Thursday, December 22, 2011

TOOT YOUR HORN: A Ritual for the Capricorn New Moon

This new moon ritual is too hot not to drop on you. I got it from my moon astrologer friend - Simone Butler. Take it and make it happen. Love, Surya


Tooting Your Horn

The Capricorn New Moon (9:30 p.m. PST on Dec. 24) initiates a new cycle for your work and higher calling. With all the planets in forward motion from Dec. 25 thru Jan. 22, it’s a great time to launch something new, or renew your commitment to the work you love.

It’s time to activate your Fame gua – the area of your home directly opposite your front entry. Add some red or fiery elements to this area, or a symbol of the work for which you’d like to become known. Then, perform this ritual as near to the New Moon as possible.

You will need: Access to a computer, or pen and paper, and a red candle.

Being recognized for your accomplishments, talents or opinions can bring up insecurities. The New Moon period that covers the next month is about putting yourself out there despite any fears. You may want to start on a small scale. At the New Moon, commit to doing one of the following:

* Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about a timely issue that matters to you. Be bolder than usual in the way you express yourself.

* Do a blog or Facebook post, expressing a potentially controversial opinion about something, or tooting your own horn in some way.

* Approach an authority figure about hiring you, or buying, publicizing or representing your work. Express confidence in your abilities.

At the New Moon, light a red candle and affirm your courageous next step, along with the results you’d like to see in terms of acknowledgment and recognition. Then, follow through, do what’s required to manifest your intentions, and see what happens!

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