Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LOVERS MEDITATION - Love Without The Limits!

Golden sunrise moments with my lover melts my heart from the flames of fire aroused in the midst of this sweet morning's arrival. Spending at least 15 minutes with my lover on the back deck, doing a couple of partner yoga poses, breathing into each other's heart, through the union of our hands is the pill I look forward to popping. Taking a soul journey through the eyes of each other, his parting draws mine his with a magnetic draw as I looked into his eye to see a vision of his soul. What we both feel is indescribable; our lights glow brighter the longer we stare, growing and glowing engulfing us with its warm tingling sensations and what felt like a ball of soft, gentle,fluffy, cushiony light.

Nature's orchestra plays in the background with birds chirping and wagging their wing tails, grasshoppers skipping, worms wiggling, bugs bugging, squirrels rocking their waists to the tunes and the melodic notes that emit from the heart of earth's awakening womb. As we breathe, she takes away that which we no longer need. As as we exhale we give to her some of the life she's graciously breaths into us. It's an exchange with her and its a sensual exchange between my lover and I.

These are priceless moments no one, and I mean absolutely nothing, can take away from us. For 15 minutes no technology exists, no expectations, no interference from the busy humans - it's just he and I - the vibes of nature flowing through is feeding and tuning us up for a brand new day. Then we sit and sip our morning infused teas. He drinks mullein and I drink red raspberry leaves. We are totally bundled up, eco-sensual lovers in these precious timeless moments that holds something beautiful and healing within in; a new day awaits us and gives us a promise of love... without the limits!!

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