Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dark & Light MOTHER!

Aaaaah! The beautiful birthing and mothering energies are all around me.  As the Sun waltz down the Cancer ball room or runs free in the poppy fields of summer, the whispers of the divine mother within and without beckons me to see, feel, experience and even taste the blend of both the light and dark energies of the mothering principles. 
In my backyard on the old sensory light, a mother bird has diligently built her nest, laid her eggs and have been nursing them for a few weeks now.  A couple of days ago I observed a bird fly on the nest while mother bird took flight. It looked like they were changing shifts. I discovered that it very well is the male/father bird helping out.  What a beautiful bird culture, I thought. Those moments were heart touching for me. We humans can certainly learn from the animals around us.  As I sit on the back deck each time, absorbing the peaceful breeze and the sun, I admire her wonderful mothering instincts as she never flies far away from her nest and she usually heads for the ground where she scans for what she needs and then flies back on her throne.

On the home front and within my inner walls, my very own mothering energies are rising up in flames burning and moving to the desires and need to mother, nurture and comfort not only my child and all those around me and in my circle, but the need to be with the mother within, to spend time with her, to chat and snuggle up together has been quite alive inside these days.  One thing I discovered is that the mother in me is big on nurturing self and others through food. She tells me that she learned it from my biological mother. Come to visit me and I'll always have food for you.  Food has been the ultimate nurturing material in my life – for better and for worst.

Shortly after the sun entered Cancer, I spoke with my biological mother with whom I’ve struggled with ever since I was a little girl. Our beliefs and methods of mothering have always clashed even when I was a little girl.  The last time I saw here (a year and a half ago) she was in her dark mothering mode and a big clash occurred that sent me off and on my way.  Ever since I was a little girl her dark mothering modes were known for making me feel unloved and unaccepted.   I have struggled with this conflict while shedding many rivers of tears and questioning my own self-worth.  A mother can make or break her children, let alone her nest.  I have grown considerably and have learned that she really has been my teacher all along. I’ve had to learn how to forgive her and how to even protect myself from her dark and destructive ways  I now know it’s wise and healthy to honor the pathway of loving her from a distance.

Cancer also happens to sit at the cusp of my 10th house of career, public image as opposed to private image, the parent of greater influence (usually the mother) and people who may have power or authority over us (bosses, judges, etc.)  Ironically, I dance with all these figures during this transit and I honor the dance and each their spirit. What I’ve come head on with during this particular transit - which also collides with first a lunar eclipse and now a current solar eclipse - is the mothering essence as it has been expressed through my work in the past and how I need to share it with the world today. As a yoga teacher, massage therapist and holistic health practitioner (among other things) I’ve always been told that my touch is very nurturing and comforting.  Clearly, the mother in me seek to come alive in my career path this lifetime around. 

The womb is also ruled by Cancer.  About a year ago, my practice shifted into and began to focus on the womb. I began writing a book on the womb and hit a wall when I came face to face with the depths of my very own.  I attempted to train women to become womb activists and in the process discovered that I had a whole lot more to learn and experience around the womb.  The training literally opened up Pandora’s Box and brought to light a lot of unresolved issues for each participant while making sure I was not left out.  It is time that I reopen the project and forge ahead because it clearly is the path of service and career that I agreed to do and deliver in this lifetime.  And of course, love, relationships and sex are all elements of the womb and cannot be left out of the equation.   Christine DeLorey, of creative numerology helped me see much clearer into the energy dance that July will bring for me.  She reminds me to evoke and activate the magician by knowing, being clear on what I need to change and then changing it.  LOL!! Easier said than done right? But like a mother, I am determined to do what I need to do because the change is already in effect and there’s no turning back.
Stay tuned to the developments over the course of the month of July! I suspect that the universe is ordering me to share it through my public life (career)…. Something I’ve resisted and shied away from for quite some time. And the new moon SOLAR eclipse in Cancer is saying SHARE with the world.  But hey.... that’s the Cancer vibes for you… secretive and private by nature.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I was in the midst of craving the days when I was a part of a very powerful spiritual group that studies the works of Alice Bailey and the Soul Invocation. It was called the Rainbow Meditation group.  I was perhaps the youngest member but clearly my path and purpose sees no age nor gender limitations.  I long for a group of people on a spiritual path that I truly connect with, that are actively doing the healing work as we did in the Rainbow Meditation group.  I am sure there are many spiritual groups out there but there is only a few that I will be able to call upon as a spiritual hub and family because of where I am on my path.  We did deep energy work not only on clearing our karmic past and our energy field (aura) but we worked the President, the White House and could clear any space long before arriving there. I was obsessed with those magical moments of energy work and channeling. And I worked it every single day.  It's simply time to get back on track so today, I sit in ease creating the support system that I require knowing that it or they will appear. Later on that day, one of the members of that spiritual group popped up on the right column of my screen while in facebook like a rabbit out of a hat. I immediately sent him a friend request and a little note.  After hearing back from him, the reconnection reopened the doors of those days and reminded me of the power of intentions, thoughts and feelings.

Speaking of which, this blog entry is really about energy and how our thoughts have shapes, sizes, colors and forms. I studied the works of Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater and used to have their book.... Thought Forms in my personal library. I can't find it so I must reorder it.  Meanwhile, I am sharing some of the images from that book that reveals what certain emotionally filled thoughts actually looks like in the energy world by verification of clairvoyants.

















As knowledge increases, the attitude of science towards the things of the invisible world is undergoingconsiderable modification. Its attention is no longer directed solely to the earth with all its variety of objects, or to the physical worlds around it; but it finds itself compelled to glance further afield, and to construct hypotheses as to the nature of the matter and force which lie in the regions beyond the ken of its instruments. 

It's time that humans begin to think in terms of energy. All is energy and energy takes upon a shape, size and form when its held for a certain period of time. So all my thoughts about someone else take shape in  my energy field and I carry them around with me. Some of us have carried these forms for a long time and they have only served to alter our energy make up for better or for worse. Healing begins with the spirit, spirit is energy and thus is the bare essence of what we are. If we begin to think in terms of energy we will begin to connect deeper with energy and many of us will be able to see energy even more clearer. Living in a world that is technologically driven it is logical even - to say that technology is interfering with humans, the earth and our frequencies and vibrations. 

I assess and determine much and many based on energy readings. All of my life and work is energy centered. I can not massage a body or teach a yoga class without energy awareness and manipulation.  The first and foremost needed to live is air, the breath! So we can begin there with our own breath.

Gotta go. Just wanted to open the doors for you to connect with energy more.... beginning with your own. Order a copy of the book Thought Forms by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater.  Here's a link for more information and details on each chosen illustration above....  ENERGY FORMS!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The Sun enters Cancer: Tuesday June 21 at 1:16 pm EDT

"Cancer knows when you’re hungry before you do. Her eyes are kind but vigilant, watching you like a pot that might boil over. Into summer’s landscape, she carries safety pins, a damp cloth for soothing brows, colored band-aids, and a miracle cleaning fluid from her grandmother. Her people always live by water. She learned to run, eddy and pool, like a stream going down a mountain, soothing all the hard edges, finding every secret, blessing the roots of nearby trees. For a long time I was suspicious of her power. I felt safe in her presence, but wondered. Would her sweet blessings evaporate once she disappeared? I’ve since learned that she means business. Don’t be fooled when she sits so calmly next to you, like a mother by a sleeping infant. She’s feeding you, with quiet spoons of strength, protection, and the knowledge that wherever you are is your home. If you accept what she offers this cycle, it will nurture you for months to come."  ~ Dana Gerhardt

The Work of the Season

Cancer’s question is "Where do I belong?" You need to answer it by refreshing your commitments. The first month of the summer is the time to redraw your boundaries, to name what protects you, to identify who and what encourages your growth. How deep are your roots? If they are shallow or spread too wide, are you running from something, or searching for a richer soil? How nourishing is home? Does it hold a sacred space where you can renew your spirit daily? Who do you call your true family? Touch into the deep inner knowing that flows like a wisdom river in your soul. Recognize that time is always changing and you need to keep current. Let go of the past. Ask: What am I nurturing now? This season you may find a bright acorn in your fingers. It needs you to commit to the great oak it can become.

Moon Watching

I've been moon watching through the Moon workshops of Astrologer Dana Gerdhart for the last 4 months. And it is a wonderful goddess journey that has been very instrumental in deepening my connection with the divine feminine source, as well as with my own personalized female essence - my breasts, my womb, my vagina, etc. I am learning and experiencing more and more the rhythms and rhymes, while cultivating a deeper relationship with grandma moon and her direct play on the womanly force in me and all women (men too of course). She uses the personal chart of each participant so as to determine and create a package with great information, monthly moon charting & transits as well as tasks and assignments that are uniquely in sync with one's own energetic blue print.

I was washing the floors of my home yesterday during the Summer Solstice and knew that with the moon in Pisces they would not dry easily. When the moon is in a fire sign the floors dry up much faster. I have learned that it is best to fast during the full moon because we are energized and this makes it difficult for digestive assimilation. There are better days and time of the month to eat certain foods and our digestive system is well connected to the monthly moon dance.

If there’s ever a time to take a long, luxurious scented bath, it’s during a water sign Moon - Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio. Water can be far more soothing and nourishing now, in ways your senses will slowly start to name. Water days can help to open intuition; too much water and we might drown in self indulgence or apathy.

I've learned that when the moon is in a fire sign - Leo, Sag or Aries - it’s fruit eating time.... the hot/dry qualities of fire signs promote the development of fruit and seeds. Fruit trees planted now may thrive, but little else will, given the day’s dry, infertile quality. It’s a better time to dig, hoe, or weed—or ponder the miracle of seeds rather than planting them. Everything a sweet pea needs to know is written in its seed.

When the moon is traveling through an earth sign - Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo - it's a fertile time of the month because Earth signs are generally fertile, but not so much in Virgo (some summer flowers and climbers can do well). It’s a better day to organize your tool shed, plan your garden, take care of soil and weeds, or rid your garden of pests—aphids, snails, and parasites. These are root times when keeping your feet on the ground, close to the earth is wise. A time to enjoy the stabilizing influence of a good routine.

And when the moon travels through your 8th House it brings up deep and complicated things—
sexuality, transformation, death, rebirth, the flow of metaphysical energy and power, as well as
money, particularly the money you merge and share with another person.

We are rhythmic people! Connecting to the rhythms of nature but especially women connecting to the moon cycles is nature's recipe for a smoother, more beautiful feminine journey.

Belly Listening

Our Cancer practice during this transit is...... BELLY LISTENING!! The surest way to monitor your Cancer function is to check in with your belly. Cancer speaks through gut feelings. I had a Cancer girlfriend who became bulimic as her she suffered severe gastric and digestive pain in silence. She was in a relationship that did not nurture her and was not in her highest good, but she ignored it and endured unnecessary pain and sickness. When we listen to our belly (gut feelings), we might drop anchor or shift direction, choosing the course that resonates with our highest good. When we don't listen to our emotions our belly rebels and the choices we make wreaks havoc on our stomachs. And what we eat can no longer nurture us! If television commercials are a clue, the number of people who don’t listen to their stomachs has reached epidemic proportions. Instead of taking the latest pill for “acid reflux disease” or “stomach upset,” we might instead, especially this month, commit to being more attentive to our feelings. Most times its a call from within to listen to and clarify what we are feeling so that we can act accordingly.

As the Sun transits Cancer (June 21 - July 21), notice whenever you or a loved one begins a sentence with “I feel…” Before the next sentence, pause. Breathe deeply into your gut. Then ask what this feeling wants you to recognize. All feelings – anger, shame, fear, joy, love – have an energetic truth that needs to be honored. Anger tells us that our boundaries have been breached. Shame is a signal to restore our integrity. Anxiety is often intuition gone haywire – it’s mixed with a memory wound that wants healing. Welcoming these emotions rather than resisting them is the best way to take care of your beautiful belly this summer. And of course adding sprinkles of belly dancing throughout this month and during Cancer Moon times is a wonderful way to celebrate the power of your feelings and honor the space in your body where we house them.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Flower your Drinks!

There are some real creative ways to savor the beauty of flowers. Like freezing them for example. Now if I could keep an ice cube frozen then it would be a cool and wet addition to the neat artsy and crafty things I like to have around me and in my home.  It's a real cool way to brighten and enjoy your summer drinks and yes....impress your guests.

With the guidance of Martha Stewart here's how you prepare the flower ice cubes:

To suspend flowers in the cubes, work in layers:
  • Fill an ice tray (one that makes large cubes so the ice will last longer) a quarter of the way with water, add flowers facing down, and freeze. 
  • Add more water to fill halfway, and freeze.  
  • Fill to the top, and freeze again.
  • For ice that's especially clear, use distilled water that has been boiled and then cooled. This limits impurities and air bubbles, which make ice cloudy.
It is best to use edible flowers, such as orchids, nasturtiums, pansies, geraniums, and snapdragons, that have been grown to be eaten (they are not treated with chemicals). You can find edible flowers at Whole Foods and some other supermarkets. Check out your local flower shops as well as The large ice cubes trays can be found at Williams-Sonoma,  Pier 1 Imports and other similar places.

Excerpt from Martha Stewart Living "Good Things" May 2011.

Other fun and innovative things you can do to extend the life and look of your flowers are: create potpourris, flower baths, lace your bed with the pedals of roses to enhance your healing love sessions; place leaves (fresh or dry) in your clothes drawers to give it a nice natural smell or you could even make live flower pictures by framing them.

Have any other ideas with flowers? Share them here in my comment box. :-)