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Community Supported Agriculture

"Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food"
Hippocrates in 400 BC

Please consider joining the Winter CSA season and telling your friends about it too.

Appreciate and enjoy an array of items offered weekly for your whole menu, all biodynamic or organic nutrient-dense foods, cooking and eating according to the seasons, and perhaps most important this year is supporting good farm and the spirit of community!

It is a blessing to serve the table with the certainty that your family is nourished with food free of chemicals, hormones and genetically manufactured products and to be supporting farms that heal the earth and protect our food supply.

301-654-4899, box 5 or

Go to for more information.

Winter/Spring Registration Open Now
November 30 2011 – May 23, 2012

Crisp fall apples, fresh winter greens, hearty warming veges for cold Winter days
Support excellent farmers --- and --- food security

Season Schedule: November 2011 – May 2012; 6 months, 24 weeks
o pick up weekly on Wednesdays
o Location: Bethesda, Arlington, Takoma Park, or Washington Waldorf School
o skip 2 weeks at the end of the year (holiday)

Shares include:
o Greens and other vegetables, roots, herbs, fresh fruit, dried fruit, whole grains including sourdough (no yeast) bread, legumes, eggs, cheese, yogurt, homemade pasta, and specialty items to try
o 100% Biodynamic and Organic ; Local/Regional
o There is one share size designed for couple or small family. Single people who love good food and home cooking can use one share. People who are single, travel a lot, or are just getting started with eating whole foods often prefer to split a share with a partner.
o A volunteer opportunity, not mandatory but necessary to run the CSA

Registration forms available
o on the website
o attached to the e-mail announcement
o at pick up sites

Share Price: $900
o Payment: Lump sum or 3 installments of $300 ea dated Nov 1, Jan 1 and Mar 1
o Early Bird installment schedule is Nov, then Jan 1 and March 1 for $300

Half Shares: Partner with a friend, neighbor, relative, co-worker or we can help you find someone to split your membership. You could pick up alternate weeks or divide the share in half every week.

To find out more about . . .
* Why Biodynamic * Why We Love CSA * Volunteering * FAQs * How to use the Food
* Social Transformation * Who is the School of Life . . and to meet the farmers visit us at
Spiritual Food CSA >> 301-654-4899 box #5

On The Spiritual Food CSA

Things have changed since we began operation in 1998:

v There is a high level of awareness of the food/health connection – more people want real food: unprocessed and not tampered with
v People are concerned about food security
v More people want to eat locally and seasonally, and support small farms
v Climate change is affecting farmers and the food supply
v The government is cracking down on farms and on organized people who are trying to maintain there right to healthy food and making it harder and harder for small farms to stay in operation.

There is also lots of fear for the future, and we believe the best response to fear is LOVE:

v Love of life, Mother Earth, oneself, other people near and far, love of all creation
v Love in the broadest sense of the word: trust, faith, accepting, self-sacrifice, all-inclusive; ultimately unconditional
v Love in action

Community Supported Agriculture is one way to put love into action. We encourage your continued commitment, especially as the weather patterns put stress on the farms. This is something we need to remind ourselves of constantly, especially in these times when food security is a concern - how we as a community, with the financial resources we have, can keep alive the ideal of preserving those farms that will safe-keep the land, knowledge and capacity to produce truly healthy food.

What is unique about this CSA? It is founded on these basic principles:
Good Food <> Healthy Soil/Healthy Planet <> Equitable Economics <> Supporting a net of Small Farmers <> Service <> Community

Therefore, we are asking you to consider participating and also to help spread the word about our CSA in your community. Can you post a flyer at work, school, stores, or forward this link to your local list?


although we will take later registrations if there is still space

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Foods in the mode of ignorance or darkness are essentially those that are not fresh. Any food cooked more than three hours before it is eaten (except prasādam, food offered to the Lord) is considered to be in the mode of darkness.