Monday, July 23, 2012

Moon Lyrics for the Cancer

Combining the sabian symbol of a particular day or event with the astrological interpretation is something that I've been exploring of late. There is an interesting link that unravels itself. I like the sabian symbols because they bring a zing to the rhythmic moon song adding colors to its notes and a bang to its lyrics.

We are ending another New Moon phase which inspired a new song, as the lyrics scrolled across our hearts and we took notes and planted the seeds that may or may not grow into a master piece expressing our emotional currents and moon moods during the coming Full moon. From the conception of the new moon song to its birth at the full moon, we unconsciously work on that new song. And like most songs, they strive to have meaning, sometimes real deep meaning with roots going down in the darkest caverns of our inner world.

This New Moon Cancer 26 is in the powerfully nurturing and mothering sign, with the forces of the divine feminine in effect. It's an interesting experience for me personally because the Moon has now joined the Sun in my house of career. At this time each year, the spotlight is on my work, my public life. This year I am hosting the YONI RISING photo exhibition so its taking a lot of my time and energy. On the other hand, the Sun has its back to the most personal spot in my life which is my physical home and the emotions I store within the home I carry in me. Whatever the sun shines on thrives and blooms, while those places that do not get sunlight are damp, moist, or can even get dry and brittle. That's how my home and private life has been feeling as I go through the emotions and motions of finding a new living space beginning within me. The sun also has its back on the natural home of the Moon so a lot of emotional reflections, tides and waves, major changes and shifts are occurring. I should be familiar with this. I have been for years. I just wonder why I forget until I am knee deep in it. Yet, the knowing makes me rest deep inside, it cultivates peace even as the winds and storms blow around me. And to that I am grateful for the wisdom of astrology and rhythms of life.

The Sabian Symbol for the new Moon is Cancer 27: A Furious Storm In A Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes. Sounds horrible? When the mother is pissed off she doesn't play. She lashes out and lets everyone around her know, taking some down with her. This storm that this new Moon symbolizes is one that can be experienced like the last storm we had on the east coast that left hundreds of thousands of home without power. Or it could be a storm taking place inside of you or playing out in world around you.

In her book, The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom, Lynda Hill offers that "Violent Storm in a Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes’ shows that a ‘Storm’ has released its fury on those in its path. The ‘Weather’ that has been unleashed can reflect actual weather, or psychological or emotional conditions. The ‘Homes’ need not be "expensive", but are places that are 'Valuable' to the occupants, they usually feel protected and safe. Somehow, a ‘Storm’ has raged through. Exactly what will happen next may be rather uncertain.

Cancer teaches us about the Divine Feminine and this lunar cycle is spitting out lyrics that are about the home, its condition, while it's serenading us with tunes that make us want to connect with mother, think about our relationship with her or those who nurtured us; it could symbolize a single man with a deeper yearning to have a woman in his space and life so that it can have the vibrations of a complete home. Or a woman may be moving in with her lover to take things to another level or one may be leaving the other. The Sun and Moon in Cancer says create a cozy living space while Mars in Libra says do it with another. Or wrap your arms around the inner Mother. Its song is called, "I Want to Love Myself!"

I began writing this post on Thursday, the 19th but the storm took down my internet and it got restored this Sunday -three days later. Since then we had the Colorado theater shooting which killed and injured many. This is clearly an instance a furious storm for the shooter who unleased it in the theater that Friday night. I don't know the details and don't really need to know. I do know that anyone who opens fire on a large crowd of people or even a single individual is carrying a furious storm inside their emotional body. But the killer never gets any empathy. Oh no, it doesn't work that way.

With Mercury continuing in retrograde mode in Leo, this weekend was filled with delays and cancellations. I complied and took the time to rest, sleep and rest again.

Today, the Sun entered Leo at 6:01am est. We say good bye to the emotional waters, the need for security and the comfort of mother's lap to run outside and play with the fires in the lion's den she warned us about. Passion rises and so does the creative flame within us. Sometimes the flames need to be controlled or they go too wild. The sun is after all, an enormous nuclear reactor, and if not constantly checked, the Leonine ego can lead to a 'meltdown' or to 'sunspots'. This means that we need to pay attention to our critics as much as we do our admirers to avoid being blinded by our own light. Like the sun, Leo can not see the shadows that it casts. So we will have to rely on the Moon to guide us.

Enjoy the fun times that Sun in Leo brings! Ooooh! This feels like a naked post with no pictures. It's been parked in the draft box for days. It's time I publish it without the pictures.

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