Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be in the Fullness of the Aquarius Moon

From guest astrologer Ayesha Grice

Beloveds, it's Full Moon time again.  The Full Moon will be in Aquarius on Saturday August 13, at 2:57pm edt.  Aquarius is the fixed air sign that says "I know".  It's also the sign that rules the 11th House of Friends, Large Groups/Organizations, Sacred or Humanitarian Service.  This is a good time to look in your friendship circles to see whose traveling with you.  Are these your friends or just people you know?  Once in a while it's a good idea to clean out your address book to eliminate the names of people you're no longer in contact with, or the ones that you've totally outgrown (laughing).  It's also a good time to contact the people in your life called "friends" to let them know you appreciate them.  A friend is a person who supports your wishes and dreams (11th House) and who shares same goals and values.  A friend is the person you can tell your deepest secret to and you just know they're not going to tell it.  A good friend is the person that you can agree to disagree with and there won't be any drama on your part or on his or her part.  

Aquarius is the sign that's detached, but not distant. Aquarius is the sign of Agape love...spiritual love, not attached love.  I love my Aquarius friends because they are never clingy.  Maybe that's because they always have a busy schedule and most times have no time for drama. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the signs of restriction and freedom, respectively.  You have to first understand the rules before you attempt to change them.  You have to realize that you're in a box before you make a decision to get out of the box. As Harriet Tubman once said "I would have freed more slaves if they knew they were slaves"  (paraphrasing here).  If you tune into the Aquarius energy you won't be able to contain the need to be free...to break from the status quo and free yourself from old an outworn ideas.  Astrology is ruled by Aquarius because the planets represent the spiritual laws and the natal chart shows the natural unfoldment of consciousness.  I think most of us know, we are not here to suffer, nor are we here to become comfortable with the status quo.  We are not here to become mediocre followers of false doctrines. We are here to serve humanity, to do sacred service, to help one another, and to become the best of who we are.  Evolution is the upwardly unfolding spiral and it never stops, from lifetime to lifetime.  So it is time to ask yourself where are you stuck in your consciousness and to meditate on the solution to get unstuck.  You could also ask yourself if you are doing sacred service or if you're just stuck in the selfish acquisition of material things.  If you're complaining about the way things are, then ask yourself what are you personally doing to bring about a solution.  If you're not a part of the solution, then you're a part of the problem.  Look at what's happening in London today...need I say more?  Can you imagine what would happen if we just got up and said "no more" to the police after they killed or abused one of our loved ones?
I'm just saying...

This full moon is coming on Saturday the 13th and on Monday the 15th is the first day of the 21 day meditation challenge sponsored by the Deepak Chopra group.  I did the last one and I'm looking forward to this one because it keeps me focused and centered on the inner wisdom and temporarily allows me to shut out the distractions from the external garbage, like the news, mindless gossip, worry, fear, doubt...garbage!

Here's the link, if your interested: 

I always seem to forget to mention that full moons are also good times to be among groups of people who share similar goals and values, or to just be with a partner or to "dance by the light of the Moon". Enjoy this time.

Love You, Ayesha

p.s. From The Eco-Goddess.....I'll be taking the 21 Meditation Challenge.  Why don't you join me.  Let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! This piece put light on understanding the forces in effect during this time. Thank you Eco-Goddess!! We love you!