Friday, August 19, 2011

Women are the Leaders of the Pack!

"I want to acknowledge all WOMEN, and the special power that all women hold - even though they may not realize it yet. I worry about the fact that my kids are growing up in a very unstable world; a world that is going to require some incredible pack leaders if it is going to be made right again. I believe that WOMEN hold the key to helping put our world back into balance. But they can't do that until men truly acknowledge and honor the unique wisdom and the leadership WOMEN have to offer - and until WOMEN can embrace the pack leaders within themselves. More than most men, many WOMEN seem to instinctively know that leadership doesn't mean negative energy. It doesn't mean pitting one person against another, one country against another, one religion against another. I also believe that WOMEN are more likely than men to act for the good of the pack. And like dogs, we humans need to remember that without the pack we are nothing. I have seem more compassion from WOMEN in my life than I have seen from men. WOMEN have taught me true calm-assertive leadership, and because of them I have become a better, more balanced leader in all areas of my life, not just with dogs.

Dogs are all about the pack. They are guided by an instinctual way of being that we humans can have access to if we simply say, "I am here to live every moment to the fullest; to fulfill my own life and to help fulfill everybody else around me." I owe a huge debt of gratitude to dogs for the values they have taught me - such as honesty, integrity, consistency, and loyalty. These are the qualities that make a true pack leader."  ~~~~
Cesar Millan

As a woman, I was immediately drawn to the divine feminine spirit within Cesar Millan after first seeing him on his show, Dog Whisperer.  In fact, I fell in love with his spirit and ranted about making him my husband. LOL!! Yes, I have the power to make him mine even if it is only on a spiritual, energetic level - for I am WO-MAN!  My spirit knew that he embodied certain feminine intuitive values that mirrored mine and that of the universal goddess spirit while I recognized that we were of the same tribe.  This is a man who is sharing with the world the value and beliefs that I carry within when it comes to dogs, animals, nature and our connectedness to them.

I wholeheartedly believe in and observe the symbolisms and the synchronicities that lace our lives on a moment to moment and day to day basis. With a keen, discerning eye for observing nature I hear her speak to me in her many ways.  From discovering a dead bird in my backyard whispering of the transformation around my sense of freedom or the end to an old sense of liberation; a flock of black birds covering my front lawn simultaneously telling of the death of the massive amount of people sacrificing their lives as the planes crashed into the twin towers on September 11th, 2001 in New York city; to my grandmother appearing in my dream barefooted and pregnant walking about in a hospital letting me know in advance that I was pregnant with my son.  I have many many more of those and they continue to be a part of my life - the whispers, the messages, the songs of nature that tell me stories or bring me messages from the great beyond.  They are like riddles or rhymes, poems or short stories and other times songs or dances.  Having had dogs as pet from the early foundation of my life, such an intimate relationship with canines continue to challenge my way of thinking and being, while fine tuning my intuitive skills, transforming and shaping my life and serving as a mirror of my inner world and psyche from day to day.  And most of all the biggest lesson I continue to learn from my dogs is that of unconditional love.

The formation of the Eco-Goddess Temple (world) and its underlying eco-spiritual and eco-sensual
principles - with earth as our mother, our lover, our partner - extends into the magical connectedness between gaia (all living creatures) and the human spirit, and aims to cultivate and nurture that powerful ongoing relationship that we as humans need to become aware of and actively participate in. We utter words like, "we are one", "everything is everything" from our deep wellspring of wisdom yet we have quite a ways to go to knowing, understanding and implementing its truth especially when we come face to face with the darkness of what we see in the mirror.  As humans we are constantly in search of a divine source, a god (spelled, a higher power, heaven - you name it - while we are completely oblivious to the fact that we are already standing on it, connected to it (gravity tells no lie), attached to it, come from it, return to it and are nothing without it - all we have to do is look beneath our feet, feel and breathe its aliveness!

To many these magical principles may seem far fetched, out of their league, jibberish, a foreign language they frustratingly detest because they cannot understand, while others may ignore, reject it or the filters/windows of the world are simply too clogged or too foggy to see and their energy field too congested to feel the realness that is already in motion.  Yet, in time it shall be revealed, in time it shall make sense, be sensed and awaken the senses.  But not until we clear the field and return to the womb of the female spirit.

This is the era of the divine feminine, the female, the essence of the goddess. And her powers, her love, her spirit calls us. It's not out there, it's inside of you - be you woman or man.  Koyaanisqatsi - a Hopi Indian term that means "life out of balance." and a 1982 visually arresting documentary by Godfrey Reggios shows, without words but through professional photographic images, the impact of humans and their technology on this planet. The message: the rise of technology has tipped the scale of balance on this planet, reflecting likewise in each of us.  This movie urges us to reconnect with the instinctual side of ourselves that is animal, that is our primordial divine feminine powers.  Westerners have already mastered the intellectual side. But there is also the emotional, the spiritual and the instinctual aspects of our being that needs tending to.

Without being in touch with our instinctual side we are dangerously unbalanced.  Our dogs (cats, pets, animals, nature) know this.  But do we listen to them or are we too busy trying to control them or treat them as though they are humans. Dogs are not meant to be treated as humans and humans are not meant to be treated as dogs. Something people in the west are very confused about because in most cases they are a substitute for the love of a human that seems so distant and hopeless. We can fool each other but we can not fool our canine companions or our pets.  Balance comes from having all four parts of ourselves - emotional, intellectual, spiritual and instinctual - in alignment. Just like our canine buddies come into existence with four legs to keep them planted on the earth. The good news is that there is hope! Our dogs, animals, nature in general can be our guides to reawakening our instinctual natures.  But the biggest piece of this scattered puzzle is that.... it is only through balancing our relationship with nature that we can become fully realized creatures of Mother Nature.  And it is time that men remember that they came through wo-man. 'Wo' being short for womb. Until men humble themselves to the divine feminine as shaped through their mothers, their wives, their lovers, their sisters, etc; until men understand what it means to serve women and to heal their women they will remain in the darkness of consciousness. The divine, ultimate mission/achievement of any man on earth is to serve and to heal wo-man for it is wo-man who has healed him as child and it is wo-man who has brought him forth into manifestation.

We are gathering together on a sacred G-spot of gaia with WOMEN, the GODDESS beings, the DIVINE FEMININE as leaders of the pack!  Are you coming? We await you!  I'm Surya! And I am the designated leader of this pack serving YOU! Welcome to the ECO-GODDESS Temple!


Koyaanisqatsi - "Life Out of Balance"

{Eco-Goddess Temple - Putting Life in Balance}

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