Saturday, July 2, 2011


            I declare this day, Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 as the day of initiation into an Aqua Fast! 

At first, I resisted the idea. My ego whipped up excuses, disregarded others efforts to do this and even tried to get out of it by trying to come up with another avenue that was different. My higher self prevailed while my ancestors spoke to me saying "...this is an ancient phenomenon and you are an ancient soul who needs to remember who you are."  So I finally surrendered and for the last few days I've been prepping mind, heart and soul to begin at 6pm this evening under the New Moon. My dreams have already been powerfully vivid as I stand to take this plunge and accept this challenge.

I am not doing this fast to loose weight. Although from my before pictures (taken yesterday in the nude), I can see that I can benefit from a few inches off my belly, waist and thighs. I don't normally obsess about weight and always love and accept my body just as it is because it has been nothing but good to me with its wisdom and ability to guide, protect and warn me as needed. I can now serve my own body by working for and with it and not against it.

I have finally admitted to myself that I am a food addict. (Exhale!) Foods had become my cushion, my refuge, my barrier to feeling my emotions, a distraction from the truth. I observed just how tired I was today and the resistance around simply letting go and taking a nap. Instead, got on the internet, browsed facebook, then  made my way to the fridge and consumed a bowl of watermelon and then some okra and rice. I saw myself in motion and realized that I even eat when I am tired to avoid resting. (smh) 

My purpose for this journey is primarily SPIRITUAL, as I see it as a way to reconnect with my true divine self that sits under all the layers I've accumulated. I seek to plunge into the depth of my WOMB through this fast. I seek its authentic wisdom and powers - much of which is clouded; I seek to move through this gateway of LIFE.  I also seek MENTAL CLARITY since the colon is the second mind and I have become mentally congested from life and its demands, social networking, excess information, emails, the human experience and everyone trying to market some product or promote themselves as something they most likely may not be but strive for the attainment of money and recognition. It has all taken a toll on me as a sensitive being. As the days go by I am already discovering that there are other hidden reasons I am engaging and embarking upon this Journey with a promise that more will be revealed. And although I am not including my son this time around, I am also doing this water fast for HIM.

I just started an evening job and was concerned about it being an issue, but it's an easy job where I don't exert much energy and am blessed with the space and time to write.  It is my opportunity to learn how to better conserve my energy and I will remember to always put an extra shield of light around me to protect me everywhere I go.

I have done other methods of detoxification in the past. From the lemonade diet,  juicing, raw food detox, no water ~ no food fasting, salt water fast, to lemon and water fast. I’ve even done a sex fast, mental fast, voice fast and human fast. This time I am combining the wisdom of the past while allowing myself to be guided by divine wisdom and the love & light of my ancestors. Since this is long weekend for me, it allows the perfect start up which is usually the toughest point of a complete fast. I will be able to transition back to the work week with the hardest days behind me. 

Some of the nurturing activities I have lined up for this journey are:

            ~ Daily dry brushing and sea salt baths
            ~ Daily meditation and prayers
            ~ A daily routine of dance and yoga
            ~ Daily sun bathing
            ~ Daily walks with the dog (Midnite)
            ~ Doses of laughter (jokes and humorous stories from friends,  videos, movies, etc.)
            ~ Daily journaling and documentation of this journey
            ~ Outreach to others that are fasting

Based on the findings and wisdom of my research, I will not be using toothpaste, nor will I be adding lemon or salt to my water. I wanted to do this initially but I understand that since the mind Is the starting point for digestion, then my mind would alert my body in a way that says I am consuming food and my body will act accordingly. The idea is to not confuse nor bring about disparity between my body and mind. They need to work together harmoniously – with none fooling the other.

 I will also talk far less during this fast because from my experience talking and even thinking requires energy and effort. I will be learning and practicing energy conservation within and around me.  There are also other tools that I will integrate into my daily routine:

            ~ White sage - daily smudging
            ~ Glass candles on my altar and tea-light candles through out my home
            ~ Incense
            ~ Create my own spritz (will use this to refresh my face and body during the day.)
            ~ A lavender sache to carry in my purse for aroma-therapeutic boosting moments

Being that 2011 is my numerological 7 year. It is a year of deep reflection and reception. I am truly in a divine feminine space this year and it has been rather challenging maintaining that space with so many externals and distractions. Nature has consistently reminded me and provided the time and space to be  more in a yin state. I am now being guided to take it to a whole new level.  The clearing of my heart and mind are leading dimensions of this journey. I am not challenged health wise. I had a complete physical and gynecological check up early spring and the results were great. I did however, experience intermittent pains under my left arm pit area. I had a screening that was a nightmare in itself as I felt assaulted by the medical industrial complex and their procedures for scanning women for breast cancer. I declined their suggestions for a biopsy and ignored all their phone calls and letters. Instead, I  turned to the wisdom of my own body to hear what it was trying to communicate to me through the sensations under my left arm. It spoke to me and I followed its instructions to restore balance and understood the heart of the message in those pains. I no longer have the pains under my arms because I followed the source and began resolving it. This aqua detox and journey will finalize that ordeal once and for all. And later on in my journey I will share what I did and how women can prevent breast cancer by developing a deeper relationship with their body and taking back their power.  

Cancer is not contagious and it can not be contracted through water, humans interaction or otherwise.  It is a dark seed planted by self that grows in its infested ways. There shall NEVER ever be an actual CURE for cancer. Campaigns which has been going on for decades are all LIES. Each woman has the answer within her that sits behind her breasts. Until she looks inside her HEART she will forever be subjected to chemical abuse, misinformation, blindings and manmade medical tortures while she misses the beauty and message that her body brings and the opportunity to access her own divine feminine wisdom. Perhaps Cancer is not an enemy to fight after all, but the dark mother within knocking on the heart of your door and trying to get you to honor and recognize its place.

I welcome the love and support of my family, friends, loved ones and social network. To those who are inspired to follow me, I say welcome aboard. I hope that you will gain much from this journey as I am about to.

Your comments, questions, suggestions, sharing are already appreciated and accepted.  You can reach me via email @ As well, I invite you to follow my blog. Just scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click on Follow!  

I thank you in the spirit of wellness!!!




Alright darling...I want to do this (fast and blog about it) too. I appreciate your sharing.

The Eco-Sensual Artist said...

Join in beautiful, there is room for more on this pathway to more LIFE!! Make sure you prep yourself before diving in. This is a crucial step. I'll try to remember to touch up on that in my next entry. Thanks for joining me on this path Kiiesmira! :-)

Skai Davis said...

Surya - I think you were in my head when you wrote this. I cant believe how you got my thoughts down...was this telepathy or some other form of lightwork you used?

Im starting Day 8. Im about to video blog my experience. Ill send you the link.

Love YOU!


The Eco-Sensual Artist said...

Skai...I am you and you are me! We are truly ONE! That's why, although we don't connect often and you are in the beautiful Puerto Rico we still have a connection that is divine! I believe that you are truly blessed to be in a place and environment that is supporting your fast. I unfortunately live in the urban jungle - DC at that ..."The Devil's Colon" - LOL!! So it can be tough. But The 4 days of fasting has changed me forever.

I am up this morning with the zest and urge to LIVE and carry out my SOUL'S DECLARATION. I am finishing my book - that's the first push I've received from my short fast. I dreamed of and woke up in bed with so much inspiration that I I've started writing again this morning. And so much is already happening within the last 12 hours alone. I truly did reconnect with my WOMB during this fast!!

Love You 2!!