Sunday, September 11, 2011

MOJO SPICE 911 Smoothie

MOJO SPICE 911 Smoothie ©
created by 
The Eco Goddess


Slice the fruits removing all seeds. Peel open banana. The oranges are sliced and plugged to use the pulp segment. Add fresh organic lemon juice and organic orange juice. Slice a lemon in half and squeeze the pulp and juice into the smoothie.  Slice up 3 garlic bulbs and add. Top off with a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix all together in blender. 

This smoothie was inspired by the urgency to boost my MOJO (and all those who concur). This sexual magic potion was created on September 11th 2011in the kitchen of the Eco-Goddess Temple.

I’ve used a blend of organic fruits, herbs and spice for the healing properties and medicinal benefits they each carry. The taste is sexy, spicy and smooth!  Enjoy!

Take a look at the ingredients:

Pears are a yin tonic that clear heat and mucus and energize the stomach, spleen and lungs. The pear is used in the treatment of diabetes, hot cough, gallbladder obstruction, and constipation. Freshly squeezed pear juice is a kitchen remedy for a hangover.  Pears are a good source of fiber, particularly pectin, as well as potassium and boron. The pectin in pears reduce serum cholesterol and cleanses the body of environmental and radioactive toxins.

Grapes are good to treat thirst, constipation, gastritis, menopausal heat symptoms, difficult urination, edema, and dry cough. All of which are associated with low libido, compromising  our sexual organs and reproductive health. Grapes can help activate healthy love juices in both the saliva and the sexual organs.

Bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins, necessary for sex-hormone production. The banana flower with its amazing phallic shape adds to the popularity of the banana as an aphrodisiac food. 

Oranges are a cooling food and a sour and sweet yin tonic that help circulate chi, clear heat, and quench thirst. They act upon the lung, spleen, stomach, and liver organ systems and help aid digestion, reduce intestinal gas, pain and bloating. Oranges have medicinal properties for those with liver weakness; they help cleanse the blood and liver.  Of course, they are a great source of vitamin C as well as potassium and calcium.

Garlic, as I wrote in the Food and Sex Link of the Sistah Vegan Anthology, may be weird on the breath but it is good on the sex drive. It is better if both parties love and enjoy the benefits of garlic. Garlic contains high levels of allicin - a compound that can improve blood flow to the sexual organs. 
Garlic's distinct flavor and aroma whet the appetite and excite the passions. It's this feature that makes it prohibited by the Jain religion and some Buddhist practitioners, and traditionally its use is limited in Indian cuisine for that same reason. Garlic is warming in thermal nature, invigorates chi, is a stimulant, and tonifies the spleen, stomach, kidney, and lung meridians. It stimulates metabolism and improves digestion. 

Cinnamon has a strong, sexy aromatic zing and is one of humanity's oldest spice. It is a yang tonic that supports the spleen, lung, kidney, heart and uterus function. Cinnamon can increase digestive fluid secretion and ameliorate intestinal gas. It raises vitality and stimulates all the vital functions of the body, counteracting congestion and aiding the peripheral circulation of the blood. Good for menstrual cramps; its aroma relieves tension and helps steady the nerves. Definite requirements for sexual relaxation and enjoyment.

This smoothie is dedicated to all the sexy spirits that are on the path of merging their sexual MOJO with their spiritual MOJO for a magical combustion! To those who know that true wellness begins from our sexual center and that when that is balanced and well and happy..... the energies flow easily and effortlessly into all other areas of our lives.

Let the magic begin and may the MOJO SPICE 911 Smoothie © awaken your sexual juices and sensually spicy spirit. May you ride the endless orgasmic waves of sex & spirit!

 Cum again!

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