Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The FEET - Where Spirit Meets Earth


PISCES rules the FEET. And taking care of your FEET is the most fitting way to end this Pisces cycle by acknowledging this often neglected part of your anatomy. Your feet are where your Spirit meets the Earth.

Native American elders suggest we’ve lost valuable information by shutting off this communication between earth and soul by wearing shoes (trading “soles” for “soul”). Acupuncture and reflexology are based in the belief that our feet hold sensitive points connected to our whole body.

Metaphysicians teach that cramped or aching feet indicate problems with the future—of moving forward in life. At least once this Moon phase connect deeply with your feet. Pick a routine walk—from your bed to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the dining room — and go slowly, with full awareness of your feet. Connect this movement to your breath: stepping on your left foot with the in-breath, on the right with your exhale. Notice how your consciousness has altered.

Relax during this Pisces (water sign) Moon by listening to your FEELINGS. Right now I want to curl up back in bed because I went over the edge yesterday with my dance exercise routine. My FEET were alive! But today, my body is paying. So I will do just that because that's how I am FEELING and I CAN!

Be good to yourself so you don’t feel like a martyr by the end of the day. This is a great day to take yourself to
the movies, especially the sentimental kind that inspires a wonderful cry. I have already had my first stream of tears this morning before making it here to post this. So if you're welling up, let the tears flow on water Moon days, for a calming, healing effect. Or you could chop an onion—water Moons are great for cooking and eating vegetables.

Although the Sun just arrived in Aries, the Moon is in Pisces and is still in it's monthly darkness. So before you go charging head first with the Aries vibes tingling inside of you, pause and rest for a couple of days. On Thursday, the Sun and Moon aligns - its the New Moon phase then so you have nature's permission to MOVE FORWARD! <3

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