Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Warrior Tuesday

It's Tuesday in this part of the hemisphere. The first quarter of the Moon phase is half way through. It'll fully transition into the Gibbous Moon by the time you wake up on Friday morning. The moon is also in the earthly sign of Taurus when more folks are usually grazing the grass like the old cow, but today - Tuesday is the Warrior's Day and is ruled by hot and fiery Mars.

Have you ever noticed that the work week begins on Tuesday? You have lingered over Monday's emotions long enough - recovered from the weekend and tried to ground yourself. It's my day of organizing, clearing, being moony, getting my face on and warming up to step back into the grid come Tiw day. On Tuesday we enter the rat race, fight our own battles, attack piles of work, give orders, make our wills known. We go after the things we want and cast spells to attract the things we need.

"Tuesday" comes from the Anglo-Saxon "Tiwensdaeg", after Tiw, the god of battle. The Romans called this day "dies Martis" after their god of war, Mars (hence the French "Mardi"). I read once that a police station in Florida whose nickname for this day was "Bloody Tuesday" because officers noticed the violence increased. Hot tempers and conflicts can erupt more easily on Tuesdays. But if you've given your inner warrior a meaningful quest, Tiw will bless you with heroism and strength. This morning my son stormed out of the house because I told him to come home directly after school rather than go to the recreation center. I need him - but his body more so - to take a nap to repair his growing body/mind from all the excitement from this New Year's weekend. But of course he is resisting.

As I write this there is a fire truck on my street outside my window. Red all over with flashing lights. Now that is rather martian.

If there is an important task that you've been avoiding, call on the will of Mars to help you accomplish this now - today. Dress the part on Tuesday - wear something that makes you feel empowered and decisive. Pause at the front door before leaving your house. Visualize a sphere of protection, like a suit of armor, surrounding you. As a goddess you can move through the world with grace and poise this day rather than with an armored suit on ready to kill. Weave into your armor some fragrant roses and lavender leaves. Leave your house this Tuesday feeling protected, centered, strong and sweet like the rose you are.

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