Monday, May 14, 2012

A Reading of the MOTHER Consciousness!

Birth Mandala by Amy Swagman

I AM the DIVINE MOTHER! I am the infinite symbol of the birthing and nurturing powers that prevail the planet not only during the annual Mother's Day celebration as the MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS take center stage - but at all times. So how expansive is your idea or ideals of the MOTHER? Is it just a day or is it a journey?

The MOTHERING path is not always filled with sugar and spice and all that's nice. In fact, most wombmyn have issues with their maternal mothers. So this day can bring up a lot of smoke from the dungeon within, while the media and social media flashes one-sided cards of the Mother's face. Mother's Day can resurrect painful emotional memories for some, and open up deep wounds for others. So what about those wombmyn whose earthly mother path is devastating? From being at war with their birth mother, being horrible in their role as a mother, to not being able to bear the ultimate fruits that label you as mother? No matter how anti-mother you are, you can always find peace with the mother essence as it lives within you. And this is a giant step towards healing thyself. You can begin by finding out your Moon sign - which symbolizes the mother, women in general, feelings - and how they all play out in your life. As well, you can begin to develop a relationship with the oldest mother and intuitive guides of all times - the Moon!

I am now offering mini Goddess Spirit Readings that embody the Moon, Venus & the Spirit of your Womb - all of which are divine feminine portals to your inner Goddess!! How does she need to be nurtured? How does your inner goddess want to be expressed? What are her needs? What is her style of loving and relating? What's the current transits to your Moon and the areas of your life they are affecting? These and other questions can be answered in a mini reading for only $25.00 sent directly to your email box. If you want a telephone reading then it is 30 minutes for $40, 45 minutes for $50.00 and an hour for $65.00

I need your date, time & place of birth for readings. Send an email to:

Let me help you find and awaken your inner goddess!

The Moon's Story

One night 13 hungry ghosts, plotted and schemed to capture the moon and bury it in a hole, and cover it. In distracting Mother Moon, the hungry ghosts gathered up the cloak and threw it over Mother Moon. They tied a knot in the bottom so almost no light could escape.

Her light disappeared under the cloth and all that could be heard were her muffled cries for help. Those thirteen hungry ghosts jumped on top of her and wrestled her to the ground. They dug an enormous pit with their gnarled hands and dragged her down into the tomb. Then they rolled an enormous granite boulder over the pit and buried Mother Moon alive.

All that remained was the tiniest lip of glowing silver light around the base of the boulder. Now, even her muffled pleas for help could not be heard.

The world was enveloped by the darkness and the hungry ghosts were unleashed to feast upon the children,
now vulnerable without Mother Moon. Night after night, the children tried to find places to hide, disconnected
from one another and terrified while the ghosts ate them alive. They devoured them with insatiable hunger.

But there was hope. Even in these darkest times, there was one courageous and smart child who refused to forget. She decided that the only way her people were going to survive would be to gather a search party and set out to find and rescue Mother Moon. She formed a small tribe and set out for the forest.

After many nights of fruitless searching and near deadly encounters with the hungry ghosts, the search party decided it was of no use. It was time to surrender. They felt despondent as they turned back toward their village, knowing full well that there may be not a single child left alive to come home to. As they trudged along with their eyes to the ground, the smart child kept her head held high. She knew she must be watchful, for opportunity favors the prepared mind.

Suddenly, she noticed a strange light, a lip of silver radiating around the base of a boulder. “That must be Mother Moon!” She exclaimed, tugging at the hand of the child next to her. With a renewed energy and hopefulness, the children pushed the boulder out of the way. Mother Moon threw off her cloak and leapt from her tomb. She beamed at her children as she rose into the sky. With every stride, her light increased tenfold. She found her place again among the stars and once again her children were safe in her loving radiance.

In order to find the light of the DIVINE FEMININE as it glows in you, you must find the rhythmic light of the MOON as she shines in you.

It is not enough to celebrate the MOTHER on just one day or to see her in one way. LISTENING to the Moon's Lyrics and FEELING her as she glows in you...takes you into a genuine space that blends the complex energies of the SUPREME MOTHER so that you are never lost for long or separated from your FEMININE & INTUITIVE SELF!

Get a MOON READING! It will help rescue the lost Mother in YOU and will empower the DIVINE FEMININE as it lives in your. Schedule a Goddess Spirit (Moon) READING today! Men can also access their feminine self through a Moon Reading. This empowers you to relate to the divine feminine through your relationships with women and in its many ways. Email your info @

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