Sunday, December 25, 2011

Womb Contemplation

As womban, we each have and carry a WOMB. Normally, when we talk about the womb and its parts, we talk about what it can do for us, what pleasure we can get from it, how many children it can bring forth, an upcoming routine pap smear or an emergency doctor's visit, menstruation- how long or painful, and the way a man fucked it; a giggle or a whisper, a secret that is shameful. Some hate it or love it, rail against it, or lust for it, accuse it of evil or praise it for its good. Yet most of us understand it far less than we do those other "facts of life." And many have not stood in its presence the way they might with the admiration of a fabulous dress or shoes, a moment of pure awe at nature's magical beauty, or with the same respect for someone idolized, the passion you have for money, or with the same kind of faith you have in a God.

Yet the womb has more power, magic and purpose than we consciously know or have allowed it. A gateway to worlds long forgotten and unknown, it's essence expands the globe and extends beyond the clouds, reaches pass the floors of the ocean; its roots deeper than the oldest tree.

Let us contemplate the meaning of our WOMB. Really really reflect on it, sit in it, taste its essence and drink from it. Let us take some time to just breathe through it and listen to its guidance. When we embark upon a journey to GREEN our wombs, we will then begin to tap into it's ancient wisdom, decipher its codes, hear its song, do its dance, while learning its beautiful, sacred language. May you uncover the womb of your HEART and learn how to live and create from the heart of your WOMB!

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