Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Water Fast Day 3

Day 3 of my fast laid me down to sleep.  I was overwhelmingly fatigue. I felt rather cloudy in my head and had no energy or desire to do anything.  I honored my body and slept most all of the day. I did sit on the back deck on two occasions to get some fresh air. Later on in the early evening I began to experience persistent acid reflux (gastritis).  It was horrible. I’ve never had such reaction during normal eating activities. It was so bad that with the urge to regurgitate with a little support from myself.  I felt much better thereafter. However at night I had to sleep with my head and chest propped up because lying down only makes it worse.  I wondered if it was from lying down all day Sunday that instigated the acid reflux; I even wondered if it was the food that I ate the day before my fast that was now coming up because it couldn’t go out of my bowels?
Then I did my research and food that this is common. I even read testimonies that days and weeks into the water fast some experienced acid reflux.  I did not experience this during my lemonade diet fast which lasted for 21 days. In fact, I had more energy than I do now.

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