Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Mystery of Moon, Meditation & Blood

We just completed the 21 Day Meditation challenge with the Deepak Chopra center and it really was a nice rhythmic experience that certainly set some energies in motion, particularly in that unconscious space. Seeds where planted, weeds were uprooted, soil turned over, hell even an earthquake took place.

I happened to be in the midst of meditation when the earthquake ruffled parts of the east coast's belly.  I remained calm and centered while the furniture, windows, floors and the earth moved beneath me. I held such a loving space of surrender during those moments. The moments of being still, sitting in silence, breathing and letting go slipped me into the eye of the energetic storm.

I have nothing tangible to put on the table as a result of those 21 days but I know with certainty that I f-e-e-l something has shifted in side of me. It must have been a soul earthquake because I am still ruffled inside.

Women Meditating
By Brenda Claws
From the Birth Painting Series

One of the mysteries that did occur is worth noting and celebrating. I didn't do the meditation alone. Thousands of others joined in from across the world (at their leisure) some coinciding with others. Talk about the power of the internet. It can be useful for strategic, positive change and unions such as this.

I did, however, join forces with goddess Larissa and we communicated each of the entire 21 days sharing our progress and experiences, pondering life and its dance and mystic, simply connecting and bonding.

I did her chart and discovered that we both have 12th house planets which brought about some commonalities and interesting insights and understanding. I even referred to her as a twin soul after so may intersections of our personal experiences and interactions were revealed. We both have Mercury in Sagittarius which makes our style of communicating, thinking and dexterity bare striking similarities.

by Larafairie

Basically the 12th house is symbolic of the hidden world, the unconscious realm, institutions, retreat, meditation, prisons, hospitals, anywhere that is outside the domain of the public life or out in the open, the community or society. It is where you become faceless; it is the blind spot of our lives.

In this last house (or room) are those things we don't readily and easily see. Like a car driving in the lane next to you and you can only see it if you look in your side view mirror. The mirror is there to help you see what may be coming out of nowhere , who's behind you or in your blind spot. It's also the house of hidden enemies - the one inside of you and reflected outside of you.  I like astrology because it gives us a mirror that can help us see what's back there, behind you and inside you. It offers choices and future possibilities -if you dare.  

Having planets here makes you naturally gravitate towards a sense of seclusion  (well enjoyed - by the way) giving you an edge of comfort around being alone (and I didn't say lonely).  Even though, as in my case, I have also always been a social butterfly who values and needs my dosage of "me alone"  like an aphrodisiac drug.

Saturn has been transiting my 12th house for (hold on... let me check... yeah, its been that long) almost 2 and a half years! (Lol!) And if you know anything about old man Saturn you know that "hommie don't play".  He comes to get your ass straight where you've crooked for too long.  The last 2 years have been - pretty much - about restrictions, limitations, stiffness, twisted moments, boundaries, time, and the lessons of discipline, authority and perseverance with a heavy hand. All for the greater good of my soul evolution.

You know that planet that has a ring around it? Well that's how I've been feeling for the last 2 and a half years.... re-stricted, as though I am in some sort of prison with an irregular amount of limitations around what I used to know as freedom.  At times, it's like looking outside the window of my castle.  Through it I see so much beauty in nature's expressions; so many people to meet and places to go. Yet, I can not step outside. There is this invisible lock on the door. And when I do venture outside, I dare not stray too far away.  It was like having a ring around my spirit and other times one around my tongue. But its all in accordance! :-0

Thanks to the players of this dance, the planets, the earth, the animals, the trees, the flowers, everything that vibrates. They make it beautiful. They make it real. So I try my best to flow with the  dance and apply the virtue of patience.  It's all about time - that powerful illusion. Yet it's one of the perks. And Saturn give us plenty of it.

Saturn will lift my curfew by next year. The ring's already loosening up. I am feeling it. (whoopie doo!) And....(with a southern drawl) don't I have my own Saturn story! Well, I happen to be a Saturn's blood daughter -  a Capricorn.  :-)

Drum Covered in Menstrual Blood 

Back to my original story, the mystery - more like ancient mysteries - that unraveled after the 21 day meditation with Larissa as my companion is that we both got our periods at the same time and we both shared that it came early. My last period was during the dark of the moon. We just had a new moon the 28th of August. The dark moon phase precedes a new moon. It's been far less than 21 days.  In fact its been 11 days since I had my last period. I had a period during the meditation. So there's the old saying that when women come together in heart and spirit, there moon times synchronize.  On the other hand, we sure must have needed to a special release, a purging of some excess energy and garbage. Don't you just love nature? It never fails us. We are not in control. Are we?

 Yoni Light 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

On the other hand....that's the power of our sexual & creative center; such occurrences speak highly of an incredible divine feminine force that simply exists. It speaks to the power of energy and how we blend with each other by an invisible energy field that we need to be more mindful of. 'Cause it's got a lot more to tell us.

We are in fact, one with each other. (Can I get a witness!! Clap your hands! Stomp!)

This totally raises greater awareness of energy.  For me - at least. And it also makes me deeply respectful of, as I must bow down to the divine (dark) feminine force that BE!

Thank you for reading! Cum again!

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Govinda said...

thank you! i'm in my saturn return (29-30). Felt shattered, stabbed, killed, suicide ... for more than a year ... But I'm still alive