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MSM - Me Sharing ME!

I'd like to share a SECRET with you today.  A few years ago, I met a brother in DC who owns a natural health store. He ranted and raved about this product that I had never heard of while I watched quite a few people walk into his store to purchase it.  I like to observe before I plunge into anything - usually.  It took me months or even a year later to actually try this substance called MSM which stands for methylsulfonylmethane. Don't bother trying to pronounce the name. Keep it at the three letters.

I finally picked up a small sample from the Blue Nile on Georgia Avenue.  I tried it for a period of four days and what I experienced was quite astonishing.

I've been having pain and inflammation in my arms (deep through the extensor muscles and tendons) - more so in my right arm - for a few weeks. And I know it was initiated from walking my growing Rottie/Labrador puppy (gosh he's huge), throwing sticks for him to fetch, plus add on carrying heavy grocery bags, lifting, cooking, cleaning, bodywork, crowned by the continual use of the computer. And of course we can't leave out the mental cause which Louise L. Hay suggests as having to do with the capacity and ability to hold the experiences of life. We use our arms to hold and carry.  Most likely I've been rejecting and resisting some lately I admit.

In utilizing the wisdom of being a massage therapist, I am usually able to reach deep into my own tissues or muscles to relieve myself of any stagnation or discomfort that may arise from time to time. It's amazing how the human body craves and needs touch. Discomfort or pain can usually be resolved, relieved or lifted from a simple, gentle loving touch and massage from self or another. Unfortunately, when humans experience painful sensations in their body - for example - tightness in their lower back or stiffness in their wrists, shoulders, legs or even a mild headache, the first thing they reach for is a pain killer rather than being with it for a moment and then slowly move energy in that area. The pain killers create an illusion of relief. Truth is the stagnation, the build up in the cartilage, tissues, muscles still going on while one settles into thinking that they have resolved the physiological-mental problem.

I felt freer in my joints after taking MSM for those 3- 4 days but life got in the way and I forgot to refill and keep taking it. Guided by my health angels, I came across a few natural solutions and reminders to help me deal with this imbalance in my right arm. What makes it worse is that it is a muscle that I have to use on a daily basis and I am not giving my arm the time and space to heal. I have thought of going to see a doctor but I realize that it would stress me out going through the process of seeing a primary care physician who then would refer me to a specialist. I don't like dealing with medical institutions and my last ordeal has really kept me behind their lines.  I know that they would want to scan my arm with some radioactive machine and prescribe drugs. Though I could really use a slinger or something to support my arm which they have plenty of so that I don't have to use it, I don't want to go through all those hoops.

Besides valerian tincture, ginger roots, cayenne pepper (to mix with olive oil to rub into the area) and kava kava tea, I got me a bottle of MSM on Monday and mixed a tablespoon with orange juice. I woke up the next morning and did the same. Today is day three and I am amazed at the greater freedom I feel in my neck, shoulders, back, etc. I don't usually share all my health secrets on facebook or while blogging because (in the spirit of energy conservation) I know that most people will not read it or even appreciate the time and energy I take to share. And besides, the majority of us humans are just not ready for change and do not easily embrace it even though we say so in lip service. So for those who will be moved by this secret, I share it with you today.

Read on and learn about the wonderful benefits of MSM. Then do more research on your own.  If you suffer from stiffness in your joints and muscles... this may be just what you need to gain greater freedom and flexibility. Remember flexibility in BODY equals flexibility in mind, heart, spirit and LIFE!!

1. MSM helps our bodies absorb more nutrients (vitamins and minerals).
Co-enzyme Q10 locks with MSM, which means that in order for the body to fully utilize this nutrient, it must have MSM(sulfur) with it. Pantothenic acid, Vitamins A, D, and E, inter-enzymes, amino acids, selenium, calcium, germanium, collagnol and dismuzyme are just some of the things we know the body does not utilize properly unless it has MSM to lock with. A lot of the vitamins we take go through the body without being fully used. With more MSM in the body, vitamins can be utilized more effectively and therefore become much more beneficial.

There is a joke that Americans have the most expensive urine in the world because of all the vitamins that go down the drain. Vitamin C does a lot of healing by itself, but without MSM to lock with, it doesn't toughen capillary walls. When MSM is added to the diet and taken with Vitamin C, chronic nosebleeds, easy bruising and varicose veins may be relieved. Vitamin C and MSM work synergistically together. Every body is different, so you would need to find what works for you, but it is important when taking Vitamin C to make certain it has the bioflavinoids with it because it is then a complete food. Nature's vitamins (from fresh food) are the best because they contain the whole complexes without which the body can't do its job, which is to maintain and repair the bodily systems. Without enough MSM, the body can't do its job properly.

2. MSM increases oxygen availability to the body.
There are people who have had emphysema, who used an atomizer for breathing and could hardly get out of the chair to walk across the room, who, after about a week of taking MSM, walked a half mile, rested and then walked another half mile. Now that is not because emphysema had been reversed, but because the MSM detoxifies and increases the blood's circulation of oxygen. MSM helps get oxygen into the blood a lot more efficiently with the same amount of work.

3. MSM helps increase energy.
Energy levels increase with MSM because it helps make the cell walls more permeable. Our cell walls get thicker and more rigid with age; this tends to create a lessening of the amount of nutrients and oxygen that can enter the cell through the cell wall. Also, toxins which get stored in the cell get trapped within the cells because of the lower permeability of the cell wall. When MSM goes into the body the permeability of the cell walls greatly increases, enhancing the absorbtion of nutrients and oxygen and helping release the toxins which were stuck in cells. When these toxins leave the body, it helps to increase our energy.

A good example of this at work shows up in diabetics. When their blood carries sugar to their cells, the sugar cannot be absorbed due to the impermeability of the cell wall. Studies show that when MSM goes into the body it causes the cell wall to be more permeable again. The pancreas (which requires sulfur to make insulin) normalizes because it doesn't work so hard--blood sugar can now be absorbed through the cell walls, helping to balance the blood sugar level. Because sulfur is a component of insulin (the protein hormone secreted by the pancreas that is essential to carbohydrate metabolism), a lack of nutritional sulfur in the diet can result in low insulin production by the pancreas. Thus, for the diabetic individual, MSM is extremely helpful in improving their overall energy levels.

There have been reports of long term diabetics injecting insulin daily for years, who have in five weeks to two months become self-regulating and stopped having mood swings. The blood sugar had stabilized. Studies suggest, in those with diabetes, that the cell wall may be more leathery and thus the absorption of sugar by the cells is greatly reduced.

4. MSM helps the body eliminate toxins including lactic acid build-up from strenuous exercise.
Drinking plenty of water is very important for anyone wishing to have good health. The fact that MSM detoxifies means that you need to keep water moving into the body so that the toxins can be eliminated without stressing other organs of the body, such as the kidneys.

5. MSM helps to dramatically reduces recuperation time from strenuous exercise and long hours of work.

6. MSM helps relieve muscular aches and pains.

7. MSM helps reduce inflammation due to injury or inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.
When the water pressure inside a cell is greater than the water pressure on the outside of the cell, there is inflammation and swelling. (The outer and intercellular fluid pressures are not equal.) MSM enhances the permeability of the cell walls, therefore allowing the pressure on both sides of the wall to equalize, thus relieving the inflammation. MSM takes inflammation out of soft tissue and since pain comes from nerves in inflamed soft tissue, there is often relief from the pain of such inflammatory ailments as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism and hip dysplasia. MSM can help get the flexibility back into the tissues very rapidly. Some people have experienced relief in only 20 minutes! For others, it takes longer.

8. MSM, together with Vitamin C (a free radical scavenger) helps the body build healthy new cells.

9. MSM, along with Vitamin C, helps reduce scar tissue and wrinkles, and helps keep the skin more elastic.

10. MSM, along with Vitamin C, helps the hair and nails grow stronger and faster.

11. MSM has been shown to improve mental alertness.

12. MSM has been proven to help in the reduction and even the total elimination of allergies.
When MSM is added to the diet, anti-allergy medication may be sharply reduced or eliminated.

13. MSM reduces headaches, cramps and muscle pain caused by hormonal imbalances, for example, PMS.
Women who have had monthly menstruation problems often no longer experience the headaches, cramps or muscle plain associated with their periods. Many women have these problems because their hormones are out of balance. The monthly cycle can be a shock to the system. When the hormones are brought into balance, the body functions normally and these painful problems can be vastly reduced or eliminated.
14. MSM helps relieve constipation.
MSM can help control chronic constipation. Many older people seem to have this problem and it can be a real medical concern. Reportedly many people suffering from constipation have had prompt and continuing relief by supplementing their diet with MSM. A good amount of Vitamin C along with the MSM has proven to be helpful for this condition.

15. MSM has been shown to help reduce and even eliminate snoring.

16. MSM helps reduces eye membrane irritation (when MSM in a water solution is applied).
MSM is the 4th most plentiful mineral in the body, and so essential to life that it is found in every cell of virtually every animal and plant.

And MSM helps facilitate a better yoga practice. It makes you more flexible!! YEP!! 

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