Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What kind of AIR are you BREATHING?

AIR is our most important food. Breathing is most vital to our survival. This point is often most neglected. What happens to my body without air to breathe? My life immediately ends.

Even though this is of utmost importance, we are hardly conscious that we have to take care of this very important FOOD. Not only are poisonous gases of all kinds being released in the atmosphere, like that from the traffic and heating systems but also our entire industry produces many contaminating gases. In our search for comfort with our radios, televisions, mobile phones, radar/electromagnetic radiation, noise, ultrasonic waves, radioactivity and other things, we contaminate the AIR which is so vital for survival.

There are some options for obtaining good air. You can walk in the forest and feel a little better than in the traffic centre of a large city. Or you can walk along the beach or in the mountains and breathe in the fresh air. There are even 'air spas' where one tries to be exposed to better air. Yet, if you don't live in the mountains, near the beach or forest you can not easily and regularly breathe this more cleaner air. However, even in such natural places the air is being contaminated. It has been shown through research that even in the Himalayas, where no industry exists or any source o heavy environmental pollution, the snow is contaminated with radioactivity. So one can imagine how the situation is in those remote, so called 'natural' areas and then look at the urban life settings most of us thrive in.

We all know that the problem of environmental pollution is becoming greater and more urgent. Not only are the holes in the Ozone layer threatening us, but also there are many other health deteriorating factors.

The AIR we breathe is often left out of the equation when it comes to diagnosing or understanding the contributory factors to the illnesses and diseases many struggle with.  With all these complex environmental pollution problems one basic question arises: HOW DO I PROTECT MYSELF & MY FAMILY and HOW DO I GET HEALTHY AIR TO BREATHE?

The answer is simple:


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