Friday, December 2, 2011

Lost Between the Moons

The title of this blog is one way to describe a Moon "Void-of-Course". And I am writing this one precisely at the onset of a very long void-of-course. The Moon just left Pisces a little after 1pm est and is now in between or in the gap before it reaches its next destination - the Aries zone - a little after 8pm est tomorrow night. That's a 31 hour void-of-course.

The transient void-of-course Moon is not the time to start new things, force issues or carry out important negotiations. Neither should we go on a shopping spree, unless we like having "useless" unused or unusable items just taking up space. I have a couple of pieces that I purchased and never wore. It's either hanging in my closet, standing without my feet in them or tucked away in my jewelry box. Sounds familiar? This is a time to kick back, relax, meditate, and to tend to unfinished tasks; an excellent time to polish off creative projects and those requiring imagination.

Before looking further at the natal void-of-course Moon, let's focus on the Moon's role first. It is the heavenly body, which reflects the rays of the Sun. The Sun is vitality, ego and the most prominent planet in the natal chart - the Moon shows its reflection. Reflection is an interesting phenomenon, pick up a photograph of yourself or stand in front of the mirror. Does one of your eyebrow sit higher or is there a birthmark on one side of your face? If you're naked, does one of your breast appear bigger than the other? Do you look like the picture you hold up? You may say no while another may say yes. Fascinating isn't it? You see the opposite of that image reflection in the mirror. Now think about the reflection of ourselves that others bring for us to see of ourselves that which we see in them and deny seeing or accepting in ourselves.

When it comes to our Moon expressions - there is no right or wrong reaction, responses or emotions. There are simply difference. So an Aries Moon woman will not respond emotionally the same as a Gemini Moon woman. The Aries Moon woman reacts instantaneously and does something about it while the Gemini Moon woman wants to talk about it first. Someone with a "void-of-course" natal moon will react totally different. In fact you are likely to get no reaction from them, at the very least it is not an apparent, visual response. They have a different perspective than we "on-course-moon" people. As for "void-of-course" people, there is incredible depth to their perceptions and immense control over their reactions. It is, as if they know something that us on-course-Moon people cannot fathom.

Knowing the Moon sign and emotional language of yourself and your lover or significant other can help you determine emotional compatibility and help you better understand how you and your partner or friend responds emotionally to life. Most relationships fail, fall apart or are emotionally draining and destructive because each person may be speaking a different emotional language. This means poor emotional communications and a very low emotional IQ (intelligence quotient).

During "void-of-course" moon times, people are non-committal, almost indecisive, less focused on the practical issues of life and temporarily without a focused direction. If you want a loan, a new job, or to avoid a tax audit, proceed with Moon thusly placed and you'll have nothing to worry about or nothing will come of it.

Moon void-of-course times are best enjoyed with flexibility and a sense of going with the flow. Finish up the old and if you can, just sleep it off and enjoy the moments of being lost between the moons.

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