Monday, September 12, 2011

FEET Don't Fail Me Now!

 by Lydia Bisanti

Ha Ha!! (music playing.....)

It's the Full Moon in Pisces today! Can you hear the celestial music that fills the air? Can you feel the pull of gravity luring your feet to dance? Or are you weaving in and out of dream and wake as I have been doing for the last 3 days?

Although my mind was still in a dream fog this morning after seeing my son off to school, I coaxed it to step outside and join my feet in doing its "earthing".  Me and my canine companion started off with a brisk walk until we reached the park and then we did a few laps on the field. I was socks free today because I wanted to be as close to the earth as I could naturally be since being barefooted was not an option.

Pisces is the sign that rules the feet. The last sign of the yearly astro journey as well as the last part of our bodies. The Sun is in Virgo but the Moon's fullness is in the spiritual land of happy dreamers - Pisces. Dream (Pisces) work (Virgo) is ideal at this time. Perhaps you've been having a flux of vivid and revealing dreams knocking on the door of your consciousness looking for resolution to a complex issue or a part of you seeking closure or acceptance.  They are messages from the underworld. Did you get them? I mean the message? Or did you just dismiss them as images floating around in dream land?

Dreamwork entails the ability to first remember and record your dreams, then spend time listening to and interpreting them for the secret clues and messages hidden in symbols and other times quite clear and in the your face. A lady in my formal dreamworks group kept dreaming about a scorpion but refused to acknowledge the stinging aspects of her own nature. She got sick with a sore throat and congestion (refusal to speak truth) for well over a week.

Edgar Cayce, known as the "sleeping prophet", was the father of holistic medicine and the most documented psychic of the 20th century.  Cayce was a Pisces himself and a lot of his power, insights and healing wisdom came through his dreams.  I have been drawn to Cayce's work for decades and like him, I have Saturn in Pisces.  Cayce was able to access healing wisdom and insight from his dreams to interpret the illness or disease that his clients were facing.

Dreams have been one of my greatest healing tools. When I was pregnant with my son, my grandmother appeared in my dream barefooted and pregnant, walking around a hospital. She was as old as she was when she transitioned. The next day, my visit to the doctor confirmed that I was indeed pregnant.  When I was a little girl, my sister and I found ourselves giving accounts of our dreams one morning only to discover that they were identical dreams which pointed to the unexpected death of a beloved cousin the next day. I don't ignore, nor play around with my dreams. I take them quite seriously for they tell me so much. 

Celebrate this Pisces Full Moon! If you can, at sunset, find a spot in nature and step on it barefooted. Spend time earthing - something that my ancestors practiced and lived since the beginning of time.  Don't be thrown off by the fancy word(s) that some people and institutions are now packaging and selling. It is free and in your inherent nature.  Just go outside. Walk the earth..... barefooted.

Does your feet feel as though they are each being pulled in two directions? It may be the double opposing forces of both the sun and moon and the moon being in Pisces (two fish swimming in opposite directions). The challenge now is to bring conflicting needs into balance. What do you want or desire as opposed to what you have been told you should want or pursuing the unfulfilled wishes of your mother or father.

This is not a full moon to listen to music without dancing.  Don't hold back. Surrender (a Pisces theme)! Sing out loud, sway your hips, shake your booty, move your head, snap your fingers. Dance like no one is looking.

The full moon is a time to step out of the mundane and commune with your higher self. How's that dialogue (inside) anyway? Is it the same old same old? Perhaps you've come up with a new way, with new words to speak to your creator, your higher power or even your inner self.  It is usually an energetically busy time - from emergency calls and hospital rooms filing up, to police sirens in pursuit or solving crimes or domestic violence. It's always crazy during the full moon  - when we get looney or mooney.

If you had three additional hours this day what would you do? Assume that all your obligations have been met and this time you are totally free to do as you please. Make a list of all the things you have always wanted to do. Pick at least one of them and vow to do it today or tomorrow or this week.  How would you spend those three credit hours? 

You can go on an "Artist Date" as Julia Cameron suggests in her book, The Artist's Way. The Artist Date is a once-weekly, festive, solo expedition to explore something that interests you. What would you like to explore during this full moon?

Take the energy efficiency quiz to begin to assess your current level of energy savings and raise it higher.  After that write down one thing you can begin to do to save energy starting today.

I have one simple energy savings tip for you: Practice taking your shoes off before you walk into your home; leave them at the front door, walk barefooted in your home. Of course, you will need to have every single guest take off their shoes before coming into your home.  How does this save energy? You ask. Well, you get to walk in your own home naturally. This will require that you keep your floors clean, at least, which helps keep you and your family grounded and encourages you to maintain a clean space (washing & cleaning your floors less), thus saving water & energy and keeping a healthy home environment.

And in case you didn't know, every time someone walks into your home with their shoes on they bring in the trails of stuff (dirt, excess & foreign energy from chemicals, toxins, wastes, petroleum, etc) into your home - thus congesting your space, contaminating the energy in your home and contributing to an unhealthy environment.

The professional cleaning industry estimates that we track 85% of the dirt in our homes in from the outside on our shoes or paws of pets. In a recent warning about lead exposure, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifically recommends that shoes remain outside the house. According to a report called The Door Mat Study, lead-contaminated soil from the outside causes almost all the lead  dust inside homes.  Yes, that $500 shoes can cause you more harm - so leave it outside. And no more dog or cat sleeping in your bed or that of the kids. (I was guilty of that.) LOL!!

Leaving your shoes outside is an old eco-spiritual and eco-wellness practice that has been celebrated for years. And it is not going anywhere.... so try it and make it a daily ritual.

Don't forget to celebrate the spiritual, emotional and physical value of your FEET! Give yourself a Reflexology session (come to me - Reflexology is a part of my training & practice)  Or give yourself a pedicure. And I promise your FEET won't fail you.

Happy Pisces Full Moon!

Cum again!

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