Friday, May 18, 2012

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Your VENUS can tell on YOU!

VENUS is the banner you wear that attracts your perfect partner or heart-soul mate! My Venus in Sag banner says... ADVENTUROUS! I love with a spirit of freedom, cultural diversity (its nice if he comes with an accent & speaks 2 or more languages), earth spirited and sporty fun and with a need to expand through my relations, otherwise, like a sunless flower I wither and soon die. What does yours say? We each have a specific set of cue cards for the individual or peopl...e we're going to be comfortable with. She is your innate goddess-given power to attract exactly who and what you want. Simple? Well, not really! If it was that simple many more wombmyn would have HAPPINESS - Venus's goal! Knowing and understanding the symbolic and spiritual meaning of your VENUS will take you to your happiness.

Do you understand the difference between attractive (good-looking) and being attract-ive (able to attract). Understanding your attract-ive power goes way beyond the promise of romance, your adornments or sexy shoes and into the realm of spiritual connection and transcendent heart-soul mate love. Understanding how to think with your VENUS elevates your attract-ive powers to a whole new level of sensual expression.

When the things, people, and ways we naturally love and enjoy are shamed, distorted, or one-dimensional, the same goddess that leads us by the hand to love also leads us to confusion. No wonder so many women are baffled about the real source of their attract-ive powers.

Astrology continues to teach me that Venus is not just about surface beauty but she is also about SOUL beauty, enjoyment and pleasure. The more you know what makes you truly and organically happy, the more magnetically receptive you become! My personal VENUS in Sagittarius helped me answer these questions:

What do you enjoy?
What makes life worth living?
What turns you off and on?
What give you wild, orgasmic unlimited pleasure?
What gets you in the mood?
What curls you toes and excites my heart?
Who do you imagine coming to you at night in your dreams, meeting you as your soul mate?

Navasha Daya,
formerly of the group Fertile Grounds is a fellow Venus Sagittarius goddess. So is Tina Turner, Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Fonda, Christina Aguilera and Sinead O'Connor - just to name a few. (Don't confuse the Sun sign with the Venus sign.)

Ooooo Lala.... you must thank VENUS for showing you that the goddess of love is related to the rest of your life. She is 'relatedness' itself. She is EROS! Now you can THINK with your VENUS!! (Not think like a MAN.)

It's the Goddess season! Get your own unique GODDESS LOVE spiritual reading! You'll be amazed at what you discover in the mirror of love! Dare discover your attract-ive powers!

Art sketch of Tina Turner

WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? Let your Venus tell you!!

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