Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moon Signs & Faces

Bonjour! Guten Tag! Aloha! Ciao! Moshi Moshi! Alô? ¡Hola! Sijambo! Hey!

As you can see I'm traveling the world today with the MOON as my transporter. Join me!!

So how's your womb today? The Moon is currently in Aquarius but it goes into fertile Pisces at 6:45pm EST today so I ask that you pay attention to the shift as it reveals itself through your womb and emotions, the weather, animals, your plants or garden, the waters and those around you. With the Moon currently in Aquarius many of us have been experiencing an edge of FREEDOM in our WOMBS over the last couple of days, some of us are edging on or feeding that independent, revolutionary spirit, the unconventional vibes of this electrifying and eclectic sign. An air sign Moon has the qualities of hot and moist which is exactly how the weather was last night. Think of a rain forest, teeming with activity, ripe with odors, its green forest leaves busily returning oxygen to the air. When moisture meets heat, there is movement. Think of blood circulating through your veins, air moving in and out your lungs, sound and scents traveling in the wind. Air sign days feel lighter than other days; fresh, alive and in motion. Your eyes may be drawn skyward, to the flight of a bird, leaves rustling in the wind. Your thoughts may be nimble or restless. Our WOMBS do resonate with the MOON and the waters of our bodies go through many different currents and waves of emotions every single month. If you follow the Moon you begin to see yourself through the Moon and be one with your WOMB!

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, thus it is the Sun's Shadow. It symbolizes your FEELING RESPONSES to life in general and being SUBJECTIVE to the will of others. In CHILDHOOD, while your will was still UNCONSCIOUS, having your SECURITY NEEDS met made you totally DEPENDENT upon others, especially your MOTHER. (I am capitalizing all key words associated with the Moon.) :-)

Consequently, much of your PERSONALITY became conditioned by the HABITS and BIASES of your MOTHER, your FAMILY, CLASS, RACE, etc., for good or ill. Positively this gives you a sense of BELONGING and INNER SUPPORT, whereas negatively it can amount to CLANNISHNESS, a FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN and CLINGING TO THE PAST, which can effectively eclipse your individual sense of being - which is the Sun.

Your Moon-sign position therefore shows how you experience life subjectively, how you REACT to it as a result of maternal and other conditioning. It also shows how you INSTINCTUALLY seek to satisfy your own needs and SYMPATHIZE with those of others.

The Lunar sense comes more naturally to females, so for males they may be attracted to females who embody their Moon-Sign qualities. Thus a man chooses a woman that is like his mother. Sooner or later, through life's experiences and relationships, you come to realize and to express the qualities of your EMOTIONS.

Greening your Womb requires not only that you use natural earth friendly products, practive eco-sex, wearing eco-friendly, clean underwear or none at all; feed it wholesome healthy & green foods and care for it with self touch and to satisfy its insatiable hunger for pleasures and thirst for creation - child or otherwise - but being green in your womb requires that you understand its language, its own unique voice. For although we all carry a womb or come with one - your Womb is an expression of YOU and only YOU!

Do you know the face of your MOON-WOMB? Wise women do!!

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