Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Soul is so Butter FLY!

 My soul is so Butter Fly!
 Flapping my wings, moving from one tiny space to another
sniffing, digging and dipping long enough to get
and give of my soul's song.

In my moments of being butter fly
I am free and fragile
No agenda, no plans, no expectations, just melting free
 My mind is with me 
dancing with its feet
carving its butterfly feat

In each space of my butter-flyness 
my mind fills its capacity
engages, absorbs and activates it,
then flaps its wings and dashes off
into the fullness of another space.

In between angelic flights and earth arrivals 
my heart flips the tracks of its soul's jukebox
skipped beats, flat notes, bees waxed floors
they all have a butterfly effect on me

I land my big blue & gray butterfly eyes
on the leaf of a facebook flower
a variety of those abound,
with home page wide open
I hear green soundless echos


Calling me to the wall
  to tap dance on its fertile grounds
squirts of admiration
blended with inspiration
wet my wings and light
my creative heart
 in the glow of their page

sexually pollinated, sensually nurtured, spiritually quenched 
 I break out of my cocoon 
into the orgasmic fullness that drips
beyond the valley that rests
at the origin of my 
soft, supple, velvety, moistened,
pink & red butterfly wings
in new form... I rise
from the earth between my thighs

 Copyright  Surya Devi 2011

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