Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goddess Sounds

featured artist during the 2011 Labor Day Weekend 
The Eco-Goddess Temple
with Surya

"The Girl from Ipanema"

Astrud Gilberto, known as "The Girl from Ipanema" and often referred to as "The Queen of Bossa Nova", is an artist with roots planted firmly in Brazilian music. Her music has become an interesting combination of the sensual rhythms of Braziil and American Pop and Jazz.

Born in the Northeast of Brazil, in the state of Bahia, one  of three sisters of a German father and a Brazilian mother, Astrud grew up in Rio de Janeiro. She immigrated to the United States in the early 1960s, where she resides since then.  Read more...

I was born into a family that played music, collected music, loved music and celebrated life with music just about every single day.  For me it gradually became a powerful healing tool and part of my life, soothing and balancing my range of emotions as a divine feminine being. 

Birthed into the era of the mid 60's, I was raptured at an early age by the seductive tones of Bossa Nova. And at that time  Brazilian artists like Astrud Gilberto had filled the globe with their soul soothing sounds.  I was also surrounded by music of legendary greats like Dizzie Gillespie,  Miles Davis,  Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole (his daughter Natalie Cole - I loved the album & title track, "Inseparable" and the whole pink album cover stuff.), Santana, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and so many more including those from the African world like Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba & Fela.  

Tunes from the diaspora like R&B, Blues, Latin Jazz, Calypso, Roots Reggae, Afro Pop were all a part of my musical foundation while I grew up with even classical music as a part of my daily life after school.  It played on the radio each week day while I ate my after school snack and had my siesta. 

Besides, I took piano lessons for 7 years and played in piano concerts. I was not only a music baby but I was a dancer as well.  

Ironically, decades later I would marry a fierce Afri-Brazilian artist/musican from Salvador, Bahia and the beat of Samba and other sounds of Brazil would soon join forces with my already vast and ecclectic selection of tunes in my life's musical library.

Music is at the core of my life. My favorites, my collection, my musical treasure is broad in range, scope, culture and genre. I am so happy to share a piece of my music joy and world with each of you. Enjoy and do explore more on your own.

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