Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SPRING: Nature's New Year

"At the top of the world, high above the clouds, twelve spirits sit around a campfire, arguing good-naturedly
about which season is best… each awaiting their turn to take the stage…."

Aries never looks before he leaps. His mother forgot to mention if you run with a stick you could poke an eye out. At six, he challenged bullies who were twice his size. When Aries built his castle, he made the ceilings tall as sequoia trees. He strung an acrobat’s tightrope from room to room -- sixty feet up, without a net. He flies a hang-glider from the bedroom to the library, where there are books everywhere. Biographies and autobiographies -- all about him. How he crossed the Alps with Hannibal, wrestled grizzlies, escaped from pirates; he’s even been to the Moon. Aries is popular with the ladies – the celestial ladies. They guide his feet up snow-bound mountains, snap trees in his opponent’s face, send magic rope, golden eagles and unbeatable swords his way, just in the nick of time. Ask them why and you don’t get the usual answers.
He’s handsome, of course, dripping with youthful enthusiasm. He’s got strength to die for. Sexy too. But it’s his heart they swear they love. So pure. Whatever he does, he believes in. “I wasn’t always this way,” he confesses. “I was reckless, an egomaniac. Until I burnt my house down by playing with fire. I spent the whole night studying the flames. By morning, I had learned its language. Fire leaps up with love, you know, and has more secrets to teach than a forest of trees. If you can draw it into your heart and contain it, you’ll achieve impossible things.”'

"WHO AM I?" is the quintessential Aries question. You won't get the answer by navel-gazing. You must get into motion. The work of the first month of Spring is to break out and break through. Like a green shoot pushing up through the ground after its silent winter metamorphosis. The plant is on a journey to find out what it can become – and so are you. Results are less important now than action. Seek new experiences. They’ll deliver what you need along the way, quickening the flames of young spirit, evoking your courage, building your strength and bringing a new awareness of yourself. Aries is pure life force rising through the body.

Only the dead—or those who live in high rises with shuttered windows—are unmoved by the energy of Spring. A revered ancient Chinese text, Inner Classic, describes the supernatural forces at work this season: These forces appear to us through the color green. They stimulate our voices to make a shouting sound: Yeeeehah!! and Aaaaiiiiiii! They careen through our emotional bodies whenever anger--or the yearning for new adventure--stirs. These forces shape our eyes, our liver and our tendons. They send wind through the Heavens and plant wood on Earth. They are within us and all around us. Nutritional expert, Paul Pitchford in Healing with Whole Foods, advises us to exercise these forces with yang activities —take brisk walks, rise with the sun, reflect the active ascending nature of the time. Our soul, he says, is nourished through the eyes by spring’s green color. And we often find that our appetite for food decreases naturally. Instinctively, we want to cleanse ourselves from the fats and heavy foods that warmed us in winter—as well as the afflicting emotions of dissatisfaction, impatience, and non-productive anger that have collected in our bodies. We crave live, energetic raw foods; our bodies want an inner spring too. When the liver is cleansed of its sluggishness, our perception also clears. We see life in a new way. Everything about this season sings of renewal. May you enjoy yours!

It's the SPRING EQUINOX! Equal day and equal night! How can you find balance between your inner world and your outer reality, your mind and your heart, your head and your feet, others and yourself?

May Spring feed the FIRE in your HEART! Much love to you at this SPRING EQUINOX!

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