Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Water Fast Day 4 - The Final Day?

It's Day 4 and I had to get out of the house for an appointment I had at 9:00am and return to work after the long holiday weekend. I only did so because it was mandatory that I attend this meeting. I was feeling not only low energied but somehow I felt off and misaligned. After my appointment and on my way back home, I began to experience the acid reflux again. When I got home, I drank another cup of warm distilled water and laid down for about an hour before leaving for work.

Today was the toughest day so far. After my first day back to work, I see that I can not continue on my water fast while working. My emotions are swinging back and forth. I am easily irritated and I know that I am responding to all the energies of the people and places around me. My assessment.... I will never do a water fast when I have to work and go about my regular routine that requires a lot of energy. It was gentle when I was at home, in my personal space with all that I needed around me. I decided to take a walk during my lunch break and I thought I was going to pass out on the street. I called my son and told him the address to the park in which I barely made it to and that if I didn't return to work by a certain time he should call my job and tell them where they can find me, perhaps passed out, LOL But seriously, I read a testimony in which a woman worked during her fast and at around day 21 she passed out in from of her boss.

It's easy to begin a fast - with all good intentions - but breaking a fast is the most important thing. I do not feel like eating and the acid reflux made it even worse. I shall now transition to a green juice fast by tomorrow morning. I have no desire to eat solid foods so I will juice for as long as I can and return slowly back to solid foods. What I do know is that I have a whole new outlook and feelings towards food. Before plunging into this short water fast, I began to detest food through my unusual scrutiny of the foods that I saw and people eating. I am a food lover. But I know that I eat for mostly emotional reasons. Prior to the water fast, I began reading and doing the exercises in a book called The Food and Feelings Workbook: A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health and it began to bring so much clarity to the times I ate and the reasons I ate, but more so it began to connect me deeper with my feelings, emotions and the ability to recognize and distinguish what I am feeling at any given time.

Oh well, that's it for the water fast. If the need arises to do this again, I'll make sure that I am in an environment and around people that will support my effort. For now, my body tells me to take it easy and not beat it up. Again I did NOT initiate this fast for weight loss reasons, although I have lost a few pounds. Do not know exactly how much since I do not own a scale at home. My primary reason was SPIRITUAL. You have to know when to stop anything and my body has given me enough warnings outside of the normal side effects of water fasting. I have to say, its a bit extreme and harsh. Perhaps that's what my inner child and divine self was telling me during the first dream night of my fast when there were military people outside of my house and then later on inside. (Scroll down for that entry). I appreciate the 4 days of thriving on only water as well as the wealth of information I've come across. I shall never be the same. I have no regrets at all. I know that my body has done a good deal of detoxing and that I can help it continue down that road in more gentle and loving terms and conditions.
It's funny how I felt that way before water fasting when I saw a few people embark upon on that path. I thought... isn't that a bit harsh, especially when one goes for an extended period of time. Perhaps some really need to detox for that long because of their current health conditions, but I am not that broken.

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