aunt Angelique would be in her greenhouse with her gloves on. I'd find her squatting or kneeling on the ground with her hands digging in the soil, fertilizing, planting or with a water jug in her hand feeding and hydrating her babies - plants. To tell the truth, I had no of idea of the environmental or ecological value of this glasshouse called a greenhouse. Although, I also had those squirming moments of seeing creepy crawly creatures and an occasional snake, I grew up loving its spirit, its beauty and a growing desire to one day have my own. I still want to own one and can see it as an annex to my retirement property.

Until then, I love having plants in my home space. Houseplants improve indoor air quality. They add oxygen to the room’s air by the process of photosynthesis. They also add humidity to the air by the process of transpiration. Both of these factors make the air healthier for us to breathe. Indoor house plants remove toxins from the air given off by the materials used to build, decorate and furnish our houses and offices. These toxins include benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. They also help to rid the rooms of other pollutants generated by furnaces, stoves and smoking.
House plants make a beautiful addition to any indoor space. They add color and texture to the room. Attractive indoor house
create impact and give life to any home. So when I go to other people's homes and I see it laced with plastic plants and flowers it always tells of story of the depths of the individual's artificiality.

There are various types of greenhouses. A home greenhouse can be attached to a house or garage, or it can be a freestanding structure. The chosen site and personal preference can dictate the choices to be considered. An attached greenhouse can be a half greenhouse, a full-size structure, or an extended window structure. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. My Aunty Angelique owned a freestanding structure. It stood on its own, detached and was located on her home property separate from her house. Find out more about planning and building a Greenhouse.

I have learned that much of the sun's energy reaches earth as visible light. Of the visible light that enters the atmosphere, about 30% is reflected back out into space by clouds, snow and ice-covered land, sea surfaces, and atmospheric dust. The rest is absorbed by the liquids, solids, and gases that constitute our planet. The energy absorbed is eventually remitted, but not as visible light (only very hot objects such as the sun can emit visible light). Instead, it's emitted as longer-wavelength light called infrared radiation. This is also called "heat" radiation, because although we cannot see in infrared, we can feel its presence as heat. This is what you feel when you put your hand near the surface of a hot skillet. Certain gases in our atmosphere (known as "trace" gases because they make up only a tiny fraction of the atmosphere) can absorb this outgoing infrared radiation, in effect trapping the heat energy. This trapped heat energy makes the earth warmer than it would be without these trace gases. This means that a lot of the light we see during the day is a reflection of the sun's light on the earth. Fascinating eh?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Community Supported Agriculture

"Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food"
Hippocrates in 400 BC

Please consider joining the Winter CSA season and telling your friends about it too.

Appreciate and enjoy an array of items offered weekly for your whole menu, all biodynamic or organic nutrient-dense foods, cooking and eating according to the seasons, and perhaps most important this year is supporting good farm and the spirit of community!

It is a blessing to serve the table with the certainty that your family is nourished with food free of chemicals, hormones and genetically manufactured products and to be supporting farms that heal the earth and protect our food supply.

301-654-4899, box 5 or

Go to for more information.

Winter/Spring Registration Open Now
November 30 2011 – May 23, 2012

Crisp fall apples, fresh winter greens, hearty warming veges for cold Winter days
Support excellent farmers --- and --- food security

Season Schedule: November 2011 – May 2012; 6 months, 24 weeks
o pick up weekly on Wednesdays
o Location: Bethesda, Arlington, Takoma Park, or Washington Waldorf School
o skip 2 weeks at the end of the year (holiday)

Shares include:
o Greens and other vegetables, roots, herbs, fresh fruit, dried fruit, whole grains including sourdough (no yeast) bread, legumes, eggs, cheese, yogurt, homemade pasta, and specialty items to try
o 100% Biodynamic and Organic ; Local/Regional
o There is one share size designed for couple or small family. Single people who love good food and home cooking can use one share. People who are single, travel a lot, or are just getting started with eating whole foods often prefer to split a share with a partner.
o A volunteer opportunity, not mandatory but necessary to run the CSA

Registration forms available
o on the website
o attached to the e-mail announcement
o at pick up sites

Share Price: $900
o Payment: Lump sum or 3 installments of $300 ea dated Nov 1, Jan 1 and Mar 1
o Early Bird installment schedule is Nov, then Jan 1 and March 1 for $300

Half Shares: Partner with a friend, neighbor, relative, co-worker or we can help you find someone to split your membership. You could pick up alternate weeks or divide the share in half every week.

To find out more about . . .
* Why Biodynamic * Why We Love CSA * Volunteering * FAQs * How to use the Food
* Social Transformation * Who is the School of Life . . and to meet the farmers visit us at
Spiritual Food CSA >> 301-654-4899 box #5

On The Spiritual Food CSA

Things have changed since we began operation in 1998:

v There is a high level of awareness of the food/health connection – more people want real food: unprocessed and not tampered with
v People are concerned about food security
v More people want to eat locally and seasonally, and support small farms
v Climate change is affecting farmers and the food supply
v The government is cracking down on farms and on organized people who are trying to maintain there right to healthy food and making it harder and harder for small farms to stay in operation.

There is also lots of fear for the future, and we believe the best response to fear is LOVE:

v Love of life, Mother Earth, oneself, other people near and far, love of all creation
v Love in the broadest sense of the word: trust, faith, accepting, self-sacrifice, all-inclusive; ultimately unconditional
v Love in action

Community Supported Agriculture is one way to put love into action. We encourage your continued commitment, especially as the weather patterns put stress on the farms. This is something we need to remind ourselves of constantly, especially in these times when food security is a concern - how we as a community, with the financial resources we have, can keep alive the ideal of preserving those farms that will safe-keep the land, knowledge and capacity to produce truly healthy food.

What is unique about this CSA? It is founded on these basic principles:
Good Food <> Healthy Soil/Healthy Planet <> Equitable Economics <> Supporting a net of Small Farmers <> Service <> Community

Therefore, we are asking you to consider participating and also to help spread the word about our CSA in your community. Can you post a flyer at work, school, stores, or forward this link to your local list?


although we will take later registrations if there is still space

Moon Planting

Monday, November 7, 2011

Moon Day in Aries

Sweet & Loving Moon Day to U! Today the MOON is in ARIES! And is in the 2nd quarter phase.

The Moon sets the emotional tune and the sign it transits shows the color, tune and clothing the Moon wears and what emotional waves lie deep under. With Moon in Aries, we can be impulsive, emotionally assertive and driven. This Aries Moon supports you if you've got to be dynamic, for a job interview or on a date. You can go ahead and start that short term project (not long term since Aries is good at starting and challenged at finishing) or try to sell your idea to others. Quick short activities are favored, rather than doing any tedious footwork. You can encourage a friend, work on self-promotion materials, or throw a party. The Aries Fire is there. But wait.... its Moon-day so be discerning when it comes to using your fired up Aries sparks.

In the Second Quarter moon (i.e. waxing half moon) the moonlight is strong and increasing. It is a time during which the effects of the moon and the timing of your planting encourage growth. I have a few Mum flowers that I want to plant in the ground. Today and tomorrow are good days for planting such so I hope to take advantage of the Moon's energy.

I also went far back memory lane this morning when I prepared a breakfast meal that I used to eat when I was a little girl growing up in a tropical country. My mother would make two separate pots of Cream of Wheat for me and Oat Meal for my little sister on some mornings. I loved Cream of Wheat and my sister loved Oat Meal. It was great that Mom's could prepare then both. So I picked up a pack of Bob's Red Mill Creamy Wheat Hot Cereal also known as Wheat Farina on Friday and made it for the first time this morning. Talk about an emotional teleport back into childhood. With a bright smile on my face and in my heart, the cereal warmed me up inside.

After letting the dog outdoors to do his thing, I stretched my arms out and raised my head to the great sky and trees that that peeked through the skylight in my kitchen. With heart and mind I reached out to Great Spirit, the Divine Mother and God Father asking what shall I do this day. I immediately spotted a bird sitting on one of the highest limbs. At first I was not sure it was a bird because it was in perfect stillness. I locked my eyes on it to see if there would be any movement. Then I looked elsewhere and quickly returned my gaze to the bird. It was a sizable and pretty bird, sitting. Just sitting. I kept staring and it still did not move. Then I finally realized that my question, my prayer was being answered. BE STILL!! The bird symbolized being still. And that was the perfect message for this Moon day. I am being told to ... BE STILL. :-)

MONDAYS are our MOON Days. A day when nature says connecting with the Moon creates space for Magic; a day of stillness, reflection and going within. Unfortunately we live in a society and world in which Mondays are the most stressful days and thus has taken away the power of what this day intended to be. Did you know that Mondays are the most common day people commit suicide? And did you know that Males complete suicide at a rate 3.6 times that of females. Now you see why?

Feeling Moony? Then be moony! It is an emotional state of being that is filled with messages from inner space and the temple of our hearts. Be still and listen to the distinct voice of your heart.

If you'd like to Talk Astrology and other Magical pathways of living, loving, relating and sexuality then please feel comfortable in reaching out to me @ ecosensualliving at