Monday, August 1, 2011

The Heart's Poetry

"The intelligence of the head is not intelligence at all; it is knowledgeability. The intelligence of the heart is the intelligence, the only intelligence there is. The head is simply an accumulator.

The intelligence of the heart creates poetry in your life, gives a dance to your step, makes your life a joy, a celebration, a festivity, a laughter. It gives you a sense of humor. It makes you capable of love, of sharing. ~ Osho

Grand Lady Moon is still in her new moon phase so I am knocking on the door of your heart before the moon changes her shape, size and attire and step into her 1st quarter dress.  The new moon is always a fertile time to plant new seeds and to create intentions and lay down short term goals you'd like to accomplish or manifest by the time it reaches its fullness. I don't mean anything lavish or too heavy for her to bring to you but I mean simple, yet powerful things such as changing a habit, letting go of an old pattern, making a profound stride in your path of healing, initiating a diet or changing the emotional patterns or weeding out the garden of your heart.

Speaking of the HEART. This is the focus of the Leo Moon that I'd like to help bring into your conscious awareness.'s your HEART doing? What's cooking in it? What do you need to do or stop doing in order for it to come into its own space of peace and balance, of creativity, happiness, love? What does the voice of your heart's HEART sing or cry to you or what is it saying through others that you are unable to decipher on your own? What feelings do you have stored in the compartments of your heart that needs clearing and sharing? Have you explored the shadows of your HEART? What are your HEART's desires or its ancient yearnings? What is its purpose? Have you been feeling them during this new moon in Leo?

During this new moon phase I am finding myself in the midst of prayerful moments that resurrect out of no where; moments in which I am whisked away by visions of my deep deep forgotten desires as I find myself speaking them into being, seeing them happen, shaping them and willing them into existence. Dreams that I put aside are tapping on my window, longings that I hid deep inside are tickling my nose and pulling me towards them. It's a reawakening of my heart's dreams and its long ago yearnings. My heart's voice is becoming more audible and distinct saying to me....can you hear me now? As I am able to say to it ...  I can hear you NOW!

My biggest sacrifice at the ushering of the Leo new moon was to pull out of the web of  facebook, to let go of the most addictive social media pool. My goal is to focus on my private life and my leadership role in my home which preceeds that of my public life. Somehow I was getting them crossed. I am also focusing on my heart, my family and my need to complete the creative projects set in motion by my heart. It is my modern day offering to the techno gods. (hehehe) Just like ancient spiritual tribes and groups performed regular rituals and made sacrifices, so it is that I chose to make a much needed one at this time and era, in accordance with my heart's guidance.

Oh the spirit of Leo is calling as it is this time of year when the sun and the summer season is at its peak; its the time when our playful, childlike nature springs forth and takes the ball and runs with it; it is when our sexual nature rises and splashes and is most aroused as our sexual/creative energies course through our veins and vibrates through our energy body and its extension around us. It is the time when we desire to express ourselves most and to take center stage.  Leo embodies the qualities of creativity, individuality, and pride, as well as fifth house themes of children, pleasure, and entertainment. The Leo New Moon period is the perfect time to pay attention to yourself, and revel in your personal gifts while cultivating those to which you’d like to give more attention.

So what is demanding your attention at this time? Or where does your attention keep drifting to? Mine keeps taking me down pathways that are uncovering my hidden gifts and moving down others where I discover more of me. It is reminding me that my gift of doing heart and spiritual readings is ripe and ready again and that I can now open up to sharing and helping others again. So if you are called within your heart to ask me, then please do so. It is also taking me down into the basement where I am clearing away old files, memories and rubbish of the past so as to make room for the the new.

I am also experiencing greater clarity and affirmative action within my heart. I used to be confused around certain heart related issues - who or what do I allow in, who or what do I let go of, where do I plug my heart's energies and where do I retrieve or recall it from? One of the trickeries of the heart can be the detrimental process of giving it away to everyone and allowing or permitting erroneous and external people, places and things to pull and tug at it. Decades ago, I learned a very beautiful and powerful heart protection ritual and at the time, I was momentarily baffled over the very concept of protecting the heart. But I soon realized that it is one of the most vital organs that warrants protection. Yes, we can over do the heart, just like people over do and have heart attacks, heart failures and heart diseases so can we over do in the emotional heart world which precedes and lays the ground work for the physical imbalances. We are capable of over extending the heart and I came to know that pretty quickly.  This Leo new moon has brought that up again and it has resurrected the people who have hurt me the most as they now come calling and attempting to once again suck my heart's sweet juices like a vampire in search for blood. My lesson is to offer a different response than the past. One that puts my heart first - honoring and respecting it as the queen of my being.

Since the Leo new moon and sun are both hitting my 11th house the currents of this house has been swirling around me. This is the house that stores the energies of groups and group activities; the house that  indicates what kind of groups you will be attracted to, and planets here reflect the kinds of people in those groups. I have Uranus and Pluto in there - whoo hooo!! Friends are also a part of the Eleventh House. Here is where you can learn about the kinds of people who appeal to your deepest being- the people with whom you most want to spend time.  Talk about shamans & witches, astrologers, gypsies, bohemians, rastas, people of eclectic natures, foreigners, outcasts, I tend to draw them to me and many other breeds of rebels and unconventionals.  I get easily bored and quickly fed up by those who are conformists and ass kissers, tight lips, stiff necks and tight asses; those restricted in mind and heart, negative and toxic people, those who are extreme materialists and are totally blind to and destructive of nature, those who lead and live superficial lives void of spirit, those who complain and bitch senselessly and endlessly. They may work quite well for some but  for me, I get turned off.

This new moon is putting its emotional, instinctive soft beam on the people that have been standing in my social garden. It's giving me the discerning power to weed some of them out of my life while others try so hard to hold on to me. I got a call from a man that I had to cut off from because his thought transmissions were interfering with the progression and quality of mine. On one occasion my girlfriend (he also knows) was chilling on her front porch and I mentioned it as we passed her place, his response... "She could get shot sitting there." She's not even in a bad neighborhood as far as I can see.

On another occasion, at about 11:00pm I said to him that I was going out to take a walk with my dog and all that came out of his mouth was..."Be careful, you don't want to get jumped or hurt."  I deleted his number from my phone 2 weeks ago. Last night he calls me saying he's returning my call from last night. DUH??!?! How did my phone recall his number and call him. It reveals no such thing on my call log. Besides, I see what he's up to. Let me go!!!!

Another man that I ran into after so long who began calling me everyday after I shared information with him on a summer program for his daughter took me by storm and made me begin to really pay attention when he expressed his fear of his daughter walking down the street and getting raped by someone. All I asked him was what would she do after the camp each day. His daughter is 15 years old and is old enough to take public transportation and to be at home alone. How in the world will she get raped or harmed in broad day light while traveling home from camp. I was totally sick and disgusted by those thoughts. We all need to consider the dark side of living, yet, we must take care not to feed it. He has no idea that he is bringing this to his child. My son is 13 years old and he travels back and forth to his dad and to school and camp by himself. I always place a blanket of white light around him and communicate with his angels and guides to keep him safe and always protected. I keep my thoughts high and positive, knowing that I play a big role in creating his life and well being as well as mine. Is this the kind of nasty, negative and toxic thoughts (fears & feelings) this man and others harbor? These are the makings of our world. Call me naive and overly optimistic but I do rely on faith and trust in the process of creation knowing that it begins with me. It was a reality check, a wake up call for me. I can choose to not have such minds around me.

This new moon brings us to the doorway of our heart, the heart of others, the heart of nature and the heart of humanity and of life. It offers us an opportunity to re-define love, to check and sort out the laundry basket of our hearts and the bulk of emotions that we all carry deep inside of ourselves.  It is the time to blend the feminine energies of our emotions with the masculine alchemy energies of our heart's fire. It is the time to be expressive, to let our emotions be free, to discern and to be loyal to our own hearts. 


Sit or lie comfortably in a quiet place, making sure that there are no restrictions by your clothing or any other distractions around you. Take about 3 minutes to settle into your breath, to find its rhythm, to ride its waves. Visualize your energy connecting with that of the earth. See roots growing from the balls of your feet into the ground. See your root chakra extending and plugging into the earth, reaching and fusing with its core. You are grounding yourself into the earth plane and plugging into its power as your would to an appliance or your computer.

Take a deep breath while imaging that you are breathing in a stream of bright, crystal white light into your heart center. As you breathe in, see it expand, glow and grow in your heart - with each inhalation see it grow from the size of a seed to that of a ball of radiant light- like the sun. Breathe out all the excess and foreign energies in your heart center you do not need. Gently follow with another natural inhalation. Continue to imagine that you are breathing the divine protective light into your heart center. Sit and watch it get bigger and brighter with each breath you take in.

Become aware of any sensations you may be experiencing during this process. Allow it, listen to it, don't hold on to it. Let go of any tension or tightness in any other part of your body. Let your upper, middle and lower body expand and be free. Keep your facial muscles soft and loose. Whenever & where ever you notice tension arising, simply breathe into it and let it go. (Practice makes perfect.)

Stay with the image of the white light expanding in your heart center as it grows and glows. Allow it to continue to expand while covering your entire body. See it grow from a seed of light you carry in your heart to you becoming a seed in the heart of its light.  You are now sitting in the heart of the sacred, divine protective light.

Continue to gently breathe in and out. Capture this image and allow it to be engraved in your mind and body. You now have an earth connection and sit protected by the crystal white protective light that is around you. Go into the world and on with your day, resting comfortably and peacefully in this bubble of divine protective light. Knowing that nothing can penetrate it, no harmful energies or lower vibrations can filter through it. See, feel and experience your heart as bigger than and surrounding your  own body.  Allow your heart to be one with the heart of the universe.

Do it each day to reinforce its energy field and to keep you and your heart safe and in a spirit of love at all times.

If you would like to discuss matters of the heart with me or get a reading for clarity and a heart boost, feel free to email me at: ecosensualliving at or call: 301-637-6739. Let your heart speak openly... be free and leave your comments and feedback and questions below.

"Emotions are our feminine energy, our honesty, the absence of which caused the great imbalance we find ourselves in now. This ‘man’s world’ desperately needs the balance that comes from the feminine, and the instability we are feeling IS this balance taking shape – along with every possible effort to prevent it by those who have the most to lose as humanity moves towards openness, free will, balance and peace." ~ Christine DeLorey

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