Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wet Moon Musing

Waters are rising as the Moon grows into its fullness. Micro ponds scattered upon her body sketching a wet portrait of the landscape; Earth’s sexual beans percolating as she offers you a sip of her erotic morning freshness. The stimulating aroma is the gradual awakening foreplay that rouses the cells in the assortment of organisms that her body gracefully nurtures and hosts. Fluids fill her swollen lips as the sky ejaculates with millions of drips from its pure orgasmic juices seeping through her dark, crunchy and salty body.

The eggs of the tiniest creatures come into formation through the sweet sensual fluids and the rising of Earth’s sexual energy springing up from the nurturing waters of her womb and the fire in her heart that kindles her body with eternal warmth.

This is my birth Moon in Taurus. This moon creates a fertile garden where love seeds play and dreams dance naked. I walk outside and stand in the muddy, cushiony forms that kiss me feet, I lie and roll on her fairly firm bed, rolling all over her madness that contour and hold up my feet. With arms stretched apart I slowly part my lips, the thousand drips of the sky’s juice land like moist pedals on my silky facial skin. The cooling rays of the feminine pregnant Moon infused with the spices of the masculine erect sun while the drenched earth kneads the sole of my feet.

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