Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Dream House that Grows!!

One of my private dreams I am working on manifesting is a tree house.  This stems from the longstanding desire to live in nature, be in nature, breathe with nature and to uncover the depths of my own unsung nature. The desire to one day build a tree house is greater then a childhood fantasy or the playtime of climbing coconut trees in my yard or building castles in the sands of the beach that laced the ocean behind my home on the Atlantic coast of West Africa.

This dream is about the desire to live in nature, to wake up to the melodies of birds and the songs and messages emitted from hierarchy of the smallest insect to the greatest of the animal kingdom; to tune into and listen to nature's voice; to feel the power of the sun through my window; to be consistently plugged into the source; to breathe fresh crisp healing air that I can only find in the depths of nature and to feel the essence of being in gaia's green womb.  This dream is about going with mother nature rather than against her.  It stems from the preservation of my childlike spirit and heart, as well as the desire, the yearning, the call to let go of earthbound encumbrances and be free.

Here are some inspiring images of treehouses around the world. We are at the doorway of  an era in which we will be forced to truly honor and respect the earth while we look for alternative ways to live and be in harmony with the forces of nature. Green building.....Tree houses will be one of them.

 Finca Bellavista Treehouse
Costa Rica

 Lantern House
by Roderick Romero
Santa Monica, California

 Free Spirit Spheres
British Columbia

envisioned for meditation, photography, canopy research or wildlife watching

  Beach rock Treehouse
Okinawa, Japan
by master Japanese treehouse builder Taka

Temple of the Blue Moon
By Pete Nelson - writer, photographer & treehouse builder.

Inside the Temple of the Blue Moon

 Driftwood Egg Treehouse by Taka
the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido

Secret Garden Treehouse
Seattle, Washington

These are just a few photographic excerpts of the beautiful and powerful treehouses. 
Visit this link for more.....  TREEHOUSE


Mama Alvina said...

Yes! A treehouse would be lovely. This reminds me of the scenes of the treehouse on the movie the Blue Lagoon, always in the back of my mind to have a treehouse. Love the pics, so inspiring! ;0)

The Eco-Sensual Artist said...

Imagine being totally grounded and plugged into the earth consistently; imagine breathing fresh air; looking out the window to see your food grow as well as your medicine; imagine developing a harmonious friendship with nature and its many creatures while learning how to communicate with them in their many shapes, sizes and forms; imagine being nurtured by your surroundings. This is true LIVING as nature intended. Are we the only ones that hear the love call of the greatest source? Yes, the earth is GOD/GODDESS!! Anything else is just an illusion. I'll see you in nature, Mama Alvina! :-)