Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MOON WATCH: Earthly Pleasures-R-Us!

Our radiant Moon has just entered the beautiful, sensual sign of Taurus on this damp and sun-shy morning. Taurus combines the warmth of the Sun with the cozy warmth of Lady Venus and the Force behind this sensual sign is Comfort - with a capital "C". Earthly Pleasures-R-Us! I know intimately because I am a recipient of a Taurus Moon combined with Jupiter so with me I am and need plenty of that. I love fuzzy quilts, soft blankets, lots of pillows, warm soft clothing on my skin, a zen garden in my home, walking barefooted or naked at other times, long, hot bubble baths, naturally scented candles, earth's healing stones, aromatherapy -bergamont, lemongrass, lavender, ylang ylang, sweet orange are a few of my favorite.

I am playing music in the background which lingers from my intense dance work-out this morning. I am still moving my body and enjoying the power of the invisible musical waves that flows through every cell in me. Snapping my finger and really feeling good, I am immersed in the essence of this Moon as it touches me natally. We Taurus influenced folks love to be in Venusian situations, we absolutely enjoy art galleries, restaurants, beautiful home and spaces and more. And its always a delight being around Venusian people I love - doing Venusian things. If you have any Venus ruled friends then get together with them during this Taurus Moon.

With the Moon in Taurus until Thursday at 6:34pm it's a great time to listen to music, pick fragrant flowers from outdoors or buy some, work in the garden, spruce u your home space or office or engage in other experiences that give you pleasure. Yes, its also a delicious time to make love to yourself or another. It's a touchy, feely time so indulge your senses in a healthy way.

Since Taurus rules the throat - our avenue of expression and channel of creativity - it's also the best time to do something that can soothe and balance that part of the body. A nice soothing cup of herbal tea with a lemony, honey natural flavor, sweet rose or even an apple cinnamon spice infusion are a few nice options. A massage to the neck and shoulders using a few drops of lavender essential oil can be quite beneficial. Taurus also governs the thyroid gland so singing will open up your creative channel. Enjoy the sound of your own voice. And if you are having a sore throat or stiffness in your neck or developing a cold then this may mean you've been swallowing words that need expressing. The wise counsel says avoid surgery of tonsil or teeth during this time.

Make sure to particularly protect your throat and ears during the Taurus Moon. A great day for scarves if its chilly outside. Taurus is all about sensuality & the senses while the moon is about feeling & our emotions. Connect the two and engage in experiences that evoke pleasure or allow you to give pleasure to another. Your kinesthetic senses may be especially heightened during this time and can serve as an additional tool to tune into how you feel about certain situations and people.

So how are you feeling during this Taurus Moon? Notice the connection between the Moon and the events that take place in and around you? I'd love to hear how you are experiencing this sensual Taurus Moon which lasts until Thursday, the 8th of Dec at 6:34pm est and them off to Gemini it goes. So enjoy it and remember to give lots of hugs and kisses to those you love today. Those hugs will have a magical touch that will be especially warm and healing!

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