Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Way of the Divine Feminine

The Way of the Divine Feminine has been damaged perceptually as well as virtually. The pathway has been obstructed as well as the practices and applications that are natural to the components of being feminine or exuding femininity.

Bundled up in my sacrifice for stepping off the wheel of social media is the need to reconnect with my own divine feminine self - which is plenty in this lifetime. The war within me has been between both my feminine and masculine selves trying to take center stage, one up against the other. And it shows the disruption through the subtle and not so subtle shifts, tingles, pains, discomforts, and noises from my body. The voice within calls gently while the masculine vibes interrupt with the intellectual games of showmanship.

In a conversation with my friend Denise she shares, "Girl, I have been feeling rather sexual and horny of late." I need to get sexually active once again. I miss being that way. I think I am going to call up a platonic friend and cross the boundaries and step on to the other side." So she did. And just as her intuition had prevented her from getting into a sexual, fluidic entanglement with her platonic friend over the years, the evening played out in a way that made her think twice about honoring her intuition. Denise describes the evening as having a double edge sword. One side was protective while the other side was affirming. She said, "Girl, he could not even get it up. He laid in bed next to me trying to get his penis hard. It was so disappointing, so discouraging. I am aided on my sexual quest by the preparation of a man's visible erection. When a man is soft during passionate moments, it raises a red flag." Of course it says something is not clicking. His mind and his heart are racing in opposite directions and if he has to try too hard then its called forcing the funk. She went on to share that her friend has a vegan diet, is a daily bike rider and claims he practices a rasta lifestyle." Oh dear, I say to myself. Here we go again. Deception at it finest. I could see that the male and female world within the both of them was topsy turvy.

This is a case of the conflict between the male and female world. Clearly!!! For both my friend Denise and her male friend, the gender vibrations are not dancing in harmony and are not in sync. In fact, they are clearly at war with each other and not very comfortable with each other. A microcosmic picture of the macrocosmic universe. Denise, was not sure about her friend. Her body, her sensual nature, her feminine self aroused and excited, longed for communion with the divine masculine. She desired nurturance of a sensual, sexual kind but she did not listen deeper to understand what that entailed. And so many are strangers to the language of the divine feminine.

The call comes from deep within us all. The body begins to give off signals that it needs attention, that it needs touch, healing touch, it needs to be felt, it needs to be heard, it needs to embrace and entangle with another, it needs moments of exploration, it needs to be fed. Yet, the way that humans have been trained and programmed to respond has been the greatest problem and instigator in the war between the sexes. Reject your body; search for peace elsewhere; sex is the devil, etc., etc. When we feel our sexual energies moving, the first inclination is to act upon it. Get relief, go wild, get sexually busy. We have not practiced being still, listening to its message, its language; learning how to work its magic. We have not been given positive, loving images of sex. We've been given pornography, hard core, heartless sexual flicks and films. Where's the sexual magic? Where are illustrations of divine love making? We were not taught to dance with it, we were not taught to listen to it and make it our best friend, make it our guide; we were not taught that it is the masculine energy calling from beyond, desiring to dance and merge with its female counterpart, its companion in love... that is right there luring it from deep within. The connection needs to be made within first. Then we can see it manifest outside ourselves.

The art of tantra or sacred sexuality is a beautiful path for healing, empowerment and spiritual enlightenment once you get through the rubbish and mass confusion that the west has put over it. I mean every Tom, Dick and Suzie has taken it up as a career path, a business theme. My head spins. What happened to the sacredness, the spiritual component, the private joy it comes with? I know that people are still in the dark over what the feminine divine and the masculine sacredness really means and how it reveals its many faces. People still separate sex from spirit. And it will take a long time for it to be fully integrated into the human and collective consciousness especially since we are cloaked and even strangled by the masculine ways.

Having pulled the social media plug, I have been put back into this luscious abyss. Each day is filled with prayerful, enlightening moments that are arising from the depths of my own divine feminine wellspring. I am writing each day, I am listening more, nuggets of wisdom and high voltage flashes of light moments fill my consciousness while my sexual energies are breaking through the prison walls that have held it back. And just when you insert the key in one lock, you find that there is another lock to open up. I know I am very complex, so image human sexuality if it sat next to you and asked you if you really knew it. LOL!!

I now have more time, energy and the space to really get to know myself better with less time on the computer and the internet. I have changed a great deal over the decades and now I need to catch up more with myself and all that exists within my private world.  The Ways of the Divine Feminine that we have long forgotten....this is the chapter that I am working and living in my book.

During my research and studies I was led to the tantric mongoose - Shantam Nityama (once again) and he nicely captured a frame of the divine feminine way. As a bodyworker, I share very similar insights around findings with those who have come to see me over the years. Blocked sexual energy has been the diagnosis across the board. Underlying all their issues, their concerns, their imbalances, their pain and longings..... was and is for most........ suppressed, repressed sexual energies - a dwindling of the life force.

It is my pleasure sharing it with you....

From the Tantric Mongoose....

"The way of the woman is the allowing of light. Her way is transparency, receptivity, tenderness, yieldingness, availability, and she neither uses her sex nor neglects it. The way of the woman is the utilizing of pure intuition as a way of knowing. It is a knowing without knowing how you know and trusting that. Whereas the way of the man is that if he can’t show on paper how he got from point A to point B, then maybe point B doesn’t exist.

The woman’s way of perception is totally different from the way a man perceives. Her way of perceiving is greatly dispersed. It includes all of the senses simultaneously without focusing on any one of them in particular. So when a woman walks into a room she picks up on the smell of the room, the color of the room, the feel of the room, the taste of the room, the visual impact of the room. She takes in all of this in one fell swoop. She doesn’t have to go through each one of them. She just comes in, and practically imbibes the room on all these different levels simultaneously. And if you ask her about her experience of the room, she would reply, “Oh it was exquisite, it was this, and it had that feel to it, and you could just smell this, and everything just fit together so well.”

And in turn, she is also able to register disharmony and discord, which equips her to be a reliable barometer to let the community know when things are not as harmonious as they could be.
But in order for her way to be of value, the men in the community need to be able to hear the woman’s perception without taking it and twisting it to make it palatable to the male mind. Because in the process of doing that, he distorts what the woman has communicated to such a degree that it renders it impotent. It diminishes the power of her communication. For men to stand differently with women in this new place they need to cultivate the ability to listen to a woman’s communication while respecting her framework of perceiving, so he understands what she’s saying, rather than attempting to run it through his mind to determine whether or not it makes sense to his style of conceptualizing."

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