Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am committed to take more life in today; through deeper breaths I expand my heart, my chest and my lungs with the essence of life and with each exhale I give back life to the universe.

I am committed to LOVE today. To love myself and others unconditionally, to eco-consciously experience what that is like, to catch myself as I begin to fall into moments of non-loving and to laugh at myself while I switch back to the channel of loving again.

I am committed to fueling my creative fire and to keeping the waters of my womb flowing while allowing my sexual needs and desires to not go unnoticed. I'll know its a call from within and I'll take the time to listen and follow through.

I am committed to eco-sensually experiencing my body today - taking moments to remember where I live - making sure I discern what I let in and not forgetting to dispose of the waste that I took in.

I am committed to being with my feelings and accepting my emotions as friends. I will cry when I need to, laugh, be angry, be protective and fierce or even sad and vulnerable when its called for. I don't have to hold back my emotions like a dam, I can my feelings flow.

I am committed to participating in nature's theater, to moving with the dramatic moments while being one with its wonderful times. I walk upon the stage of life playing the role called for in any given moment; to have dialogues with the trees, roll around in the grass and take in the cues and signals nature whispers to me. I'll wave back to the leaves that wave to me, and whistle back to the bird that perches on the branch in front on me. As I walk the earth today, I'll know that she holds me up and never lets me down, she is both my home and the playground I carry in that secret space within the crystal cavern of my heart!

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